Friday, June 6, 2014

Civil War Coming for France?

What happens when numerous Muslims move into a country and have no plans to assimilate to their host country?  You end up with "no-go zones" where non-Muslims are not welcome and where even the police won't go to enforce the nation's laws. Places where non-Muslims will be beaten and harassed.

France is currently reaping the consequences of allowing millions of Muslims to move into their country.  The government is even paying to renovate a Muslim mosque that is called "Conquest".

Watch this video here;

How long can a nation stand that is divided within itself?

Hat tip to James L.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

50% of Americans Can't Afford Their House

I hate to sound like a broken record....but America is headed for financial trouble.  The signs are everywhere...but many of us are too busy buying stuff and entertaining ourselves to see them.

Here is just one more sign;

As the housing market slowly recovers, a majority of homeowners and renters are finding it hard to meet rising rents and mortgage payments, new research finds.

Over half of Americans (52%) have had to make at least one major sacrifice in order to cover their rent or mortgage over the last three years, according to the “How Housing Matters Survey,” which was commissioned by the nonprofit John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and carried out by Hart Research Associates. These sacrifices include getting a second job, deferring saving for retirement, cutting back on health care, running up credit card debt, or even moving to a less safe neighborhood or one with worse schools.

“Affordability issues are real and a major hurdle,” says Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the National Association of Realtors, an industry group. Home prices have increased 20% over the past two years while wages have barely gone up, he says. “Only by adding more new supply, via housing starts, can home prices be tamed,” Yun adds. In fact, construction of housing units has averaged around 1.5 million a year for the past five decades, he says, but it’s likely to be less than 1 million in 2014.

What’s more, at least 15% of American homeowners (or residents of 78 counties across the country) were living in housing markets where the monthly mortgage payment on a median-priced home requires more than 30% of the monthly median household income — long considered the maximum for rent/mortgage repayments. Housing costs above that threshold are “unaffordable by historic standards,” says Daren Blomquist, vice president at real estate data firm RealtyTrac. In New York county/Manhattan, mortgage payments represent 77% of the median income and in San Francisco County represents 70%.

But they’re still suffering the aftershocks of the property bust, experts say. In the years after the recession of 2008, more than 7.5 million homeowners lost their home to foreclosure or short sale and about 9 million more homeowners are still underwater and owe more than their property is worth, Blomquist says. “If one looks at the last seven years as a predictor of housing market behavior in the future, it certainly should give one pause about whether buying a home is a good investment or not,” he adds.


How many of us live in massive homes with dining rooms we seldom use, bedrooms that just end up being storage lockers for all our "stuff"...and then pay enormous utility bills to heat them all winter and huge upkeep by the end of the month we end up "house poor".

Sadly, the American Dream has led people to believe that they really aren't worth much if they don't own their own homes.  Since we all want to achieve our "dreams"...many end up way out over their skis in houses they can't afford...or in apartments they can't afford.

This push-cycle of lenders lending money to people to push them into houses they can't afford is what led to the almost collapse of our economy in 2008.

The Bible tells us to seek God first...and then He will make our paths straight.  Of course America and Americans would be in better financial health if we lived by God's principals...instead of following the American Dream...which has nothing to do with the Bible.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

12 yr Old Girls Stab Their Friend

I heard one prophecy watcher on the radio say that the doors of hell are coming open because of the lateness of the day and the nearness of The we shouldn't be surprised to see more and more stories that appear to come right from the depths of hell.

Today we find another.

It seems some 12 yr old girls in Wisconsin stabbed their best friend 19 times because they believed if they killed her they could go live in the forest with a demon named Slender Man.

WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) — Prosecutors say two 12-year-old southeastern Wisconsin girls stabbed their 12-year-old friend nearly to death in the woods to please a mythological creature they learned about online.

Both girls were charged as adults with first-degree attempted homicide Monday in Waukesha County Circuit Court; they each face up to 60 years in prison if convicted. A court commissioner set bail at $500,000 cash per child. According to a criminal complaint, the girls had been planning to kill their friend for months and finally made the attempt in a park on Saturday morning, after a slumber party.

One of the girls told a detective they were trying to become "proxies" of Slender Man, a mythological demon-like character they learned about on, a website about horror stories and legends. They planned to run away to the demon's forest mansion after the slaying, the complaint said.

The victim suffered 19 stab wounds; one missed a major artery near her heart by a millimeter, doctors told police. She was in stable condition Monday. The court documents did not provide her name.

Both girls appeared in court wearing shackles and jail jumpsuits. They were surrounded by sheriff's baliffs, who towered over them. Family members of one of the girls wept openly as reporters snapped photographs. The other girl's family sat stone-faced.

According to the criminal complaint, one of the girls told an investigator they began planning to kill their friend in December. The other girl told police they decided to kill her so they could become proxies of Slender Man, who would accept them and let them live with him in his mansion in the Nicolet National Forest.

The other girl said she sees Slender Man in her dreams. She said he watches her and can read her mind and teleport.

"It's extremely disturbing as a parent and as chief of police," Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack said at a news conference ahead of the court appearances Monday.

The girls invited their friend to a slumber party on Friday evening, the complaint said. They planned to kill her during the night so they wouldn't have to look into her eyes, one girl told police, and then run away. They decided to put it off, but the next day, during a hide-and-seek game in a wooded park, they attacked their friend with a knife. One girl told the other to "go ballistic, go crazy," according to the complaint.

The victim began to scream that she hated them and started stumbling away, one of the girls told police.

The girls left the victim lying in the woods. She crawled to a road where a bicyclist found her lying on the sidewalk. Police arrived and she gave them the name of one of the girls who attacked her.

She was rushed into surgery, police said.


So let's review;  some young girls are on the internet and come across a satanic demon.  He starts whispering to them, appearing in their dreams and basically coercing them to murder...with a promise that if they do it they can both come to live with him in his forest castle!

Does that sound like a story right from the pits of hell?  Is Satan alive and well??  How many people in this nation do you suppose know how to put on the full armor of God?  How many have been led to believe, even by our mainstream churches, that Satan isn't there is no longer any reason to worry about spiritual warfare...or believe that Satan wants to snatch our kids?

How often will stories like this be repeated before Christ comes for His bride?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Moral Decline in America

Most of us have probably realized how quickly the morality in America has been in decline.  Just a handful of years ago the majority of Americans were FOR marriage being between one man and one woman.  Now, of course that chart has flipped.

A decade ago, porn was considered shameful and something that was only done in a bad part of the city...or something that was delivered in your mail wrapped in brown paper.  You would have been embarrassed for your neighbor to see it.  Today, porn has gone so mainstream that people can openly joke about it...and there is no more shame in saying, "Porn? what?  Everyone does it!"

A few decades ago there would have been great shame when a High School girl got pregnant.  Most likely she would have been pulled from school and sent to a girl's home in New Mexico and then would have come home a year later after the baby had been given up for adoption.

Today the Yearbooks of High Schools across America openly celebrate their pregnant students!  Any shame??  Nope!  Looks like fun!  Some even brag they are living with the babies father!  Wonderful!!

Consider these statistics of Christianity in America: Eighty-four percent of the inhabitants of this nation say they believe in the deity of Jesus Christ, according to Barna Group, and 45 percent claim to be born-again Christians. Other studies show it is closer to 33 percent.

Either way, these numbers are high. Seventy-seven percent believe their chances of going to heaven are excellent. Thirty-three percent believe one day everyone will go to heaven. Yet America has the highest percentage of single-parent families in the industrialized world, the highest abortion rate, the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases, the highest rate of teenage birth by far, the highest rate of teenage drug use and the largest prison population per capita than any country in the world.

Consider also the great moral decline of the last generation (50 to 60 years) and these telling statistics in America. The divorce rate has doubled, teen suicide has tripled, reported violent crime has quadrupled, the prison population has quintupled, the percentage of babies born out of wedlock has risen sixfold, couples living together out of wedlock have increased sevenfold, and gay marriage is now a legalized reality in a number of states, with many believing the end is not in sight.

In this past generation, we have experienced an overwhelming increase in lawlessness, permissiveness and selfishness, even among Christians. Moral actions that were unthinkable a few decades ago are now commonplace—Christian leaders indulging in sexual sin and grossly immoral scandals, addicted to pornography and accompanied by an exploding divorce rate have greatly factored in the rapid decrease of morals in the American church. And as the church goes, so goes the world. In fact, the results of a survey among young American adults showed that the percentage who follow biblically based values for living has now dropped from 65 percent to a mere 4 percent since World War II.

There has never been a society in the history of mankind whose moral values have deteriorated so dramatically, in such a short period of time, as those of Americans in the last 50 years. And so far it shows no sign of stopping. These statistics are eye-opening, and they serve to warn us that something is terribly wrong with our brand of Christianity. They reveal how poorly the church has communicated the true gospel to mainstream America, and thus the reason for so much deception in our culture.

When the rich man died and went to Hades (Luke 16:19-31), he was surprised to find himself there. In the Jewish culture, they equated wealth with godliness, so this man thought God favored him. The common thought, especially among the Jews, was if you were blessed financially, then you were a good person and therefore favored by God and on your way to heaven. This also explains the disciples' astonishment when Jesus told them how hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven (Matt. 19:23-25).

Similarly, there was a church in Laodicea (Rev 3:14-22) who, due to their wealth, thought they too had attained God's favor. Jesus expressed great disapproval over their spiritual condition as well, which they were totally unaware of. They were deceived.

Are you in touch with your true spiritual condition? Or are you allowing the pop culture around you to dictate your standards? Are you conforming to the world's standards or to the Bible? Are you deceived? How can a nation of people among whom a large percentage claims to be born-again Christians experience the kind of degradation the above statistics reveal? Such deception is the state of America today, and the above statistics reveal the fruit of it.

The problem has been that the real gospel has not been preached nor lived. Both the profession and the practice of many so-called Christians in this nation have not matched up. Our substandard message has produced substandard believers. Our departure from the preaching of the cross, repentance, holiness, and the real empowering grace of God has increased the level of deception in the church. How else can we explain the disparity of the above statistics in the church and the nation?

But what is really at the root of this deception? This is what we need to carefully discern. In one word, it is humanism—the glorification of self. Humanism has crept into much of the modern-day church and is diluting the power of the real gospel. 


Did you catch that??  There has NEVER been a society in the history of mankind whose moral values have deteriorated so rapidly!!

Wow!!  That's really saying something!

Humanism is the cause, says the author...and I would agree.

The world says to "Follow your heart!  Follow your dreams!!  You are wonderful!  Your heart will never lead you astray!!  You can do all things if you put your heart to it!!  You DESERVE to be happy! Mother Earth created you just as you are...and no change is necessary!"

But God tells us that we are wicked to the core.  All men have the capacity for extreme evil.  Who can know the human heart?...because it is so evil.  We constantly do wrong.  We constantly choose selfishness over selflessness.  We are so disgusting and so full of sin that the ONLY way we can be in the presence of God our creator is to be BORN AGAIN!  We need to be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and filled with his Holy Spirit to change our default...which is hell.

As Americans turn more godless every day and as they reject the message of the Gospel...we can expect morality to continue to drop into the toilet.  How much worse can it get?  I have no idea.

"But Dennis...just because YOU have one set of morals doesn't mean they are right!  Some cultures value their homosexuals!  Some cultures value polygamy!  Some cultures think its a virtue for older men to teach the young girls about sex!  Some cultures have valued extra-marital sex as an enriching life experience! Who are you to judge?  Judge not lest ye be judged!!"