Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wildfires Destroy Most Homes Ever

It seems that The West is burning...much of it out of control.  So we can add this headline as another extreme.

Wildfire destroys most homes in Colo. history

(AP) DENVER - Additional crews were arriving Saturday at a wildfire in northern Colorado that has scorched about 85 square miles and destroyed at least 181 homes, the most in state history.
The High Park Fire burning 15 miles west of Fort Collins surpasses the Fourmile Canyon wildfire, which destroyed 169 homes west of Boulder in September 2010.
Fire information officer Brett Haberstick said Saturday that more than 1,500 personnel are working on the Fort Collins-area fire. The lightning-caused blaze, which is believed to have killed a 62-year-old woman whose body was found in her cabin, was 20 percent contained. The fire's incident commander said full containment could be two to four weeks away.
Haberstick said hot and dry conditions were expected to continue, but crews have made progress in containing a 200-acre spot fire that erupted Thursday afternoon north of the Cache La Poudre River, a critical line of defense against northward growth.
"We're hopeful that we will be able to contain it today, but that will be determined by Mother Nature," Haberstick said.
Hmmm.....I wonder if it's really Mother Nature that will determine the outcomes of the fire?

Something Big is About to Happen

Can you sense it?  Have you noticed that those in the body of Christ who have a sensitivity to prophecy has ramped up their urgency?  When you are at sporting events, or anywhere where there is a crowd, do you look around and wonder how many people would vanish if the trumpet blew right then?  Does it feel to you like the more crazy weather, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, mass animal deaths, cannibalism stories, perversion stories, strange groaning sounds, UFO sightings, etc...that there are, that the media and people around us seem to fall further into a deep sleep?

If you do feel some, or all, of the above....take heart, because there are lots of folks who are feeling the exact same thing.

Today, on Rapture Ready there is an article that I believe does a very succinct job of summarizing this feeling that many of us have and then also going through all the signs that are happening with increasing frequency so that we may be encouraged that the Lord is close.

I believe that we are not only in the season of the Lord’s return, but that we are at the very end of that season.

The Bible tells us that in the last days there will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars. We are certainly witnessing a myriad of both rare and spectacular signs in the heaven. The real beauty of these signs is that they are available to mankind all over the world regardless of the language each person may speak. Even more unique is how these signs speaks volumes to the person who looks up in belief, while they are little more than pretty lights in the sky to the spiritually ignorant and those unbelievers who lay claim to the mental superiority of the scientific mind while closing those same minds to the facts which surround them that do not support their feeble hypothesis.

To those who refuse to believe, no amount of proof is sufficient. To those who believe, no proof is necessary.

All of the traditional signs of the last days have not only been in place for many months now, but they also continue to intensify with each passing day. One would expect the rapture of the Church at any moment based upon these signs alone and yet there is something more – much more – that has the world on edge. It is a pervasive feeling that something really big is about to happen. This feeling is exceptionally difficult to define. Christians hopefully look for the return of the Messiah. Many in the New Age Movement look for the Age of Pisces to end on the winter solstice on December 21, 2012, and for the Age of Aquarius to begin as the earth’s equatorial plane aligns exactly with the center of our galaxy. Buddhists look for the return of Maitreya sometime in the very near future. Mayans predict and end of an epoch on December 21, 2012, and a new epoch to begin. The Aztec look for the return of the flying serpent, Quetzalcoatl, sometime around the end of 2012. Aztecs also predict the possible end of time, as we know it, and possibly the end of the world. The I-Ching independently predicts the end to occur on the winter solstice this year. Meanwhile, the Zohar, which is a collection of books in the mystical Jewish Kabbalah from 13th century Spain, talks about the appearance of the Messiah at about this same general time. According to these texts, all of the kings of the world will come together in Rome, which will then be destroyed by God. This closely parallels the prophecy of Saint Malachi, the Bishop of Armagh, who was summoned to Rome in 1139 AD by Pope Innocent II and while there had a vision in which God revealed the 112 future popes, including the last pope, who will come to power and witness the destruction of Rome. Muslims look for the return of the Mahdi, or Twelfth Imam at about this time, while teenagers around the world look for the return of the twelfth season of American Idol.
The entire world is on edge because its inhabitants from every nation and culture feel something. Something that is almost impossible to identify or define.

I strongly recommend you read the entire article here;

Here is a good word picture I got from a book I am reading called, TWILIGHT'S LAST GLEAMING.  The author says something like this; "Let's suppose you had a really good job that you did really well and your boss liked you very much and was very appreciative of everything you were doing for the company.  The job you have happens to be in a place that has bad winters...and you HATE the cold of winter and the short days that it brings.  So one day in the fall, as winter is approaching, your boss comes in and tells you that as soon as the weather drops below freezing for 7 days in a row, he is going to send you to Miami where he has rented you a condo on the beach and all expenses will be paid for a two week winter get away.  Wouldn't you maybe start looking at the coming winter differently?  Wouldn't you start to look at the forecasts and hope the temperature keeps getting colder, and maybe even saying 'drat!' if you saw a sunny day that was coming...because you knew it could delay your Miami trip?  Wouldn't you try and do a great job at work so that when the time came to leave for Miami, your desk would be clean and you would feel very ready to leave?"

Wow.  This earth is growing darker.  Winter is coming.  We don't know at what day or hour the blizzard will arrive and we don't know how many days of sunshine may delay the pending blizzard....but Jesus has promised us that He will never leave us and that He will come for us to take us to a place where we will be eternally joyful to be in His encourage each other with these words and let's be busy doing what the Master has asked.  The time left to do the work may be getting really short....and lot's of people sense it.

Life in a Cashless Society

Bible readers know that a day is coming when everyone on earth will need to take the Mark of the Beast in order to buy or sell anything.  Of course we understand that to mean that cash will be a thing of the past.

So it shouldn't surprise us to start to see articles written by very smart people who are suggesting that the world gets rid of cash.

One major argument for if is that criminals, like drug dealers, human traffikers and prostitutes all use cash to fund their if we get rid of cash...we deal a deadly blow to most criminals.

Author David Wolman says cash is dirty, expensive and should just be pushed off the cliff.

He describes his new book, "The End of Money: Counterfeiters, Preachers, Techies, Dreamers- And The Coming Cashless Society," as a eulogy to these rectangular slips of paper and little metal disks.

But while writing the book, and going without cash for a year, Wolman found that the future of money is about much more than just dollars and cents.

Watch video here;

Friday, June 15, 2012

Steroid Thugs Roaming Syria

According to this article, President Assad has a team of special forces called the "ghost killers".  They are men who have been pumped up on steroids and get paid a fortune to go into towns to murder and mutilate women and children.

Vanishing with the remains of their slaughtered victims, President al-Assad’s pumped up monsters are roaming Syria committing atrocities.

The death squads known as the Ghosts have swooped on villages and massacred women and children – slitting their throats or shooting them at point-blank range.

They disappear with the hacked remains in an effort to cover up their brutality. But experts say there is no mistaking the sickening work of these bearded paramilitary freaks.

They carry out the government’s dirty work so the President can claim the rampages are not state sponsored.

Armed with AK-47s and machetes they travel behind the military. After the army stops shelling towns, the Ghosts swarm in to kill any survivors.

They are each paid around £130 a day, a fortune in Syria. The funds often come from businessmen who support Assad’s regime.


What a nightmare.  Is there anything good that is going to come out of Syria's civil war?  Is there a nice democracy that is going to emerge which will be based on Judeo-Christian values and the 10 commandments?

Of course not.  This place is a train wreck that is heading into the sewer.  Even if the Sunni's were to murder every Shiite in the entire middle east....then one Sunni faction would start warring with another Sunni faction.

What we are witnessing is a couple of Satanic plots (at least two) that are colliding right in the middle of Syria.  The demons of war have been released...and they have a real thirst for blood, rape and mutilation.

This simply won't end unless The West decides it is going to go in with big guns, planes and tanks and attempt to slow it down....or unless Israel nukes the city of Damascus and silences thousands of these demons...for a little while.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

How Much is 7% on $17 Trillion?

I've had a few requests as of late to explain how governments operate with here goes again.

When the U.S. government has no money in their checkbook, they call the U.S. Treasury and say, "Sell some more IOU's!"  The Treasury then prints up some paper called U.S. Treasury Bonds and/or Bills.  Next they publish an auction date, "We will be selling $10 billion worth of 10 year Bonds next Tuesday in New York.  Show up or bid on line."

Remember....all $17,000,000,000,000 are backed by "THE FULL FAITH AND CONFIDENCE IN THE U.S. GOVERNMENT."...meaning they aren't backed by anything but faith.

Now, back to the auction.  On auction day they open the bidding like any auction..."Who'll give us $10 billion in exchange for 5% interest?"  Maybe China raises their hand.  "Who'll give me 4%?"  Maybe then Japan raises their hand.  Maybe J.P Morgan bids it down to 3%...and so on and so on.

Now let's say that the bidding stops and 3% and there are no other outside takers.  HERE IS WHEN THE STRANGE THING HAPPENS.  If the rate isn't as low as the Federal Reserve wants it...they will then raise their hands and bid the interest rate down and buy them all for 1.5%, if that's their targeted rate.

Remember now, the Federal Reserve is not FEDERALLY OWNED PART OF THE GOVERNMENT and they have NO RESERVE.  So they literally just buy them with a promise...and they create the $10 Billion out of thin air with a signature.  Then the Treasury tells the U.S. Government that they now have $10 billion more in their checkbook...which will last for all of two days at current levels of spending.

"Question Dennis....what happens when the Federal Reserve has no more power to "buy" Treasuries and the auction has to go to the highest outside bidder?"

Good question....then Japan may get them for 4%....meaning the U.S. government will have to start transferring money out of the USA and into Japan's checkbook at the rate of 4% per year.

So if interest rates are currently at 1.5% on the $17 Trillion....and we can't balance our budget now....won't that be CATASTROPHIC if the interest rates go back to their long term average of over 6%?

Of course the answer is....yes.  It will be catastrophic...because our interest payments will exceed all of our other expenditures like military, Social security, Medicare, Food stamps, etc...and America will start to fall hard like Greece and soon Spain.

Witness Spain today, which is now close to being an issuer of "junk bonds";

Spain's borrowing costs have risen to another euro-era record, with lenders demanding a higher interest rate.

The yield on benchmark 10-year bonds hit 7% in early trade, a level which many analysts believe is unsustainable in the long term. It later fell back slightly.

It came as Moody's cut Spain's credit rating to one notch above "junk".

It was hoped that the bailout would help calm fears in the financial markets about the strength of Spain's banks and ease Madrid's borrowing costs.

However, Moody's said the eurozone plan to help Spain's banks would increase the country's debt burden.

Germany, the main backer of eurozone bailout funds, has been criticised for its insistence that debt-laden countries must persist with austerity and not be allowed to renegotiate their rescue conditions.

Mrs Merkel also said that world leaders should not "overestimate" Germany's ability to resolve the crisis, saying that the country's options for rescuing the eurozone were "not unlimited".


Could America soon be issuing "junk bonds"?  First Greece, now Spain, Portugal, Cyprus?  Where will it end? 

Tornado Hits Venice, Italy aren't in Kansas anymore.

So what's up?  Isn't Venice the place with all the canals and gondolas?  Tornadoes are almost unheard of in Italy...especially Venice.

The twister, packing wind speeds of up to 140kmh, narrowly missed Venice itself, but caused significant damage to several islands in the surrounding lagoon.
It struck on Monday but the extent of the damage only emerged later, as emergency officials and the deputy mayor of Venice visited the affected area.
Dozens of boats were overturned and a group of 15 sailing students were trapped inside a boat house after its entrance was blocked by a fallen tree.
The tornado swept in from the Adriatic Sea, passing over the long strip of land known as the Lido, where the Venice Film Festival is held.
Photographs and amateur video showed the sky turning an ominous dark grey as the tornado drilled its way across the shallow lagoon.

Tornadoes are rare in Italy. The last one to hit Venice was in 1970, when a vaporetto ferry sank with the loss of 21 lives.


That is rare....they haven't seen a tornado for 42 years!!  I wonder if God is trying to say something?...or if it's just one other "coincidence"?

Greek Apocalypse

The banks in Greece are losing a billion dollars per day as everyone continues pulling out their money as they fear a collapse.  And now they are starting to hoard canned food.

NERVOUS Greeks are withdrawing up to 800 million euros ($1.01 billion) a day and stocking up on canned food as they fear the country will be forced to leave the eurozone after this Sunday's election.   

Greek citizens fear the ramifications of a return to the country’s previous currency, the drachma, if the radical left-wing party and strong election contender SYRIZA wins this weekend.

Bankers said daily withdrawals from the major banks were hitting €500-€800 million ($631.8 million-$1.01 billion), Reuters reported.

Meanwhile, retailers say consumers are stocking up on non-perishable foods like pasta and canned goods.

Greece’s finance minister refused to comment but the country’s labour minister said that Greece should have enough cash to pay pensions at least for July.

If Greece walked away from the euro, the drachma’s value against other currencies would plunge along with the earnings of Greek workers.


So if this is happening Greece today, how about Spain or Italy tomorrow?

Why not America in the not distant future?

"Dennis...this is America!  That could never happen here!  We are the greatest country the earth has ever seen!"

As we have said in the past....I'm sure that's what they were saying in Rome before they fell...and Babylon when the writing was on the wall.

When a nation turns from God...all bets are off as to how long they can last.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Satanic Horde Gathers in Egypt

Whose city is Jerusalem?  God's city.

So who wants it REALLY bad??  Satan.

Who currently has control of Jerusalem?  God's chosen people, the Jews.

So who really wants control of Jerusalem?  The children of the Devil.

Now watch this video;

If Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Mursi became president, Egypt’s new capital will no more be Cairo, but the new capital will be Jerusalem, a prominent Egyptian cleric said at a presidential campaign rally, which was aired by an Egyptian private TV channel.

“Our capital shall not be Cairo, Mecca or Medina. It shall be Jerusalem with God’s will. Our chants shall be: ‘millions of martyrs will march towards Jerusalem’,” prominent cleric Safwat Hagazy said, according to the video aired by Egypt’s religious Annas TV on Tuesday.

It sure appears that a confrontation is coming between the descendants of Isaac and the descendants of Ishmael.

I sure am thankful that God has chosen to reveal the outcome of this fast developing drama.

Joel 3:19
Egypt shall be a desolation, and Edom shall be a desolate wilderness, for the violence against the children of Judah, because they have shed innocent blood in their land.

Hat tip to Angela E.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Israel Warns of Syria's Chemical Weapons

Syria has lots of chemical weapons.  Israel is VERY sensitive about the possibility of any of its citizens being gassed. 

Bashar Assad’s chemical weapon stockpile could fall into the hands of Syrian rebels, which would threaten Israeli national security, Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh warned.

“Syria’s chemical arsenal is the world’s largest, and it possesses missiles that can target the entirety of Israel’s territory,” Naveh said Sunday at a memorial event in Jerusalem honoring soldiers who fell in the Lebanon War.

The IDF “must not cease vigilance,” he said, lest such weapons fall into the hands of terrorist organizations operating in Syria, such as al-Qaeda or Hezbollah.

Naveh’s statements regarding chemical weapons and missiles came shortly after Syrian rebels reportedly commandeered a Syrian air force base near the city of Homs and took possession of a number of surface-to-air missile batteries.

The deputy chief of staff cautioned that the brutality displayed in Syria by the Assad regime against its own citizens could easily be directed toward Israel. ”What the Syrians are doing to their people, they would do to us if they had a chance,” he said.

Of course you can't read this article without thinking about Isaiah 17 and the utter destruction of Damascus.  What will be the event that triggers the ultimate destruction of this city....maybe it's Hezbollah taking over chemicals and threatening Israel with destruction?

Russia's Attack Helicopters in Syria?

This whole Syria thing could turn into a real mess....and possibly sooner than later.  Now we have Hilary sounding the alarm about the Russians getting involved.

WASHINGTON -- Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton charged Tuesday that Russia is sending military attack helicopters to Syria, and warned that the move could escalate the 15-month-old conflict “quite dramatically.”

Russia has denied that President Bashar Assad’s regime is using Russian weapons against its political opponents, but Clinton derided that claim as untrue.

 A Pentagon spokesman, Capt. John Kirby, said he couldn’t confirm Clinton’s information but added, “We know that they are using helicopter gunships now to attack their own people.”

New shipments of Russian attack helicopters, if true, would be a setback for international efforts to scale back a conflict that already has claimed more than 10,000 lives and appears on the verge of civil war. Clinton’s charge is likely to sharpen frictions between the United States and Russia. The Obama administration is seeking Russian diplomatic help on a number of fronts.


Holy escalation!!  If the Russians start sending the Syrian government tools with which to attack, torture and kill their citizens....what will the "civilized" world do at the United Nations? 

I think we need to dispatch the Peace, Love and Joy Coalition from Berkley, CA to Russia so they can talk to Putin and see if they can't get him to see that his unloving actions are a detriment to peace and love.

"Mr. Putin, my name is Everbloom Nelson-Johnson from the PLJ Coalition...thank you for meeting with me today sir.  As you maybe know, we have heard there is some nasty stuff going on in Syria and we at PLJ wanted to make sure that you were aware that President Assad's troops are doing unspeakable things to women and children....even S-E-X ual things, that while we don't have the definition of perversion...suffice it to say we believe they would be classified as unwelcome advances by full grown men...and we wanted to make sure that you knew about these things and in the interest of peace, love, joy and tolerance that you would quit sending bullets to Syria and tell Assad to start acting more loving towards his citizens.  Would you do that?"

Putin to head of KGB...."Is this a joke?  Who are these idiots?  Are these folk clueless how the rules of power work?  Aren't these clowns from the same town that outlawed U.S. Military recruiting stations?"

Monday, June 11, 2012

Recession Erased 40% of Net Worth

There certainly was a falling that took place in America during this current recession.

The Great Recession took such a heavy toll on the economy that the typical American family lost nearly 40% of its wealth from 2007 to 2010, shaving the median net worth to a level not seen since the early 1990s.

The Federal Reserve said in a new report Monday that median family net worth, the point smack in the middle of those richer and poorer, fell to $77,300 in 2010 from $126,400 three years earlier after adjusting for inflation.

The fall came with the collapse in the housing market and massive layoffs that slashed people’s incomes, and the pain was felt by families across the board -- young and old, well-educated and less so, with children or not.

First the dot-com boom collapsed in the year 2000, then the towers collapsed in 2001, then the markets collapsed in 2002, and just when we thought we had the tiger by the tail and everyone was fully invested...the real estate market collapsed in 2007 which led to another stock market correction in 2008.

I wonder if all the falling that we have had in the last decade has anything to do with how far we, as a nation, have fallen from God?

Market Euphoria Fades Fast

Today's news gives us some further hints as to how far down the Ponzi scheme line we actually are.

If you turned on the news this morning at 7 AM you would have seen Good Morning America reporting that markets were "going up everywhere around the world" based on the news that Spain was going to get a bail out.

"Yea!!!!  Someone is going to give Spain some money so they can kick the can down the road for another few months!!!  Let's party and buy some growth stocks because this morning we are so bullish about the wisdom present in the financial arena!!  We knew someone would figure out this financial thing!"

But after everyone came back from lunch, someone must have asked the fateful question, "Hey....who is giving the money to Spain...and where did they get that money?  Does Spain have to pay it back...or is this just more free money someone printed that is going to be worthless someday?"

And once the questions started being asked...the excitement of Spain's bailout had turned to anxiety...and the DOW fell 145 points.

It took less than half a day for the markets to give Spain's bailout the thumbs down. On one level, that is unfair: Unlike previous bailouts, this one came at the end of a relatively calm week, rather than in response to a full-blown panic. And for once, the euro zone is putting the sort of money on the table—as much as €100 billion ($125.2 billion)—that the market has been demanding, raising hopes Madrid now will clean up its banking system once and for all.

But there are too many unanswered questions. How much capital will actually be provided? Which banks will need to be recapitalized? How will the process be managed? The answers won't be known until two independent valuation experts have reported at the end of June.


Yep, simply too many unanswered questions.  Financial markets HATE uncertainty....and lots of folks are looking at the naked emperor and being told he is wearing beautiful clothing...but wondering when someone is going to state the obvious and proclaim that the emperor has no clothes. 

When everyone does realize that Europe is naked....then the crisis could really kick into high gear.