Saturday, June 30, 2018

Leftists Threaten Violence

Here is more evidence that a Civil War may be on the horizon. The liberals are now reminding Conservatives of what they have done in the past when they didn’t get their way.

Notice the foul language that those on the left seem to speak with ease. Profanity seems to be their native tongue.

The left is actually warning the country of bombings.

The left has gone from harassing and abusing Republicans at restaurants to bomb threats in less than one week!

Do you think that being asked to leave a restaurant, or having your meal interrupted, or being called by the public is bad? My fascism-enabling friends, this is only the beginning…
…Read a f*cking history book. Read a recent history book. The U.S. had thousands of domestic bombings per year in the early 1970s. This is what happens when citizens decide en masse that their political system is corrupt, racist, and unresponsive. The people out of power have only just begun to flex their dissatisfaction. The day will come, sooner that you all think, when Trump administration officials will look back fondly on the time when all they had to worry about was getting hollered at at a Mexican restaurant. When you aggressively f*ck with people’s lives, you should not be surprised when they decide to fuck with yours.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

What Will the Rapture Look Like?

If you are excited about the return of Jesus Christ to snatch His bride from this fallen world and take us to the place that he has been preparing for us, you probably will enjoy this article.

Check it out!

More Talk From Prophecy Watchers on UFO's and Aliens

It seems more Bible reading folks are waking up to the Satanic plan to get the world to believe in aliens and UFO's that are coming to earth from far, far away.  Most folks in the world will believe these "aliens" to be a product of evolution, as they believe we are, and are now coming here to help mankind enter a NEW AGE.

In reality, they are simply the age-old demons who are looking to delude mankind in these last days.

Don't be deceived!!

Unidentified flying objects are part of our culture from childhood, and they have been and are today used to influence our thinking whether we realize it or not. From childhood cartoons to motion pictures and TV, they mold how we see and even feel about them.
The 1950’s through the early 2000’s had us labeled as being a touch crazy if we dared to believe in them; they were anything but real – cloud formations, swamp gas – anything, but not real. During that time, the media kept filling our subconscious with imagery of what they should be. Friendly little beings and/ or spooky critters to be avoided were the two views topping the list, but still they were not supposed to be real.
At some point after 2005, the media, governments and executives determined it was time to bend our thinking once again with the idea that they are now, not just real, but also they are our distant brother race that should be looked to for the answers. This is a higher civilization, was the message which came from the flood of data released by country after country from the secret files they had compiled over the years.
All of a sudden it’s public information. The veil of Top Secrecy had been dropped; the files are now in the public domain – well let’s say one part of them, because when you look below the surface they only released a portion of the data and have withheld areas that will remain in the conspiracy theory realm to this day.
Let me mention the secretive areas without going into detail: D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Bases), RFID Implants, Missing People – abductions, missing hardware (ship and planes), and of course entire groups of people being taken at once with no explanation or follow-up investigation.
The information we were allowed to have consists of files verifying sightings and diverse races, but the character and nature of the beings was left up to others with some type of status for them to color in as to whom or what these beings actually could be. The Pope, famous scientists, and even actors play a part in how we are to see these suddenly real beings and the craft they pilot around the planet. My, my, how a little time can change a situation…, or does it?
Within 70 years, we’ve gone from being crazy for believing into, yes, you should believe, but only if you see it our way. No other explanation required, and you’re expected to accept this as is. No deeper digging please; it’s not necessary. The authorities will fill in the blanks as required, so don’t worry; everything is fine and under control. They are a higher power looking to help us with the many problems and troubles we have today. They will have the answers, but we alone will ask the questions.
It is important to see the coincidental timing of those events and the timing of Israel becoming a nation in 1948. Israel is key for keeping track of God’s timetable concerning end-times events.
The tail end of Revelation 12:12 says, “…for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time” (KJV). Timing is key; and it becomes clear to see the powers behind UFO/alien events are also very aware of timing and exactly when things should be released to the public.
“For there shall arise false Christs, and prophets, and they shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect” (Matthew 24:24).
Before our eyes, we are seeing the development of the largest deceptive move ever taken against mankind. A plan so deep and widespread it could stand to fool even the strongest of believers among the Christian community.
While UFO’s and aliens are now a part of the mainstream entertainment cycle, it must be noted that the people releasing the information are also forming the things we believe about them; they have reserved that right and expect you to abide by whatever it is they dictate as facts.
I need to make a notation here, and we need to understand UFO’s and aliens are not unique for spreading the lies; but they are only one part of many means used to communicate false beliefs and demonic doctrines. The message from these so-called “other worldly” beings are cousins to Ouija Boards, Tarot Cards, Palm Readers, Telephone Psychic’s, Séances and even Satan Worshipers; it all depends which size and flavor appeals to you. They have something to meet almost every curiosity and level of interest.
Remember, these beings have been at this for a very long time and have truckloads of experience on how to pull you in and deceive even the finest biblical student. Use Caution; use extreme caution, remembering that the only true means of protection comes through God’s Holy Spirit and remaining grounded in the Full Armour of God (Ephesians 6:11-18).
Within one lifetime, we’ve gone from “don’t you dare believe” into “yes, believe, but only what we tell you.” From death threats if you speak of it into openly published documents for all to review. How can this be? Has anyone wondered how it could change so much in so short a time?
Seeing how the official narrative for UFO’s has not stayed on track, let’s take a look at something that never changed and has never wavered, shall we? Our observation and diligent study are required in order to remain stable and grounded. We are to seek out knowledge and be informed.
  • “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; be therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16).
  • “But if they do not listen, they perish by the sword and die without knowledge” (Job 36:12).
  • “He dies for a lack of discipline, and because of his great folly he is lead astray” (Proverbs 5:23).
  • “The lips of the righteous feed many but fools die for a lack of sense” (Proverbs 10:21).
  • “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children” (Hosea 4:6).
(All scriptures referenced to KJV)
Time after time we are told to be aware, to have knowledge and not to reject the evidences that are right in front of us. It is our duty to know and, likewise, to tell others and not to act lazily but to search out a matter. The greatest act of deception, so far, has been setting its stage to collect the masses, and it clearly is up to Christians living by The Word to spread this knowledge before the deception is fully employed and official disclosure is made.
I will leave it to YouTube and other web pages for you to search out the evidence on the subject—and we have no shortage of those; it could keep you busy for weeks. Most of these are well thought out and insightful, but you’ll still need to use some discretion. Simply search YouTube for “great deception” and you’ll be showered with a cascade of information. Try to stay with the Christian point of view such as Steve Quayle and LA Marzulli. They do a fine job exposing the subject using evidence which is the fruit of their own research; so they have proved it out for themselves, not depending on a supposition but, rather, based on factual evidence.
If you’re aware of this deception, please make sure others within your circle know of it also. If not, please take the time to study it. This is a major event coming to mankind, and it can’t be far off. When we see the other events happening globally and the patterns of how they follow a biblical outline, it becomes obvious we are the last generation which will experience this global deception.
If you’re born-again, it will not include you; but it will impact others you may know that are not yet saved. It is up to you to tell them and warn them of this scheme before it happens so they have an educated chance for survival during the toughest time the earth will ever know.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Is America Heading For a Civil War?

The Bible says, "A nation divided against itself will not stand."  So how long can America keep going when Democrats are comparing Trump supporters to Nazis?  Once a large portion of Americans believe that the other half are Nazis, how long will it be before they feel justified in killing those Nazis?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kirstjen Nielsen experiences at restaurants suggest a 'soft' civil war is well underway. It will get worse unless we learn to stop hating each other.

The other day, author Tom Ricks asked whether we’re heading toward a civil war. "I don’t believe we’re to Kansas of the 1850s yet. But we seem to be lurching ... in that direction,” he wrote.

Ricks was commenting on “What Democratic rage would look like,” a Bloomberg opinion column that quotes political scientist Thomas Schaller as saying, "I think we're at the beginning of a soft civil war. ... I don't know if the country gets out of it whole."

That sounds pretty serious. The column by Francis Wilkinson presents a catalog of things Democrats are mad about — from the existence of the electoral college to Trump’s “propaganda apparatus” — and predicts that if Democrats lose the midterm elections, there will be hell to pay. (And Republicans, you know, could make a similar list of their own complaints.)

“I don't know exactly what that would look like," Wilkinson writes. "But liberals have a great deal of cultural, academic and economic heft, stretching from Hollywood to Harvard. Just this week, someHollywood powerhouses flirted with leveraging their clout against the Trumpist Fox News. There are endless variations on such a power play. If Democrats opt to use their power more aggressively — breaking rules — Schaller's soft civil war hardly seems unlikely.”

The civil war is already starting
Well, actually this sort of thing seems to be well underway. Hollywood has basically turned its products, and its award shows, into showcases for "the resistance." Americans are already sorting themselves into communities that are predominantly red or blue. And in heavily blue Washington, D.C., Trump staffers find that a lot of people don’t want to date them because of their politics.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was even kicked out of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, because the owner and employees disliked her politics. This seems like a small thing, but it would have been largely unthinkable a generation ago.

And, in a somewhat less “soft” manifestation, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was bullied out of a restaurant by an angry anti-Trump mob, and a similar mob also showed up outside of her home.


And what do you suppose would make Americans stop hating each other?  The Bible is clear that as the Last Days progress we can only expect more hatred, violence and animosity.  As Americans turn away from the fear of The Lord and reject his Word...the love of most will grow cold.

Thankfully, we know how the story all ends...and Jesus and His followers all win in the end....but LOTS and LOTS of blood will flow before Christ comes to set up his Kingdom on earth.

How do I know?  Because the Bible tells me so.

Hat tip to James L.

Thousands in Sweden Get Micro-Chipped

Here is one more sign that should help us NOT BE SURPRISED if the trumpet were to blow and Christ collects His bride.

Transhuman Movement Grows As Thousands In Sweden Get Microchipped

The future is coming, and it is going to look very strange. In the past, many authors had raised the possibility of tyrannical governments forcibly microchipping their own populations someday, but what if most of humanity actually embraces this new technology enthusiastically? 

Today, thousands of people in Sweden are eagerly having microchips inserted into their own hands, and it is rapidly becoming a natural part of society. Even in the United States, at one time there was great resistance to the idea of microchipping our pets, but now it is almost universally accepted. 

Personal microchips are being promoted as a way to make routine tasks faster, easier and more convenient, and Swedish "biohackers" are quite thrilled to be on the cutting edge of this new trend...

Thousands of people in Sweden have inserted microchips, which can function as contactless credit cards, key cards and even rail cards, into their bodies. Once the chip is underneath your skin, there is no longer any need to worry about misplacing a card or carrying a heavy wallet. But for many people, the idea of carrying a microchip in their body feels more dystopian than practical.

Some have suggested that Sweden's strong welfare state may be the cause of this recent trend. But actually, the factors behind why roughly 3,500 Swedes have had microchips implanted in them are more complex than you might expect. 

This phenomenon reflects Sweden's unique biohacking scene. If you look underneath the surface, Sweden's love affair with all things digital goes much deeper than these microchips.

Personally, I will never have a microchip inserted into my hand, but others desire to go far beyond something as simple as that. In Sweden, vast numbers of young people have embraced the idea that we can use technology to make humanity better, and that is why most Swedish "biohackers" are also involved in the transhumanist movement...

Swedish biohackers are generally part of the transhumanist movement. And it is the transhumanists - or more specifically the subgroup "grinders" - who have been inserting NFC chips somewhere between the thumb and the index finger of thousands of Swedes. These are the same microchips that have been used for decades to track animals and packages.


Even 10 years ago a person could read Revelation 13 and wonder HOW the Antichrist could FORCE people to take some type of mark to buy or sell anything.  And now we know that the left-behind world will stand in line to voluntarily get the mark.  Sadly, God says any who get that mark will forever forfeit their chance at entering the Kingdom.

Friends, WE are the first generation to have all the technology available to fulfill all the prophesies of the Bible!!  Everything is converging in these past 70 years!

We will NEVER know the day or hour of when our Lord will come for us but with all that is happening for the FIRST TIME EVER, no Bible readers should be surprised if Christ returns soon.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Turkey Elects a Dictator

Turkey continues to move down the road to what Ezekiel 38 has said will happen.

Bible readers can read the news with their Bibles open and see how this coalition is being built right before our very eyes.

LONDON — Turkey entered a new era Monday, but with the same man in charge.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who at 64 has dominated Turkish politics for 15 years, won another five-year term in presidential elections.

With his term comes sweeping new powers under a new constitution that also weakens Parliament and removes the post of prime minister. Erdogan, who critics accuse of adopting increasingly authoritarian tactics, can pick ministers and judges and could seek re-election again, which could keep him in charge until 2028.

“One nation, one flag, one country, one state,” he shouted to cheering supporters after his victory was announced in the early hours.

His nearest opponent, Muharrem Ince, retorted that the country was now ruled by “one man.”

"Turkey has cut off its links with democracy,” Ince said as he conceded defeat with 30.6 percent of the vote against Erdogan’s 52.5 percent.

He added: “This is a new era in Turkey where a very powerful individual, accused of being more and more authoritarian, has extended his powers, and it could end up in a very difficult and unpredictable future.”


According to Ezekiel....Turkey is in line for a VERY predictable future.

Canadian Judge Recognizes Polyamorous Throuple

We have said it all along....if you change the definition of marriage away from ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN there will be no end to the different ideas that people will come up with.

Why not ONE MAN and THREE WOMEN?  Who can disagree?

Why not TWO MEN and THREE WOMEN all engaged in a new "Modern Family"?

Why not ONE WOMAN and her tame ORANGUTAN...who turns out to be 99% human and has "treated her better than any man ever has"?

Today we read the news from Canada.

ST. JOHNS, N.L. — A Canadian judge has ruled that two men who are involved in a polyamorous relationship with a woman who gave birth last year should both be recognized as the child’s parents on his birth certificate.

“Society is continuously changing and family structures are changing along with it,” wrote Justice Robert Fowler of the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court’s family division. “This must be recognized as a reality and not as a detriment to the best interests of the child.”

He said that it would not be in the child’s best interests to deny parental recognition to both men, stating that when lawmakers passed the Children’s Law Act of 1997, which only allows two parents to be named on a birth certificate, they didn’t take into consideration the “now complex family relationships that are common and accepted in our society.”

Presbyterians Go Anti-Israel

It's interesting and sad to watch what happens when groups of people reject most of the Bible. It's even more interesting to see what happens when people who call themselves "Christians" end up rejecting large parts of the Bible.

The Presbyterian Church USA passed several resolutions critical of Israel at its biennal General Assembly.

Among the 11 resolutions on Israel that the assembly dealt with late on Friday was one opposing anti-BDS legislation at the state and federal level, and another referring to Israel as an apartheid state. The assembly also voted against resolutions that it said were not sufficiently critical of Israel because they also mentioned Palestinian Authority transgressions, particularly of the terrorist group Hamas.

The Assembly also passed two resolutions from its Middle East Committee that were not Israel-related, one dealing with the crisis in Syria and one on disengagement from Iran.

A resolution on the recent violence between Gaza rioters and Israeli troops on the border with the coastal strip was stripped of references to the terrorist organization Hamas, which has fomented violence on the border. The amended resolution completely removing Hamas, about which some members of the Middle East Committee expressed misgivings, passed by a vote of 438-34, according to the Presbyterian Outlet news service.

The Assembly approved by a vote of 442-18 a measure urging Presbyterians to “reach out in open, truthful dialogue with Jewish colleagues,” to discuss the issue of the Israel-Arab conflict.

A resolution that calls on RE/MAX LLC to stop handling property sales in Israeli towns in Judea and Samaria passed by a vote of 393-55.

The Assembly also voted against a resolution that would have ended the church’s classification of Israel as a “colonial project.” It also voted down a resolution “For the Protection of the Children of Israel and Palestine,” saying it conflates the treatment of Arab children under the rule of the Palestinian Authority and of Hamas in Gaza and does not focus enough on Israel’s alleged mistreatment of PA children.

The American Jewish Committee condemned the Assembly for the resolutions. “The Church remains obsessively critical of Israel in its national utterances,” AJC’s director of Interreligious and Intergroup Relations, Rabbi Noam Marans, said in a statement. “For many years and in myriad ways, the PCUSA has gone beyond legitimate criticism of Israel and embraced demonization of the Jewish state.”


It's amazing to me how many Christians, many of which may actually be born again, have bought into "replacement Theology".  In their minds, God is DONE with the nation of Israel.  They totally reject the idea that Ezekiel 37 clearly speaks of God regathering the Jews from the nations all over the world and bringing them back to the Promised Land.

In their minds God has taken all the promises he made to Israel for the Last Days and pasted them onto The Church.  This seems delusional to me...which shouldn't surprise us.

Ezekiel 37
11 Then he said to me: “Son of man, these bones are the people of Israel. They say, ‘Our bones are dried up and our hope is gone; we are cut off.’ 12 Therefore prophesy and say to them: ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: My people, I am going to open your graves and bring you up from them; I will bring you back to the land of Israel.

‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land. 22 I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel.