Friday, March 20, 2015

Blood Was Running Like a River

Angry Muslims hell-bent on destabilizing the entire world for their god, Allah, have struck again...this time in Yemen.

The Bible tells us that during the final battle of Armageddon that the blood will flow like a river and will be deep enough to be up to a horse's bridal...about 4 feet deep.  For this reason the headline below was prophetically interesting.

Yemen mosque bombings: 'Blood was running like a river', say surivivors after attack kills 120

Outside the mosques, those standing near the first blasts were killed instantly, their charred corpses barely recognisable. Inside was a glut of death and mutilated bodies.

Blood ran “like a river” among the dead and dying, said survivors. By last night more than 120 people had been declared dead and hundreds more critically wounded. The death toll, authorities said, was certain to rise.

At midday yesterday, many members of the Zaidi Shia sect had gone to pray in two mosques in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital. Among them were many of Houthi militia that has seized power in Yemen. The white walls, low ceilings and crimson red carpets of the Badr and al-Hashoosh mosques were a scene of relative calm. Then four suicide bombers launched their attack.

In the hospitals of Sanaa the bodies lay in corridors last night – the dead next to the barely living. Among them were many children. After the blasts the wounded were loaded on the back of pick-up trucks, limbs missing, arms and legs entwined. Confirmed dead by Houthi-owned television and Al Jazeera included the imam of the Badr mosque, prominent Houthi cleric Al-Murtada bin Zayd al-Mahatwari.

Quick to claim credit for the attack was the claimed Yemeni branch of Isis, although analysts suggested that should be treated with scepticism.

Two senior Houthi leaders, both members of the Zaidi Shia sect and named as Taha al-Mutawakkil and Khalid Madani, were reported to have been seriously wounded. “Dozens of people have been injured or killed. We will understand the exact numbers of [the] dead and wounded soon. These are two very central and commonly used mosques,” the editor-in-chief of the Yemen Post newspaper, Hakim Almasmari, told reporters.

Each of the mosques appears to have been attacked by two suicide bombers. One bomber at the Badr mosque was caught by militia guards searching worshippers at the entrance, who detonated his device at the outside gates. Amid the ensuing panic, a second bomber entered the mosque detonating his device in the crowds, according to the official news agency SABA.

Another pair of suicide bombers attacked the al-Hashoosh mosque, according to the state news agency. “The heads, legs and arms of the dead people were scattered on the floor of the mosque,” Mohammed al-Ansi said. “Blood was running like a river.” He described running for the exit and hearing a man scream: “Come back, save the injured.”

Another survivor from the Badr mosque, Ahmed al-Gabri, said: “I fell on the ground and when I regained conscious I found myself sleeping on a lake of blood.”


Blood is a big deal in the Bible.  It is literally mentioned hundreds of times.  God tells us that "the life is in the blood".  He also warns that those of us who shed human blood in murder will also have our own blood shed.  He also tells us that blood needs to be shed for the atonement of sin....which leads us to the climax of Jesus shedding His perfect blood, once and for all, for the forgiveness of all our sin....whoever puts their faith in Him.

Satan knows the Bible.  He knows God's decrees and he wants to shed as much human blood as possible.

Currently he is using the perverted religion of Islam to make the blood flow like a river where ever he can.

There is NO COUNTRY ON EARTH immune from Satan making the blood flow like a river...but fear not!...because God has him on a short leash and we know how his story ends.

Murdered Baby Has Liberals Thoroughly Confused

In yet another sign of how brutal we have become, there is a story coming out of Colorado of a woman who cut the baby out of another woman in hopes she could keep the baby!  Of course the 8 month old baby died and now the liberals in Colorado are very confused on how they can charge anyone for murder if the baby was unborn!!


Gruesome Colorado case sheds light on fetal homicide laws

LONGMONT, Colo. (AP) — The gruesome case of a Colorado woman accused of cutting open the belly of a pregnant woman and removing her unborn baby girl is reviving the highly-charged debate over when a fetus can legally be considered a human being.

In the past two years, Colorado twice rejected efforts to make the death of a fetus a homicide under state law. The Democratic-led legislature voted down a bill to do that in 2013 and last year 65 percent of voters rejected a ballot measure that would have granted legal rights to unborn fetuses, the state's third rejection of a so-called "personhood measure."

That leaves the state as one of only 12 without a law allowing homicide charges in the violent deaths of fetuses and the fate of Dynel Lane up in the air. Authorities say Lane lured a woman who was eight months pregnant with an ad on Craigslist offering to sell baby clothes. Lane allegedly removed the fetus from the woman's body.

Stan Garnett, the district attorney of liberal Boulder County, said during a news conference Thursday that Colorado law makes it challenging to file homicide charges. "Under Colorado law, essentially no murder charges can be brought if the child did not live outside of the mother," Garnett said.

The legal complexity seems unnecessary to some. "It's literally absurd," said Keith Mason, the president of Personhood USA, the anti-abortion rights group that spearheaded the push for Colorado's fetal homicide laws.

The abortion debate has hung over the increasing number of states that have made the killing of a fetus a homicide. Those laws have been promoted by opponents of abortion rights and have been adopted by 38 states and the federal government, to the consternation of many abortion-rights supporters.


"So you see Dennis, since the baby was indeed kicking and crying when it was cut out of the mother...we can't say it was a was really just like if a criminal cut a tumor or wart off your arm without your consent.  Yes, that would be a felony...but certainly it can't be called murder because a wart isn't a baby!  Do you understand?"

The pro-abortionists are terrified of these cases because it will show how week their cause is for murdering babies.  If they say this criminal is guilty of murder an 8 month old baby...then how about a 7 month old baby...or 6 months....or 5 months?  It will make them squirm because they will realize that at some point they will have to acknowledge that all women and doctors who perform abortions are, in fact, killing babies.

I'm not sure how much longer God is going to continue granting the USA the blood of 50,000,000 babies must be crying out to their Creator for justice...and one day, hopefully soon, God is going to bring it.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

No Internet Connection

Sorry faithful readers!  I have been in the middle of the Carribean ocean since last Saturday and had assumed I could continue blogging while on the ship....however, once on board the cruise company told me how much it was going to cost to connect to their WiFi....and I passed on their extortion rates.

It has been strange being totally gone from the news for five days.  The world just went on making news everyday even though I wasn't around to read it!

I just learned that Netanyahu survived the election and that Team Obama didn't seem real happy about that.

Also of interest is that our waiter was from Tunesia and his name was Muhummad.  He said I was the very first American he has ever spoken to who knows where Tunesia is.  I asked him how things were in his country since the Arab Spring broke out there.  He said they were great and had all the freedom to think, say and do whatever they want.  Coincidentally, the first headline I see today upon return to USA is that radical Muslims have attacked Tunesia.

I am blogging from my IPad and have a plane to catch, so will be brief and post the article below.  I should be back to my regular blogging tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience.


Essid said the gunmen killed 18 tourists total — including four from Italy, two from Colombia, two from Spain, and one each from Australia, Poland and France. Japan’s government said three of its citizens were killed.
Five Tunisians also were killed, including two attackers. Health Minister Said Aidi said all the injuries came from bullet wounds, and that several victims were brought in without identity documents.
At least 44 people were wounded, including tourists from Italy, France, Japan, South Africa, Poland, Belgium and Russia, according to Essid and doctors from Tunis' Charles Nicolle hospital.
Twitter accounts associated with the Islamic State terror group based in Syria and Iraq were described as overjoyed at the attack, urging Tunisians to "follow their brothers," according to Rita Katz of SITE, a U.S.-based organization that monitors militant groups.