Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oil and Politics

We all know how drug pushers work...they entice young people with free drugs or at least very cheap drugs. They act like they are the kid's friend and when the kid is finally hooked, then they raise the price 1000% knowing that the addict will do whatever it takes to stay on the drug. Do we see any similarities with the US dependence on foreign oil? A scant 10 yrs ago, OPEC oil was selling oil for $18 per barrel. Gas was $.99 per gallon. It's 650% higher today at around $130 per barrel. And our "pusher" does NOT have our best interest in mind. Many of our Islamic suppliers believe that the world should be ruled by Islamic law, and they could blackmail the world with oil to try and make that happen. Read this article from National Security;

Friday, May 23, 2008

An Increase of disasters?

More than just a few of us are wondering if the earth is having more than a "normal" amount of weather disasters. Yesterday a tornado went through Southern California, which is extremely rare. But just so we don't think that EVERYONE agrees, here is an article from Fox News that quotes some scientists who say this is nothing unusual. You can read it and decide for yourself.,2933,354692,00.html

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Syrian peace talks

It is definately in the headlines that Israel and Syria have opened up channels to talk about peace. Turkey is aiding in the negotiations. You can read one of the reports here; The two countries have technically been at war since Syria lost the Golan Heights to Israel in 1967. From the headlines alone, this sure sounds like great news. Let's all continue to pray for peace in Jerusalem...just as the bible tells us we should.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Israel's historic achievement

I was reading U.S. News and World report during lunch and found this article recounting the history of modern Israel.

I thought it was pretty awesome how the author and editor in chief, Mortimer Zuckerman, quoted some bible passages about the Jews returning to this land. Certainly, all eyes of the world are on Israel...just as the bible said they would be.

Russia-Syria Alliance

We already know that the Russians built a huge naval base in Syria, just a stones throw away from Israel. And now it appears that they are strengthening, even further, their military ties.

The other interesting headline today on the front page of Fox News is this;,2933,356852,00.html The headlines report that Israel and Syria are in peace talks that are being mediated by Turkey. Knowing that Russia, Syria and Turkey all are going to be part of a final grand plan to destroy Israel(Ezekiel 38-39), the headlines are newsworthy, to say the least. Also, knowing that Damascus will be utterly destroyed and will remain uninhabited (Isaiah 17) also means we should watch Syria.

Balance of Power

I'm not a huge Thomas Friedman fan but I took note of this article because of the first paragraph, "It is hard to remember a time when more shifts in the global balance of power are happening at once". It appears that MANY things on this planet are happening at a pace that is unheard of at any other time in history.,1518,554479,00.html

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Disaster fatigue

It appears that with so many monumental disasters happening at such a frequent pace, US citizens are overwhelmed and are not giving to relief charities. Personally, I rememer the asian tsunami and how KTIS, Dobson and most everyone was raising money. I felt compelled to give, and we did. But now there is no mention of Myanmar relief/fundraising because it has been eclipsed by the China quake. And if a volcano blows up in Chile tomorrow, the news will quickly forget about China. Strange times indeed.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Are you ready?

Here is a great article from Hal Lindsey that is talking about the frequency of events as the birth pangs continue to build. The last paragraph of the article sums things up very nicely:

"Hey, for he first time in history, all of the signs have appeared together in the same time frame and are increasing in frequency and intensity. That, coupled with the fulfillment of the great predicted sign that Israel became a nation again after 2,000 hopeless years of worldwide dispersion, indicates that Jesus Christ is already at the door ready to return. Are you ready?"

Hat tip to Adam.