Friday, October 17, 2014

Climate Change is a Risk to National Security

Most of us who read the Bible realize that all the floods, droughts, earthquakes, famines, pestilence and war are setting up to fulfill the "birth pangs" of the very Last Days that Jesus spoke of.

Of course the "intelligent" people in our country who don't read and/or believe the Bible have come up with another theory on why all the crazy weather is happening... MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE.

Today we find that the world's largest and most powerful military, the U.S. Armed Forces, is telling us that we better prepare for the awful consequences of global warming.

The U.S. Department of Defense released a new report this week that says climate change poses an "immediate risk to national security." The so-called road map is designed to help the military navigate and prepare for increasing global temperatures, changing rain patterns and rising sea levels.

Climate change is a "threat multiplier" that could intensify challenges such as global instability, hunger, poverty and conflict, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said Monday (Oct. 13). Hagel presented the road map during aspeech at the 11th Conference of the Defense Ministers of the Americas, which is being held in Peru.

"The loss of glaciers will strain water supplies in several areas of our hemisphere," Hagel said in a statement. "Destruction and devastation from hurricanes can sow the seeds for instability. Droughts and crop failures can leave millions of people without any lifeline and trigger waves of mass migration." [8 Ways Global Warming Is Already Changing the World]

"Our coastal installations could be vulnerable to rising shorelines and flooding, and extreme weather could impair our training ranges, supply chains and critical equipment," Hagel said. "Our militaries' readiness could be tested, and our capabilities could be stressed."

By preparing for climate change now, the Department of Defense may be able to reduce the impact of extreme weather events in the future, experts said. 

"The road map lays out reasonable adaptation and mitigation actions to ensure or at least bolster our national security against measured and measurable climate change events, whatever the causes," retired Navy Adm. Frank Bowman said in a statement. Bowman is an advisory officer at The Center for Climate and Security, which is a policy institute with an advisory board staffed by retired military officers and national security experts.

The Department of Defense has released reports on climate change since 2003, but the new road map is one of the most assertive and strongly worded in regard to global warming, said Joshua Busby, an associate professor of public affairs at the University of Texas at Austin.


I have no doubt that if the drought in California continues and food prices in America double, triple or quadruple there could be serious unrest here in America.  With 48,000,000 on food stamps and the Federal Government already running massive deficits, it would be near impossible to borrow enough money from China to raise the funds necessary to increase the food stamp program.

Hungry people are not restful people.

So rather than spending $$ trillions to try and cool the planet (which will be a fool's errand) and attempt to get our climate back to "normal" (whatever that means)....I have a better idea for what would heal our groaning planet....REPENT of our sins then fall on our knees and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive us, start teaching our kids the 10 Commandments, start reading the Word of God, start worshiping the Creator and fearing The Lord...then MAYBE He would heal our land.

The city of Nineveh did it back in the days of Jonah....and God continued showing them His mercy for at least a while longer.

So will America be willing to repent and turn from it's sinful ways?  Could we one day start again to fear the One True God?

Look around the headlines.  Do you really think this nation is going to do that?

I think the military is probably right....they better keep preparing for massive disruptions...the biggest flood EVER, the largest tornado EVER, the biggest earthquake EVER, the worst drought EVER, the biggest volcanic eruption EVER, the biggest hurricane EVER, the worst outbreak EVER, may all be on the near horizon.

Thankfully Jesus told his followers NOT TO FEAR because He promises us that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Hide Your Soldiers!

I recently heard a quote from a Spanish historian;  "Europe killed itself 70 years ago when it murdered 6 million Jews and then replaced them over the next seven decades with 20 million Muslims."

True that!

Today we find that Europe is advising it's own soldiers not to wear their uniforms in public because the Muslims among them may try to kill them.

Earlier this week, Timon Dias wrote on these pages that the Dutch authorities have ordered Dutch soldiers not to wear their uniforms when they are using public transport on their way to the barracks. But the Dutch are not the only cowards in the West. Unfortunately, the Netherlands is not the only country that, for fear of attacks by Muslim extremists, has advised its military to no longer wear their uniforms in public. Apparently, Australia, Belgium, Britain and France have done the same.

As Dias wrote, the order in the Netherlands was a response to a threat by a Dutch jihadist known as Muhajiri Shaam, who is currently fighting in Syria with al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda. After the Netherlands announced that Dutch F-16s would participate in the allied offensive against ISIS in Iraq, Shaam tweeted that the Dutch people had now become a target for jihadists.

In Belgium, a country that has also sent F-16s to participate in the attacks on ISIS, soldiers have also been advised not to wear their uniforms when using the Belgian public transport system. According to General Tom Middendorp, the Dutch supreme military commander, the British and French authorities have made similar recommendations. In May 2013, after the murder of Lee Rigby -- a British soldier hacked to death by two Muslims outside his military barracks in London -- the British military commanders already told their troops not to wear their uniforms outside their bases.

It seems that the Europeans are terrified by the presence on their soil of jihadists targeting the army. Last September's assault on a uniformed Australian Navy officer in Sydney reinforced these fears. Immediately after the Sydney attack, Australia's defense chiefs also issued a warning, advising the military not to wear uniforms while off duty.

The result is that the military in Australia and Europe are currently behaving like cream puffs. If trains and buses are no longer safe places for soldiers on their way to work, surely they are no longer safe for ordinary citizens, either. Jihadists are also threatening to murder ordinary citizens.

Three weeks ago, ISIS spokesman Mohammed al-Adnani called on jihadists worldwide to assassinate citizens from the Western countries belonging to the international coalition fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria. "The best thing you can do is to make an effort to kill any infidel, French, American, or any of their allies. ... Smash his head with a rock, slaughter him with a knife, run him over with a car, throw him from a high place, choke him or poison him," al-Adnani said.

What will the cowardly authorities in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Britain and Australia do when terrorists randomly kill the first citizen on the streets of their countries? Advise them to cover themselves in hijabs when female, or grow beards and dress in djellabas when male?

Instead of telling their soldiers to hide themselves, Western governments should tell their soldiers to show themselves in order to make it clear to the jihadists, and to frightened citizens, that we in the West are not afraid of terrorists. On the contrary, we will root them out and come down on them with all our military might.


It would appear that these European are;  "terrified by the presence on their soil of jihadists targeting the army."

Will America be able to rely on these cowardly armies as wars against radical Islam continue to grow?

Could the above facts be even more evidence of why none of these Western nations are mentioned in Last Days prophecies...because their soldiers simply melt away in fear when faced by radical Islam?

Leviticus 26:36 “‘As for those of you who are left, I will make their hearts so fearful in the lands of their enemies that the sound of a windblown leaf will put them to flight. They will run as though fleeing from the sword, and they will fall, even though no one is pursuing them.

ISIS and Al-Qaeda Could Cripple Civilized World

Now here is a headline for you right out of the Last Days news;

The Merger of ISIS and al-Qaeda Could Cripple the Civilized World 

As ISIS continues to advance on the Syrian town of Kobani and close in on Turkey’s border, experts in Islamic radical movements think the terror group may merge with its al-Qaeda mother organization soon. Together, the group would represent the greatest terror threat to the civilized world.

“I think Britain, Germany and France will witness significant attacks in their territories by the Islamic State. Al-Baghdadi [the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, otherwise known as ISIS] may reconcile with al-Zawhiri [the leader of the al-Qaeda central organization] to fight the crusader enemy. The attacks by the United States and her allies will unite the two groups,” said Hisham al-Hashimi, an Iraqi researcher who just finished writing a book about ISIS based on his unique access to the organization’s documents and years of research and advising Iraqi security forces. 

“I have been monitoring al-Qaeda’s leaders’ rhetoric towards Baghdadi. They are getting softer and softer….The Islamic State, regardless of how big or small it becomes, will come back to its mother: al-Qaeda,” he added.

The break between the Islamic State and al-Qaeda
ISIS and al-Qaeda have a long, tangled history with one another. ISIS was the al-Qaeda official branch in Iraq until last February. However, they finally split after disagreements over operations in Syria. 

The recent US intervention in the region along with the new US-led airstrike campaign against ISIS has actually forced the two groups to renew negotiations. For example, recent reports suggested that ISIS and al-Nusra Front are together planning the war against the US-led alliance.  The al-Qaeda affiliated Khorasan group in Syria that was also targeted in the recent air attacks declared a few days ago in an audio message that it had joined ISIS. Add to that the Taliban in Pakistan who are hopping on board the ISIS train and you have a potential jihadi World War III.


Please notice one of the main bullet points at the top of this article;  On their hit list—the state of Israel. 

Yep!  Right in the middle of it all EXACTLY as the Bible said it would be!

Also notice that a top ISIS expert believes that the U.S. led attacks on ISIS will end up uniting the ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Of course this brings us back to the question that so many have when talking about the Last Days....WHERE is America?  Where is the UK, France, Germany and other civilized nations?  Why doesn't prophecy give them any role and/or mention when it tells us what will happen in the future?

Is it possible that they end up being crippled by outside enemies?  How about inside enemies like the Muslims that these nations let in by the millions?  Could they end up making the citizens of their host countries so scared to leave their homes that they devastate the economy?

Of course this could be a possibility.

I continue to focus in our "blessed hope" that Jesus returns for His bride, snatches true believers from the grips of this Satanic world, America collapses under the strain of losing millions of Christians, America's collapse then spreads to Europe and the rest of the civilized world, and then all the prophecies of the Antichrist can unfold at rapid speed...until Christ returns to this world to rule and reign with us by his side.

Amen!  Even so...come Lord Jesus!

Hat tip to Guy B.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Global Slaughter of Christians

How many of us are aware that our brothers and sisters in Christ are being tortured, raped and butchered every day in numerous places?  How many of your churches have said anything from the pulpit?  How many of your churches have had any prayers for the persecuted?

Christians in the Middle East and Africa are being slaughtered, tortured, raped, kidnapped, beheaded, and forced to flee the birthplace of Christianity. One would think this horror might be consuming the pulpits and pews of American churches. Not so. The silence has been nearly deafening.

As Egypt’s Copts have battled the worst attacks on the Christian minority since the 14th century, the bad news for Christians in the region keeps coming. On Sunday, Taliban suicide bombers killed at least 85 worshippers at All Saints’ church, which has stood since 1883 in the city of Peshawar, Pakistan. Christians were also the target of Islamic fanatics in the attack on a shopping center in Nairobi, Kenya, this week that killed more than 70 people. The Associated Press reported that the Somali Islamic militant group al-Shabab “confirmed witness accounts that gunmen separated Muslims from other people and let the Muslims go free.” The captives were asked questions about Islam. If they couldn’t answer, they were shot.

In Syria, Christians are under attack by Islamist rebels and fear extinction if Bashar al-Assad falls. This month, rebels overran the historic Christian town of Maalula, where many of its inhabitants speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus. The AFP reported that a resident of Maalula called her fiancé’s cell and was told by member of the Free Syrian Army that they gave him a chance to convert to Islam and he refused. So they slit his throat.

Nina Shea, an international human-rights lawyer and expert on religious persecution, testified in 2011 before Congress regarding the fate of Iraqi Christians, two-thirds of whom have vanished from the country. They have either been murdered or fled in fear for their lives. Said Shea: “[I]n August 2004 … five churches were bombed in Baghdad and Mosul. On a single day in July 2009, seven churches were bombed in Baghdad … The archbishop of Mosul, was kidnapped and killed in early 2008. A bus convoy of Christian students were violently assaulted. Christians … have been raped, tortured, kidnapped, beheaded, and evicted from their homes …”

Lela Gilbert is the author of Saturday People, Sunday People, which details the expulsion of 850,000 Jews who fled or were forced to leave Muslim countries in the mid-20th century. The title of her book comes from an Islamist slogan, “First the Saturday People, then the Sunday People,” which means “first we kill the Jews, then we kill the Christians.” Gilbert wrote recently that her Jewish friends and neighbors in Israel “are shocked but not entirely surprised” by the attacks on Christians in the Middle East. “They are rather puzzled, however, by what appears to be a lack of anxiety, action, or advocacy on the part of Western Christians.” 

As they should be. It is inexplicable. American Christians are quite able to organize around issues that concern them. Yet religious persecution appears not to have grabbed their attention, despite worldwide media coverage of the atrocities against Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East.


As I read this article I can't help but wonder if one day Jesus will ask all of us wealthy, complacent, lukewarm Christians in America, "Are you serious??  You can stand here and tell me you had no idea?  Are you saying you couldn't even stay awake long enough to at least pray for them?"

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mark of the Beast Advances

Have you noticed all the headlines about computers being hacked?  First Target then Home Depot and today we are learning the Russians have been attacking major computer systems trying to disrupt our systems.

Have you also notice how frustrating it is to try and remember the dozens of USER NAMES and PASSWORDS that you need to access your bank, your Ebay, your credit card, your social media, etc...?

Well, what if the government came up with a perfect solution?

The days of using a password to access a bank account or cellphone will soon be a thing of the past, President Obama’s top cybersecurity adviser said Thursday.

The risk of getting hacked by criminals has grown so widespread that far more sophisticated identification technology — including biometric scanning devices — will become the norm, said Michael Daniel, the White House’s cybersecurity coordinator.

“You’ve started to see some of that with the emergence of the fingerprint readers,” said Mr. Daniel, adding that the technology will become increasingly mainstream as cellphone cameras, “hard” card readers and other authentication gadgets replace the annoying process for millions of Americans of punching in a password to confirm their identity.

“Frankly, I would really love to kill the password dead as a primary security method because it’s terrible,” Mr. Daniel said at an event hosted by the Center for National Policy, Northrop Grumman Corp. and the Christian Science Monitor

Since passwords can so easily be hacked, a variety of new technologies will provide more protection and some “will be biometric related,” he said.


For 2000 years now, the Bible has been telling us that one day, in the VERY Last Days, the Antichrist would require all people on earth to have a special mark to buy or sell anything on planet earth.  For 1990 years Christians read their Bibles and assumed that the Book of Revelation must all be symbolic because that could NEVER HAPPEN!'s happening.

Houston Wants to Screen Sermons

What if you were a pastor at a church in America and wanted to preach on Romans 1?

Go for it!  This is America!  You can preach on the entire Bible if you want!  All of it!

But wait...what if other folks in your city found out that Romans 1 condemns homosexual behavior and you lived in a city that bans 'hate speech...and a large group of citizens started demanding to see your sermons in hopes they could find something illegal in what you preached?

"But Dennis....that could never happen...this is America!"

Officials with the city of Houston, Texas, who are defending a controversial ordinance that would allow men to use women’s restrooms now have demanded to see the sermons preached by several area pastors.

The recent move came in a subpoena from the city to pastors for copies of their sermons and other communications in the city’s legal defense of a “non-discrimination” measure that allows “gender-confused” people to use public restrooms designated for the opposite sex.

A lawsuit challenging Houston’s move alleges the city violated its own charter in its adoption of the Equal Rights Ordinance, which in May designated homosexuals and transgender persons as a protected class.

Critics say the measure effectively enables sexual predators who dress as women to enter female public bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities. A coalition of activists that includes area pastors filed suit Aug. 6 against the city and lesbian Mayor Annise Parker after officials announced a voter petition to repeal the measure didn’t have enough signatures to qualify for the election ballot.

Read it all here;

You may want to ask your pastor where he will stand should these ordinances against "hate speech" start threatening your church.  Will he preach that fornication, adultery, polygamy and gay sex are called sinful?  What if it meant jail time for him?  What if your church was forced to pay back taxes because they lose their tax-free status because the government labels them as "hate inspiring"?

There is NO DOUBT that persecution is coming for Christians.  You can see evidence of it all around us.  I hope that Jesus comes soon...but if He tarries, we should all reconcile ourselves as to what stand we will take if the persecution comes for us.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Vatican Signals More Tolerance

Sorry for lack of posts but I've been out of town and out of cell service...and now on I pad so will be brief.

Another day...another gay article!  This time from the Vatican.

VATICAN CITY — In a marked shift in tone likely to be discussed in parishes around the world, an assembly of Catholic bishops convened by Pope Francis at theVatican released a preliminary document on Monday calling for the church to welcome and accept gay people, unmarried couples and those who have divorced, as well as the children of these less traditional families.

 The bishops’ report, released midway through a landmark two-week meeting, does not change Roman Catholic doctrine or teaching, and will now be subjected to fierce debate and revision at the assembly.

But it is the first signal that the institutional church may follow the direction Francis has set in the first 18 months of his papacy, away from condemnation of unconventional family situations and toward understanding, openness and mercy.


Yes!  We need to understand sin!...and then pretend that we don't need to call it sin!  And if there is no sin, then we don't need to repent!  And if we don't need to repent...we don't need a savior anymore!

That sounds like what the false prophet will be preaching during The Tribulation...