Thursday, May 9, 2013

Boston Bombings and Western Weakness

To the liberals that are now in control of the Western world...all religions are the same.  The liberals are the ones who made up the COEXIST bumper stickers that use the symbols of all the world's major religions.

How ironic that the Muslim bombers of Boston carjacked a dude who had a COEXIST bumper sticker!!

Anyway, in the liberals brain, all religions are the same because its all just about being "spiritual". 

It doesn't matter what spirit...just so you are SPIRITUAL. 

To them being spiritual is a good thing and with it you can do palm readings, meditation, labyrinth walking, Ouija boards, Allah, baby Jesus, Saint Mjuerta, Buddha, Stonehenge, pyramids, really doesn't matter cuz it's ALL GOOD!!

So you can see how dangerous militant Islam is going to be to the Western world....because they simply refuse to believe that Islam is not a religion....but instead is a political system of domination...and those in control of Islam will use The West's love of freedom to infiltrate, divide and conquer.

Of course followers of Christ know that all religions and/or systems which are not FOR CHRIST are AGAINST CHRIST....because Jesus said so.  "If you are not for me you are against me," which the liberal will say, "How intolerant!"

Listen to this very soft spoken Jew spell it out;

Time to wake up people!!  It's time to NOT be politically correct!  The last time the Western world tried appeasement was in Europe when they appeased Hitler..and then there was hell to pay.

Will we repeat the same mistakes with Islam as they continue to wreck the world?


Now please remember that God is at work and doing amazing things in the Muslim world...but it has NOTHING to do with appeasement.  No!  It has everything to do with God calling Muslims out of that Satanic system and INTO THE KINGDOM OF LIGHT!!  Thousands PER DAY are renouncing Allah and claiming Jesus Christ as their savior!!


Hat tip to Julie E.

Mass Exodus of Christians from Muslim World

I was thinking we should box up a bunch of those COEXIST bumper stickers and send them to the Muslim world.....because clearly they are NOT getting the message of tolerance and religious freedom.  Very soon there may be NO CHRISTIANS in Iraq, Egypt and Afghanistan.

A mass exodus of Christians is currently underway. Millions of Christians are being displaced from one end of the Islamic world to the other.

We are reliving the true history of how the Islamic world, much of which prior to the Islamic conquests was almost entirely Christian, came into being.

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom recently said: “The flight of Christians out of the region is unprecedented and it’s increasing year by year.” In our lifetime alone “Christians might disappear altogether from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt.”

Ongoing reports from the Islamic world certainly support this conclusion: Iraq was the earliest indicator of the fate awaiting Christians once Islamic forces are liberated from the grip of dictators.

In 2003, Iraq’s Christian population was at least one million. Today fewer than 400,000 remain—the result of an anti-Christian campaign that began with the U.S. occupation of Iraq, when countless Christian churches were bombed and countless Christians killed, including by crucifixion and beheading.

Now, as the U.S. supports the jihad on Syria’s secular president Assad, the same pattern has come to Syria: entire regions and towns where Christians lived for centuries before Islam came into being have now been emptied, as the opposition targets Christians for kidnapping, plundering, and beheadings, all in compliance with mosque calls telling the populace that it’s a “sacred duty” to drive Christians away.

Read more:

Followers of Christ who are filled with the Holy Spirit ARE salt (preservative) and light (Truth into the darkness) into any area they go in the world.  If you think the Muslim nations are perverted, corrupt, violent and ignorant now...just wait until every last Christian is chased out.

It makes one wonder if Christ is going to give us a foreshadowing of what the world will look like after the rapture by showing us how nasty the Muslim nations are when devoid of Christ?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sex Disease Worse Than AIDS?

There will be pestilence and disease as the Last Days continue to unfold....

Doctors are warning that a drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea could be more deadly than AIDS, and are urging members of US Congress to spend $54 million for the development of a drug that would fight it.

"This might be a lot worse than AIDS in the short run because the bacteria is more aggressive and will affect more people quickly," Alan Christianson, a doctor of naturopathic medicine, told CNBC.

The new strain of gonorrhea, H041, was first discovered in 2009 after a sex worker fell victim to the superbug in Japan. Medical officials reported that the medication-resilient ‘sex superbug’ was discovered in Hawaii in May 2011, and has since spread to California and Norway, the International Business Times reports.

Nearly 30 million people die from AIDS-related causes each year, and the H041 superbug could have similar consequences, according to Alan Christianson, a doctor of naturopathic medicine.

"Getting gonorrhea from this strain might put someone into septic shock and death in a matter of days," Christianson said."This is very dangerous."


Holy disease!!  You mean you could fornicate with a stranger and die a few days later?? 

You mean to tell me that even though Hollywood has been glorifying sex with strangers for decades that it could actually be bad for you?...that it could kill you??

Wait...are you saying that the safest place to have sex is between one man and one woman who have committed themselves in Holy matrimony before God?

Wow!....who knew?

UFO's 'Roam Our Skies"

Credible witnesses continue to come forth claiming that beings who are not human have been roaming our skies...maybe for thousands of years.

WASHINGTON—A former U.S. Air Force major with 5,000 flying hours described in detail his encounter with an UFO, telling former members of Congress at a hearing on extraterrestrial sightings that he has been interested in UFOs ever since.

“These space craft occasionally roam our skies and my theory is they have been coming here for thousands of years,” Major George Filer III said May 3, the last day of the week long Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club.

Filer was one of 39 witnesses who gave testimonies during the hearing, including former members of the U.S. military and federal agencies, researchers, academics and ordinary citizens.

A former Air Force intelligence officer, Filer was a pilot stationed at the U.S. Air Force base at Sculthorpe RAF Base in England in January 1962. He was out refueling fighter aircraft at around 30,000 feet over the North Sea, when he was notified from London Control that radar had picked up a UFO.

“It was an exceptionally large radar return reminding me of a large bridge or ship. This craft was bigger than anything I had seen in the air before. It reminded me of the radar return from the Brooklyn Bridge 6,000 feet or the Firth of Forth Bridge in Scotland (8,300) feet, over a mile long.
“The return was sharp and solid as compared to the fuzziness of a rain cloud. I felt this craft must be made of steel or strong metal. We were doing around 425 mph as we approached to about 10 miles, when the UFO apparently realized we were intercepting,” he said.

“It was a dark night; we could only see a series of dim lights directly ahead similar to a cruise ship at sea. Now only five miles separated us. Suddenly the UFO seemed to come alive, the lights brightened immensely and the UFO accelerated in a launch similar to the Space Shuttle taking off at night.

“We saw much brighter lights and fantastic acceleration as it climbed almost straight up and suddenly it was gone. These huge craft I learned are called mother ships, because like an aircraft carrier they carry smaller disc craft.


Remember friends, our battle is NOT against human flesh and blood but against the evil forces in the heavens. (Satan and his fallen angels)

For those of you who laugh and say, "There is no such thing as aliens!"....I would ask if you believe in angels?  If you say you DO believe in angels (who are not human but are intelligent, living beings) then by default you DO believe in 'aliens'.

If you go one step further and believe what the Bible says about Lucifer and 1/3 of the angelic host rebelling against God...then ask yourself the simple question..."What are these 1/3 of fallen angels up to?  What kind of deception have they been cooking for human beings?  Is it then possible that they are a heck of a lot smarter than we are?  Is it possible that they are going to pretend to be beings from some other planet, galaxy or solar system?"

If an airship full of fallen angels were to one day land on earth and tell us some fantastic story about how they have been watching the development of humans on many humans would buy into their story hook, line and sinker?

I'm guessing billions...especially if they come performing miracles, signs and wonders...

The Bible clearly tells us..."DO NOT BE DECEIVED!"

Hawking Supports Boycott of Israel

Wow!  Here is a big surprise!  Turns out the the world's foremost atheist is anti-Israel!  What a shocker!!

UK cosmologist Prof Stephen Hawking has withdrawn from a high-profile Israeli conference, in support of an academic boycott of the country.

He initially planned to speak at the event in June but pulled out following advice from Palestinian academics.

Pro-Palestinian campaigners said the 71-year-old wrote to the organisers on 3 May saying that he had planned to criticise the Israeli government.

"We had understood previously that his decision was based purely on health grounds having been advised by doctors not to fly," the spokesman added.

The withdrawal follows representations Prof Hawking received from Palestinian academics and pro-Palestinian groups.

But he was sharply criticised by conference organisers.

"The academic boycott against Israel is in our view outrageous and improper, certainly for someone for whom the spirit of liberty lies at the basis of his human and academic mission," conference chairman Israel Maimon said in a statement.

A spokesman for the Fair Play group, which campaigns against boycotts of Israel, described the scientist's withdrawal as "bizarre".


The evidence of God the Creator is all around us!  How can the smartest man in the world not see that life and the universe had Intelligent Design imprinted all over it? 

Of course he is living in rebellion to God.  And of course once you are becomes an easy jump to being an atheist who rejects anything to do with Israel and Jews.

"The word of God is foolishness to those who are perishing."

Monday, May 6, 2013

More Violence and Death Over Insults of the Prophet

More people are dying as violence breaks out in Bangladesh.  The Muslims there are mad about anyone being able to blog stuff that insults Muhammad.

But please spite of people dying everywhere because of Islam....Islam remains a religion of peace!

More than 30 people have died in fierce clashes between police and Islamist protesters in the Bangladesh capital, Dhaka, compounding the chaos in a country struggling to come to terms with a building collapse that killed more 650 people last month.

A large rally, organised by the Hefazat-e-Islam, a pressure group consisting of teachers and students of religious schools, descended into violence on Sunday evening when Islamist protesters clashed with police and ruling Awami League activists. Several hundred shops and vehicles were burnt during pitched battles that raged into the night.

The Islamists were demonstrating in favour of an anti-blasphemy law and demanding punishment for "atheist" bloggers who they say have insulted Islam and its prophet.


Syria Says Israeli Strikes Were a Declaration of War

While some folks in the Middle East are saying they are appalled at Israel's actions, most of the Sunni-Arab Muslims are quietly clapping in the back rooms of their local mosque.


Because Iran supports Hezbollah and also supports the Assad government in Syria...and the Arab Sunnis aren't real fond of the Persian Shiites.

Some of these explosions that Israel caused were massive. 

Damascus, Syria (CNN) -- A series of massive explosions illuminated the dark sky over Damascus early Sunday, igniting renewed claims that Israel has launched attacks into the war-torn country.

Syria's government said the explosions were the second Israeli airstrike in three days. The latest target, officials said, was a military research facility outside the Syrian capital. A top Syrian official told CNN in an exclusive interview that the attack was a "declaration of war" by Israel.
Syrian authorities vowed to retaliate against Israel but did not specify what action they would take.
The Israeli military would not confirm or deny the Syrian claim that Israel fired rockets that hit the Jamraya research center in the Damascus suburbs.
Sunday's explosions mark the third time Israel has been accused of striking inside Syria this year.
The blasts rocked a large military area in the suburbs of Syria's capital, prompting terrified residents nearby to run for cover.
"Everything kept exploding over and over again," said Anna Deeb, whose family lives just over a mile away. "We could hear gunshots, we could hear people screaming. ... We didn't know what to do, and there was a problem with us breathing because the smoke was too much."
In an exclusive interview with CNN, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al Mekdad said the attack represented an alliance between Islamic terrorists and Israel.
"When they attack, this is a declaration of war. This is not something that is (new)," al Mekdad said. "We dealt with this on several occasions, and we retaliated the way we wanted, and the retaliation was always painful to Israel, and they will suffer again."
Remember friends, Syria and Damascus are both mentioned in it should not surprise any of us that they are in the front page news nearly every day.
It would seem that the labor pains just continue getting more frequent and also more painful as our Messiah's return to planet earth draws closer.
Does the thought of Jesus sudden return make you excited or scared?  Are you eager to have him show you your new mansion and restore your body to perfect....or are you having too much fun here on earth to pay much attention to Jesus and the things he told us to watch for?