Saturday, March 6, 2010

Clash In Jerusalem

Let's all remember how the last "intifada" (Arab uprising) started in Jerusalem. That was in the year 2000 and Muslims started hurling rocks from the Temple Mount down onto Jews who were praying below them at the Western Wall.

It looks like the same stone throwing has started again.

JERUSALEM — Israeli troops clashed with Palestinian stone-throwers at two contested holy sites and in a West Bank village Friday, seriously injuring a Palestinian woman and a 14-year-old boy, officials and witnesses said.
At the Jerusalem shrine, home to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, hundreds of Muslim worshippers emerging from prayers threw stones at policemen and Jews praying below at the Jewish shrine known as the Western Wall, according to Israeli police.

It was one of the most violent clashes in several years at the site, known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary.

Of course the tension has always been there but have been ratcheting to new levels over a variety of reasons. The most recent reason has been Israel's decision to name Abraham, Isaac and Jacob's tomb as an important national site.

Evidently it is a political action that makes the site eligible for Israeli Development funds and really doesn't change anything....but of course the Arabs aren't going to see it that way. They see it as one more claim that Israel is making on land that Arabs want for their own Palestinian state.

Of course if you don't believe anything about Solomon, David, Temples, Israelites, would view Israel as an invading force trying to steal Arab land. Sadly, that is EXACTLY how the Arabs view Israel and EXACTLY the reason they are so mad. They simply refuse to believe that the Jews were ever in this land. So whenever they dig up evidence of a Jewish presence....the Arab/Islamic rulers will usually try to hide or destroy the evidence.

Now check out this next paragraph that talks again about the U.S. assigning blame if a peace deal is not reached.

The United States also offered written assurances to Abbas, Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said Friday, confirming a report in Israel's Haaretz daily. In the document, the U.S. promises to assign blame if the talks fail.

Read article here;

Seriously, if you went back to 1948 and saw how the Arabs have CONSTANTLY been in denial and CONSTANTLY fighting over the right of Israel to could anyone possibly cast blame on Israel defending land that it had and TAKING land that they won in wars against aggressors?

I fear for the USA if we start blaming Israel for trying to hold on to a few square miles of land. If we force Israel to divide....I wonder if God will force the USA to divide?

Friday, March 5, 2010

2012-New World Order

This article is intensely interesting in that is has NOTHING to do with Christianity or Revelation. It is a totally secular article that is focused on the financial condition of the world

I will post some of the amazing paragraphs below and show how even the unbelieving world knows that something large is coming....and how the author, unbeknownst to even himself, is talking about Last Days prophesies.

First off we have the fact strange fact that he is saying this stuff could be coming in 2012. The article, in fact, is titled; CRASHING TOWARD A NEW WORLD SOCIAL ORDER 2012.

2012 might not be the exact year, but it's difficult to see the endgame lasting much beyond that, and the masters of the universe love symbolism, as with 911 (both in Chile and in Manhattan), KLA 007, and others. 2012 is loaded with symbolism, eg. the Mayan Calendar, and the Internet is buzzing with various 2012-related prophecies, survival strategies, anticipated alien interventions, alignments with galactic radiation fields, etc. And then there is the Hollywood film, 2012, which explicitly portrays the demise of most of humanity, and the pre-planned salvation of a select few. One never knows with Hollywood productions, what is escapist fantasy, and what is aimed at preparing the public mind symbolically for what is to come.

He next references the likelihood of a one world government.

In our post-2012 world, we have for the first time one centralized global government, and one ruling elite clique, a kind of extended royal family, the lords of finance. As we can see with the IMF, WHO, and the WTO, and the other pieces of the embryonic world government, the institutions of governance will make no pretensions about popular representation or democratic responsiveness. Rule will be by means of autocratic global bureaucracies, who take their marching orders from the royal family. This model has already been operating for some time, within its various spheres of influence, as with the restructuring programs forced on the third world, as a condition for getting financing.

He then goes on to describe how everyone will be micro chipped so that all their money-credits will be carried with them where ever they go.

On a daily basis, you will need to go through checkpoints of various kinds, with varying levels of security requirements. This is where biometrics becomes important. If people can be implanted with chips, then much of the security can be automated, and everyone can be tracked at at all times, and their past activity retrieved. The chip links into your credit balance, so you've got all your currency always with you, along with your medical records and lots else that you don't know about.

And finally, he says that a great shock to the world will be necessary to implement all these enormous changes. THINK ABOUT THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH!!

For such a profound transformation to be possible, it is easy to see that a very great shock is required, on the scale of collapse and social chaos, and possibly on the scale of a nuclear exchange. There needs to be an implicit mandate to 'do whatever is necessary to get society running again'. The shock needs to leave people in a condition of total helplessness comparable to the survivors in the bombed-out rubble of Germany and Japan after World War 2. Nothing less will do.

Read it here;

Friends...this article is MORE than's actually a little bit freaky that this economist just spelled out a very likely scenario of what is coming for planet earth....and it plays directly into what the Bible says. Wars, rapture, chaos, one world government promising to restore order, and a mark or chip required by everyone in order to buy or sell anything.

Let's all ask ourselves again this simple question....ARE WE READY TO SOON MEET OUR LORD AND SAVIOR IN THE AIR?

Assign Blame

The U.S. is trying desperately to get Israel and the Palestinians to talk about peace.

So nothing has changed there....they can talk about it for the next 3000 years and as long as Islam is taken over with Satanic deception....they will NEVER make peace with Israel, no matter what Israel does or says.

But here is the interesting part;....the US has said that if peace talks fail, they will assign blame to whatever party they feel has the most blame.

The United States government has committed to playing a role in indirect talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and promised that if the talks were to fail, the U.S. will assign blame and take action, according to a document sent by the U.S. to the Palestinian Authority, which Haaretz obtained on Friday.

The U.S. government sent the document to the Palestinians responding to their inquires regarding the U.S. initiative to launch indirect talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

"We expect both parties to act seriously and in good faith. If one side, in our judgment, is not living up to our expectations, we will make our concerns clear and we will act accordingly to overcome that obstacle," it was written.

Did you catch that? The USA will expect Israel to live up to OUR EXPECTATIONS!!!

I wonder what God will do to USA if we don't live up to HIS expectations but we continue to lean on Israel to divide God's land and make peace with the devil, the sons of Lot, Esau and Ishmael?

Read it here;

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rumors Build

Will Israel attack Iran? It appears the rumors are building that something big is cooking.

JERUSALEM — Preparations for a strike against Iran’s nuclear program are as evident as ever: the introduction of an attack drone capable of flying hundreds of miles, the frequent open talk of a possible attack, the distribution of new gas masks to the public.

But lately, the real action in Israel on the Iranian issue has been the parade of top American security officials. The chairman of the joint chiefs, the director of the C.I.A. and the national security adviser have all just been here; the vice president arrives on Monday.

Now notice how the article ends;

“From a closer distance, in Israel, it looks like a tipping point of the whole regional order.”

In other words, as a top Israeli official put it afterward: “For the Americans, Iran is a strategic threat. For us, it’s an existential one.”

Whether that difference becomes more significant in the coming year will help determine whether Israel breaks ranks with Washington.

Notice the words, "tipping point" and also "Israel breaks ranks with Washington."

Certainly it WOULD be a tipping point for us if we break ranks with Israel.

Read article here;

Turkey Miffed at U.S.

Breaking news concerning Turkey just hit Google. It's being reported that Turkey is going to recall its U.S. Ambassador.

Turkey recalled its ambassador to Washington tonight after a congressional panel voted to label the massacre of Armenians in the First World War as "genocide", in developments that threatened to poison relations between the US and its closest Muslim ally.

Despite pressure to drop the matter by the Obama administration, the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee voted 23-22 to approve the resolution, which calls on the US to formally refer to the massacre as genocide. The vote means that the resolution - which is non-binding - is now cleared for consideration by the full House.

Turkey had warned that its ties with the United States, and attempts to normalise relations with Armenia, would be damaged if the resolution were approved. Turkey and Armenia signed a protocol last year to normalise relations but it has yet to pass through the parliament of either country.

In a last-ditch attempt to avoid a vote, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton telephoned Howard Berman, the House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman, a fellow Democrat, to highlight the potential fallout.

See it here;

Why is this prophetic? Because we have already seen that Turkey has fallen away from relations with Israel...and now they are falling away from the U.S. And whose arms are they falling into?? Russia and Iran.

Now open your Bibles again and read Ezekiel 38 and 39 and you will understand that the coalition spoken of includes Russia, Iran and Turkey, Libya, Sudan and others.

What does this coalition share? They share contempt for Israel and the U.S.

The Bible says that when this coalition gathers to destroy Israel in the Last Days...that God himself will come and wipe out their armies before they can damage Israel.

So how close are we?

Let's stay sober and keep watching.

Hamas Defector

With a new book coming out, the news has finally gone public that the son of a top Hamas leader has converted to Christianity. And what he has to say about Islam should finally put to rest what the "religion of peace" is really up to.

During his 50-minute interview, for which he arrived with armed security, Yousef criticized Hamas leaders including political chief Khaled Meshaal. He lashed out at Hamas, saying the organization lives in the Middle Ages.

And he hurled his most inflammatory comments at Islam, which he called a religion that teaches people to kill.

"It is not a religion of peace," said Yousef, who converted to Christianity. "The biggest terrorist is the God of the Quran. I know this is very dangerous and this will offend many people. The more you follow the steps of the prophet of Islam and the God of Islam, the more you get close to being a terrorist."

"The God of Quran is trying to unskin Muslims from their humanity," he said, later adding, "Muslims are good people. But their God is absolutely bad."

Read it here;

Question....what spiritual force would be sowing seeds of murder and lies and be trying to "unskin" Muslims from their humanity? Can anyone say the word, "Satan?"

Jesus clearly tells us, "You are either for me or against me." Now ask yourselves a very simple question: "Does Islam lead people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ or does it lead them away from Jesus?" And who stands against Jesus. Can anyone say the word, "Satan?"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jews to be Singled Out

Some weeks ago the #2 guy in Hamas was in Dubai on business and was assassinated in his Dubai hotel room. The entire hit squad was caught on tape coming and going all over the hotel. The initial finger pointing went to Israel...but there are lots of fishy things going on with passports, names, countries of origin, etc...

So it could have been a hit from Israel's intelligence agency...or it could have been a hit by some Arab operatives who want to frame Israel and further turn the world against Israel.

We will have to wait and see what comes out.

But the case today took an interesting turn when the Dubai police said they would seek an arrest warrant on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That would be similar to Afghanistan issuing an arrest warrant on President Obama for the civilians killed by drone missiles.

But this one sentence really caught my attention;
Tamim (Dubai's police chief) also said Dubai now would closely inspect Western passports and that Jews would be "singled out."

Can you even imagine what the Muslim outrage would be if the USA said; "Because all the terrorists of the world seem to be Arab Muslims, all Arabs will be singled out for searching at all airports around the country."

Honestly folks, the Muslims of the world would already be lighting stuff on fire and burning Obama in effigy. There would be loud protests from every Muslim group from around the world and the USA would have to back down and issue the largest apology ever recorded.

But because it is Muslims who are doing the singling out of one will dare say a word.

Read article here;

The double standards of Muslims around the world is absolutely astonishing. They want the right to build mosques in Switzerland with Minarets reaching the sky....but Saudi Arabia won't even allow a Bible to come on board Saudi planes.

When will the Western free world finally stand up and say, "99.99% of terrorist attacks are committed by Arab males in the name of Allah, who are between the ages of 18 and from now on we are going to single them out for special security searches and let all the old ladies from Iowa walk right on the plane." would be the right thing to do.

War is "Very" Near

The enemies of Israel seem to be gathering and cooperating on a fairly fast pace. Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Lebonon, Syria....they all seem to be itching for a fight with Israel.

JERUSALEM – Egypt is concerned Israel could be in a conflict in the very near future with Syria or the Iranian-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon, a senior Egyptian security official told WND.

The security official said in any future war with Syria or Hezbollah, both actors have been preparing to storm the Israeli border with guerillas and commandos, an act unseen here since the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the last conflict in which Syria was openly involved.

You can read it here;

Remember folks....the next war that breaks out in the Middle East WILL affect all of us. But take heart because all these things MUST happen...says Jesus.

So encourage each other with these words.

God Shows Up In Haiti

We have heard about the Satanic past of Haiti. We know that voodoo is common in this country. We know that the largest natural catastrophe EVER, literally crushed the most populace part of this country and reduced it's governmental buildings to rubble.

But God has shown up in Haiti. People are giving their lives to Christ in the midst of the chaos. It's being reported that even voodoo priests are repenting and accepting Christ. One million people showed up at a rally to fast and pray to the God of Israel, Isaac and Jacob.

Watch it here;

I don't know why we humans have such a hard time turning to God when things are going seems the human condition dictates that only when we are in the midst of chaos, fear, hunger, misery and we cry out to Creator and seek relationship with Him.

"What good is it for a man if he gains the world yet loses his eternal soul?", says God.

Doesn't that also mean that it would be GOOD to be crushed and miserable here on earth if that's what it takes to GAIN our eternal soul? So can God be acting for GOOD even when he crushes us?? Of course....He is God.

Hat tip to Julie E.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Budget Trivia

Here's some trivia that doesn't even need an explanation. You can just read it and sigh.

BUDGET TRIVIA - In the first 186 years of our nation’s history where financial records were maintained (i.e., the period from 1789-1974), the USA spent $3.8 trillion in aggregate. The total of projected government outlays during the current 2010 fiscal
year is $3.7 trillion (source: Office of Management and Budget).

Here Comes China!

We know that we owe China lots of money. We know that they are mad that we support Tibet. We know they are mad that we support Taiwan and sold them $$ billions worth of military equipment. (Hey China...we borrowed your money to make those missiles to sell to do you like them apples??) So what is China supposed to do? What do they want to do?

Topple the USA and become a dominant world power.

The call for China to abandon modesty about its global goals and "sprint to become world number one" comes from a People's Liberation Army (PLA) Senior Colonel, Liu Mingfu, who warns that his nation's ascent will alarm Washington, risking war despite Beijing's hopes for a "peaceful rise."

"China's big goal in the 21st century is to become world number one, the top power," Liu writes in his newly published Chinese-language book, "The China Dream."

Liu argues that China should use its growing revenues to become the world's biggest military power, so strong the United States "would not dare and would not be able to intervene in military conflict in the Taiwan Strait."

Read it here;

We have said it all along...the game the nations of the world play is called KING OF THE HILL. If you aren't on wish you were. This will be the game that WILL BE PLAYED until Christ returns and vanquishes the nations and sets them all under His feet.

Amen...even so, come Lord Jesus.

Least Worst Place

A few weeks back we posted about some good news concerning the U.S dollar....yes, you heard me correctly...some POTENTIAL good news about the dollar.

It seems as the financial world is showing signs of coming apart at the seams...investors will be scrambling to find the LEAST WORST place to store their hard earned cash...and the USA may very well be that place.

This could be good news for us because if everyone wants could keep their value up, even if we are printing them at enormous rates thereby de-valuing them. So as WE push the value down by printing...the world keeps demanding more of them....keeping the whole illusion in least a little while longer.

NEW YORK – The dollar strengthened Monday as the market worried about Greece's debt crisis and political unease in Britain ahead of general election.

Read it here;

So let me put this another way...Greece and Spain could default, Great Britain could default, Japan may be next in line and then the list could really fall fast. So make no mistake about it...a one world currency is on the horizon and it could happen faster than a Chilean earthquake....but the US dollar may hold up until the rapture of the church. Yippeee!!!

And THAT is your good news of the day.

Quake Shortened Earth's Days

According to scientists, the quake in Chile was so violent that is rattled the entire planet and knocked us off our axis.

Because we wobbled on our axis, it changed how fast we spin....because we are now spinning at a different speed....our days are now a little shorter.

Now, before you go panic and sell all your furnishings and throw out all your should realize that it only shortened our days by 1/1,000,000 of a second.

Read it here;

I was less impressed with the change in time and was more impressed with the ominous headline;

Monday, March 1, 2010

UFO Deception

We have talked and blogged on this in the past, but we will do it again...because it is becoming more and more convincing every day.

First off, I will start with the background that we believe (and have said all along) that some of Satan's fallen angels are currently masquerading around as "aliens", pretending to be from distant planets. Yes, millions of people are truly seeing something....but it's not what they think it is.

Now today, the top Rapture information website, Rapture Ready, is talking about the Last Days deception that is promised in 2 Thessalonians....and saying that UFO's and aliens could play a big part in that coming deception.

With the way psychologically and demonically paved for there to be a massive UFO invasion during the Tribulation, millions looking for explanation of why their world is upside-down will undoubtedly readily believe such a lie--the lie telling them that the ETs who have just removed millions of rebels from earth are now come to rescue the world from oblivion.

Read it here;

Make sure to scroll down to the 2nd half of the page titled, "The Lie"

Farmland and Gold

Even a cursory glance at today's headlines can get you wondering; what the heck is going on??

We have looters in Chile after the worst earthquake in history, dead people floating in flood water in Europe after the worst storms in history, it's raining in Haiti creating a mud bath of germs and disease in the refuge camps after the worst earthquake in history, Marie Osmond's teen-age boy killed himself,....good much can we take??

On top of all this, we have a top investment guru, who correctly called the 1987 stock crash, telling us we better buy farmland and gold because the world is soon going to come apart.

Speaking today, Dr Faber said that investors, who control billions of dollars of assets, should start considering the effects of more disruptive events than mere market volatility.

“The next war will be a dirty war,” he told fund managers: "What are you going to do when your mobile phone gets shut down or the Internet stops working or the city water supplies get poisoned?”

His investment advice, which was the first keynote speech of CLSA’s annual investment forum in Tokyo, included a suggestion that fund managers buy houses in the countryside because it was more likely that violence, biological attack and other acts of a “dirty war” would happen in cities.

Read it here;

This is all interesting, but the most interesting to me was his comments on cell phones and Internet service. As we have said MANY times in adult ed.....our enemies know what our Achilles heel truly is; that runs on electricity. If you shut down our lights, people will turn into animals in the course of a few hours.

The Bible says these days are coming....but Jesus says they MUST encourage each other with these words.

National Catastrophe

While the military in Chile is trying to keep order after a massive we have Europe going through it's worst winter and storms in living memory.

Paris, France (CNN) -- Western Europe went into recovery mode Monday after winter storm Xynthia battered at least six countries, knocking out power, disrupting transportation and leaving at least 58 people dead, authorities said.
Hardest hit was France, where at least 47 people were killed, according to the Interior Ministry.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy visited the departments of Charente-Maritime and Vendee on the nation's west coast Monday, where the extra-tropical cyclone hit.

"It's a national catastrophe," French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said Sunday. "Many people drowned, surprised by the rapid rise of the water."
The combination of hurricane-force winds and high tide inundated parts of the coastal region.

Read it here;

Honestly, I wonder how many "National catastrophes" the world can have all at once? We still have all our rescue workers and aid in Haiti, now what about Chile....and now what about Europe? How can we help all the people that need help? Where do we get all the money for all the aid the world needs?

Is it becoming obvious that we need a savior?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Israel Pressing U.S.

I have been out of town for the past few days so have not been posting as vigorously as usual, but hopefully many of you are catching on as to the important things to watch for.

Of course we had another 8.8 earthquake today in Chile and if you had the news on AT ALL you would have seen that.

But the other even more pressing event is that an un-holy union of Israel haters got together a few days ago in Damascus. Who was present??....none other than our friend from Iran, Ahmadinejad, Syria's President Assad, and the leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Now here is the kicker....listen up close. The U.S. government is planning on sending an official envoy to Syria in hopes of maybe trying to understand the wishes of these terrorists and long time enemies of Israel.

Israel is urging the United States to freeze its decision to send a new envoy to Syria, in the wake of this week's tripartite meeting between Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Syrian President Bashar Assad and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, according to a report Saturday in London-based Arabic daily A-Sharq Al-Awsat.

The report also said that Israeli officials said Syria had interpreted the appointment of a new U.S. envoy as a sign of weakness on Washington's part, and not as a decision to improve ties between the two countries.

Read it here;

It's hard not to believe that the USA may be walking a very dangerous line by sending an envoy. If our enemies believe we are will embolden them....but even worse for the USA is that if we start to move away from our 100% support of Israel....we may end up sealing our doom.

"I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you," says God.