Saturday, November 8, 2008

Iran Slams Obama

It seems the good will that Iran initially had for Obama's election victory...may be short lived. Obama has continued with Bush's policy of saying that nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran is unacceptable. GOOD FOR HIM!

Read the JP article here;

I must admit it's kind of nice to see Iran slamming on someone else besides Bush.

Also, remember that Obama is the president of all of us and we wish him success...because it is in all of our best interests. So please hold him up in prayer as he is choosing his cabinet and forming his policies that will guide us all through a very problematic world.

Talk is Weak

During the election, Obama was criticized for saying he would engage in direct talks with Iran without pre-condition. He says that you need to talk to your enemies. That may be true in some cases but certainly not in all cases. It takes discernment and leadership to know who you should talk to and who you should isolate by responding with deafening silence. Iran may be one situation where you do not want to they may view it as a sign of weakness.

Check out what Tzipi Livni said in the Jerusalem post; "We live in a neighborhood in which sometimes dialogue - in a situation where you have brought sanctions, and you then shift to dialogue - is liable to be interpreted as weakness," she said.

Read the full article here;

Certainly she knows the neighborhood better than any D.C. politicians...and hopefully we will pay attention to what the Israeli's have to say.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Militant Gays

As we know, Proposition 8 in California was passed and said that marriage is between one man and one woman. What a relief. Even in the state of fruits and nuts, the vast majority see that traditional marriage should be upheld. So what do all the gays do who preach tolerance and acceptance??...They start picketing and threatening everyone in the state. The comments that they are making are terroristic and should be prosecuted under the "hate crimes" statutes that THEY were so vocal about passing.

Read some of their violent comments here;

Remember to pray for any gay people that you know. They are bound in sin just like the rest of us. The big difference for many is that they want to deny that their lifestyle and their lusts are sin...which is clearly in defiance to God's word.

It would be the same thing as if every married man started engaging in adulterous sex with other women besides their wives. If you asked the men why they were behaving that way, their response would truthfully be that they were born lustful with a desire for multiple partners. They would further claim that they were just doing what comes if men are born that must be O.K. to behave that way. Clearly, that would be against God's word...just the same as the homosexual lifestyle.

Messing with the Temple

All Christians should be perking up when they see news about the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. A secular political party in Israel, Likud, recently said that they didn't think the Temple Mount was sacred to the Jewish people. Talk about messing with the apple of God's eye! That's about paramount to sticking a finger in His eye!

Islam teaches that any territory that has EVER been under Islamic control is theirs forever. Does that sound like a religion of peace and tolerance? Does that sound like there will EVER be the possiblity of peace between Jews and Islam? The bible tells us that only the Anti-Christ will figure out a way...and even that will be fleeting.

Read the article here;

Russia Wastes No Time

As the article says, "It was no accident that Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, announced a new missile deployment within hours of Barack Obama's election as US president."

The enemies of the U.S. will be pushing to see what they can get away with during the transition from Bush to Obama. Russia's economy is in great pain so it's leaders may start ramping up the military rhetoric to take people's minds off the economic pain.

The movement towards what Ezekiel prophesied 2600 yrs ago is taking place before our eyes. It's just one more sign.

Read the full article here;

If you were a Russian dictator, now would be a good time to contemplate a military takeover of it's old Soviet territory in Ukraine.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama's Chief of Staff

This may be really good news for all of us who believe what the bible says about blessing Israel. It appears that Obama has named his Chief of staff to be Rahm Emanuel. Turns out that Rahm has served a stint in the Israeli Military during the Gulf War and his father was born in Jerusalem. At least one Israeli newspaper is calling him, "Our man in the white house".

You can read what the Lebanon Daily has to say about it here;

I have no clue about this guy, but it sounds like he may be a friend to Israel.

California Education

The bible tells us in Genesis, Leviticus and Romans that God doesn't condone sexual perversion. He doesn't like people having sex with animals, engaging in homosexual activites or having sex outside of marriage. All these activities are done every single day on planet earth, but it is all part of the fall and just more evidence of how far from God's perfection that we really are. We all desparately need a Saviour...and God provided one.

So when you see a society that starts to condone or encourage behaviour that is against God's can know that that society will bear some form of God's wrath. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because it's people were totally given over to sexual perversion. "Before the guests went to bed, the men of Sodom surrounded the house. All the men of the city, both young and old, were there. They called out to Lot and asked, "Where are the men who came to stay with you tonight? Bring them out to us so we can have sex with them!" Genesis 19:4-5

We know that the next day, the city was destroyed and all the perverted men and all their families bore the burden of their sin.

So when I see an article coming out of California that speaks of kindergartners having to sign a homosexual makes me wonder how close we are to the wrath of God. The bible is clear that His patience only lasts so long. Ultimately justice will roll!

Read the article here;

Call the Bear!

Now here is a big surprise! (Cue the sarcasm) It turns out that Putin is paving the way to return to the Kremlin by doing some changing to the constitution. Golly, have we ever seen this in world history where a leader siezes power during economic hard times (Russia's stock market it down by 75% year to date) by promising the people that he will restore the lost glory of their motherland? (can anyone say the word "Nazi"?)

Sadly, most Russian's view the past 15 yrs as an experiment with democracy and capitalism...and now they believe that it simply doesn't work. So they may be ready to jump back into the old ways of dictatorships and socialism.

Read about Putin returning to the Kremlin here;

Also remember that this may tie into what the bible tells us about a strong leader from Russia leading an Arab coalition in an attempt to destroy Israel. Ezekiel 38-39

Hat tip to Barb for the article.

World is Elated

The bible tells us specifically that Satan is the prince of this world. Jesus admonishes us not to fall in love with the patterns of this world. Peter tells us that the world is going to be destroyed with don't put your time into things of this world, but to stay focused on the unseen, eternal things.

So when a headline like this comes across your desk, you can't help but notice; "WORLD REACTION TO OBAMA VICTORY: ELATION" The world loves what it is seeing! Remember that 6/7 ths of the world DO NOT believe in Jesus Christ as the eternal saviour. To put that another way, the bible tells us that if the Bridegroom came today for his bride (Christ followers) that 6/7 ths of the world would be left behind.

When "the world" see's something that amazes it, or brings it joy or gives it is logical to assume that it probably DOES NOT give Father God, the Creator of All...the same joy and elation.

Read the LA Times article here;,0,3267776.story

Now, understand how "the world" will swoon when THE Anti-christ shows up to lead the world down the final rat hole.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christ Comes as a Thief

I have to admit that this passage in Matthew never made perfect sense to me;
“So you, too, must keep watch! For you don’t know what day your Lord is coming. Understand this: If a homeowner knew exactly when a burglar was coming, he would keep watch and not permit his house to be broken into. You also must be ready all the time, for the Son of Man will come when least expected.” Matthew 24:42-44 (NLT)

I'm happy to report that it makes sense to me now that I understand that Christ is coming in a two-phase event. He first comes to snatch all believers from the earth (rapture) but he never comes any further than the clouds. With a loud trumpet call and in the twinkling of an eye, we will all be called into heaven where we will forever more be with the Lord. Then, about 7 years later, after the Great Tribulation, we will return with Christ to rule with him on the earth for a thousand years. This is referred to as the Millenium rule of Christ.

So, now that we understand this, we know exactly what Christ was referring to in the passage above. Satan is the prince of this earth. He is the "homeowner" in the passage. The bible tells us that no one knows the day or the hour of Christ's rapture event...only God the Father in heaven. So Satan doesn't know the exact time either. Christ will come like a thief so that Satan and all people left on the earth will be totally suprised when a billion or so people are suddenly snatched right out of satans house.

Maranatha!! Come Lord Jesus!! Pray that we will all be ready as you give us signs that the bloom is certainly on the fig we can know that summer is near.

Muslim Countries Smell Weakness

O.K...let's have a quick review. Iran, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan are all neighbors of Israel and they all have tried to wipe Israel from the earth at various times since 1948.

Currently, Israel is incapable of putting together a government. Most recently, Tzipi Livni was elected and given the chance to put a coalition together, but she was unsuccessful so now there are new elections scheduled in Israel for next February 10. The above muslim countries view this as a sign of weakness in Israel.

Yesterday, the U.S. elected Obama to be president. The muslim countries are jumping for joy since they believe Obama is more apt to seek comprimise with them rather than confrontation. The muslim countries also view this as a sign of weakness. In their mindset, only wussies give in to comprimise...real men stand their ground and defend their honor to the death.

Rumors started building last summer that Israel may pursue a military strategy against Iran and they may try and do it before Bush leaves office on January 20, 2009. Why?? Because Israel felt it could rely on Bush to come to their aid (if needed) more than they could rely on Obama. Those rumors made it to Iran and they are taking them seriously and may be seriously scared of a surprise attack from Israel.

Without a government in Israel, it now seems VERY UNLIKELY that Israel will attack Iran before Bush leaves office. On the other hand, it now seems more likely that an attack ON Israel could happen at any time...because the enemies of Israel now smell double-weakness.

The enemies of Israel also have to realize that Israel may be close to electing a hawk...Benjamin Netanyahu. If elected he will totally destroy any notion of "land for peace" and will be more apt to start kicking butts and taking names.

So the enemies of Israel have to ask themselves..."are we better off to attack Israel now while they don't have a government and America is in transition or should we wait a few months when Netanyahu may be at the helm and he won't give us an inch plus he may be willing to go to full on war with us...but Obama will be in the White House which may leave Israel vunerable???"

Hmmmm....what are the enemies of Israel going to do??? I'm glad God knows.

Security Should Have Been the Issue

With the election now past, all we can pray is "God's will be done". It's important that we remember to pray for our leaders and pray for this country, especially as prayerful Christians become the minority.

I saw one of the election stats this morning that showed that Republicans voted their number one issue, which was national securty. Democrats number one issue was the economy. Sadly, many exit poll comments also showed that many votes were cast for Obama simply because he was black. So they were voting on emotion and feelings. With that in mind, I am posting a great article that was in the Wall Street Journal a few days ago.

Here is a great paragraph;
"It is important to note here the distinction between an enemy and a threat. Threats are problems to be concerned about in the future; enemies are organizations trying to kill Americans right now. Al Qaeda and Iranian agents are both killing Americans on a regular basis and have proclaimed their determination to kill more. They are enemies, not threats, and they will confront the next president from day one."

Read the full article here;

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Praying to the Same God?

I heard it again last week from the President Bush camp. Bush has publicly said that we all pray to the same god. What does that even mean? You mean to tell me that if he calls for a global prayer conference and invites all the religions of the world...he believes something good will come from it? If I am praying to God, and someone next to me is praying to Allah (ancient moon god) and a Hindu on my other side is praying to Krishna (reincarnated cow god?) and a scientologist is praying to Mother earth, and someone across the room is praying to Satan...what purpose would that accomplish except to give the AP and Reuters news service a pathetic photo opp? Plus Oprah would love it because it shows such "global tolerance".

I've got news for you...the God of the universe who created it ALL and brought the Jews out of Egypt and sent his son to die on the cross to save the world...He is a VERY INTOLERANT GOD! Furthermore He is a very jealous God...and He has told us this often in the bible.

"I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Jesus Christ, 27 A.D.

Look around the world and see what the fate is of countries who DO NOT worship The God of Israel. The sum total of them has been pathetic. Europe used to be a Christian continent and now it's church's sit empty...a reminder of what they used to be. In a very few years, they will be over run with worshipers of allah. In France alone, over 1500 islamic mosques have been built. When Christainity refuses to take a stand, it gets run over...because the earth is satan's least for a little while longer.

Obama a World Leader?

In more foreshadowing of how the world will breathlessly accept the anti-christ, we see this comment from the director of the German Council on Foreign Relations, "America is electing a new president, but for the Germans, for Europeans, it is electing the next world leader."

Read the whole article here;

It's quite strange how the rest of the world is watching the U.S. elections with intense interest.

Global Harmony

In this headline article from Yahoo, we see that the European Union has dispatched a letter to the new U.S. President elect...whomever that might be. In the letter they are asking for more, "global harmony, global balance and global change". I don't fault them for asking for that, I just think it's amazing how the world will be begging for a world-leader who can solve the earth's problems on global basis...and how this all ties in to the bible's prophecy about a one-world-government.

Read it here;

Certainly the anti-christ has been prompted and the curtain is about to go up on the last scene of the play. (No, it is not Obama) We most certainly have been given ALL SORTS of warnings by our God who is loaded with mercy and want's all to come to salvation through Christ...before it's too late.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pave the Way for the Anti-christ

As we have already noted, the love affair that the world seems to be having with Candidate Obama, (even though he has done nothing FOR the world except talk smooth) shows us how the world WILL accept the smooth talk and ideas of the anti-christ. In fact, they not only will accept him and his leadership...they will ask for it.

Part of the preparations that are happening on the world stage involve the current financial crisis that is reeling all around the world. The global governments are realizing that they all need to work together to solve their collective problems. It's a big step towards prepping the stage for a one-world-government that the bible says is coming.

Read the attached article with you spiritual glasses on;

See if you picked up on the idea that big changes are coming for the the way it does business.

Satan is Alive and Well in Somalia

When you read reports about a 13 yr old girl being stoned to death in a stadium full of spectators whose only crime was BEING raped, you have to ask yourself, "what kind of people would do this?" In the book of 1 John, we are told to test the spirits to see if they are from God. Any spirit that doesn't acknowledge that Jesus Christ (son of God) came to earth in the flesh is not of God but is of the anti-christ. The Islamic faith does not recognize that Jesus is God, so it is working against bringing people to salvation in Christ. When you see the fruit that Islam is bearing and you understand the lies of the Koran, it becomes simple to see where the power of this religion is coming from...Satan.

Read the tragic article here;

Please remember to pray for the nation of Islamic believers. They are bound by the lies of Satan and need our help to fight the spiritual battle that is currently being fought in the heavens. (Ephesians 6)

Israel is the Issue

I've attached a link here to a blog titled Jerusalem Watchman. He makes some great comments (you might think they are scary) about the upcoming election and specifically about candidate Obama.

Please be on your news in prayer for this nation and that God's will be done.

Here is the link;

He references a verse from Isaiah 60:12, "For the nation or kingdom that will not serve you will perish, it will be utterly ruined." The prophet is speaking about nations that will not bless Israel. What way will Obama and the democrats turn this nation if they are elected tomorrow? Will we continue to stand firm with Israel as the hatred of the world stacks up on it's borders?

Take peace in knowing that it is all in God's hands.