Friday, February 24, 2017

Monogamy Goes Against Nature

If the liberals accomplish their total agenda, traditional marriage of one man and one woman will be totally destroyed.  And yes, that means that polygamy and/or marriagelessness will be totally accepted and celebrated.

According to the liberal mind, humans are just slightly more evolved animals.  So if a bull can breed as many cows as he can fight for and a monkey can breed as many females as will let him.....why should a man or woman of the human species be restricted by some cultural, man-made rule like monogamy?

And today we find a Hollywood starlet suggesting as much....and she is backed up by a sociologist!

 Actor Scarlett Johansson caused ripples of controversy following her comments about the nature of marriage for Playboy Magazine.

I think the idea of marriage is very romantic; it’s a beautiful idea, and the practise of it can be a very beautiful thing. I don’t think it’s natural to be a monogamous person.

The topic of monogamy is heaving with contradictory ideas; the traditional form of marriage, between one man and one woman, has given way to unions between partners of the same sex.

LGBT campaigns across the world are compelling a growing number of countries to accept gay marriage as the norm.

And yet the idea of alternative relationship forms – such as having multiple partners – continues to suffer under intense scrutiny.

In the animal kingdom, having multiple sexual partners allows for the maximum proliferation of genes (for male animals), and increases the chance of conception in female animals, as well as produces offspring varied enough to resist certain illnesses. 

Reaching into our past yields yet more knowledge: writing in Nature Communications, researchers argued that polygamy was a normal practise until humans changed from hunter-gatherer to a farming style of living. After that point, monogamy was socially enforced.

The reasons why vary- a Marxist view of history argues that monogamy became a way to keep property in the family by passing it down from man to man through inheritance. 

Another possible reason monogamy developed is a way to combat sexually transmitted diseases which in large polygamous groups spread quickly.

But is monogamy natural, or is it a social construct?

Sociologist Catherine Hakim, author of Honey Money: The Power of Erotic Capital told indy100 that it's more about how attractive one is perceived to be. 

The idea that every man gets one woman and every woman gets one man is popular because of [the idea of] patriarchy.

Professor Hakim identifies the existence of a particular kind of social hierarchy – the ones at the top attract a higher portion of partners.

People like Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence and George Clooney. People who are living on the top of the hierarchy can see life in a very different way. 

Physical attractiveness is the currency. 

According to Hakim, women are much more 'sophisticated' about their attractiveness, and can take steps to maximise it when need be. Men, on the other hand, tend to live in their heydays - assuming attractiveness in their youth will carry over as they age. 

And although women seem to be much more aware of their assets in the world of capitalism, patriarchy remains. 

Men still have control. Patriarchy still rules. They insist in being in control. It's an illusion to think because women are coming up, that we've broken control. 

People who are most attractive or wealthiest are most likely to have affairs. Now it’s more democratic – anyone who is super attractive or super wealthy can indulge themselves.

Remember friends, if you disagree with evolution being the answer to all life on earth....the liberals will call you an idiot.  If you disagree with men being allowed to marry other men and adopt children...the liberals will call you a homophobe.

And if you still cling to the idea that one man should marry one woman and stay faithful to each other til death do you may soon be called a polyphobe, a sexist or a bigot.

It would seem that in America the godless atheists are becoming more vocal and more apparent.

How much longer can they coexist with God-fearing Americans who believe that marriage exists because God says so?  And God says marriage is one man with one woman til death parts them.

Marriage is supposed to be an earthly example of Jesus and His bride (the church) being held fast by God the father.  No wonder the liberals despise it.

Matthew 19
4 “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? 6 So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Witches Teaming Up to Cast Spell on Trump

Donald Trump has so upset the liberal-globalists that now even the witches are teaming up to throw spells at him.

Witches around the world are planning to cast a spell on Donald Trump tomorrow night. A document detailing the witches’ plan to bind Trump to all who encourage or assist him in wrongdoing has been circulating among witch groups online, and even non-witches are encouraged to participate. There’s even a Facebook page where anti-Trump witches can share their tips and tactics.

The witchiness is set to take place at the stroke of midnight Friday, February 24, which is a waning crescent ritual day. It will be repeated each waning crescent ritual day—March 26, April 24, May 23, June 21, and so on—until Trump leaves office. The rite will supposedly be most effective on June 21, as that’s also the summer solstice.

For those hoping to participate and harness your inner Craft, you’ll need an unflattering picture of Trump, a Tower tarot card, a bit of an orange candle, a pin or small nail, small bowls of both water and salt, a feather, matches, and an ashtray. If you don’t have an orange candle—because who does?—you can also use a baby carrot.

Once you have all those ingredients, you’ll just have to inscribe “Donald J. Trump” on the candle or carrot using the pin or nail, arrange the rest of the items in a circle, and start reciting a banishing ritual that includes lines like,
I call upon you / To bind / Donald J. Trump / So that he may fail utterly / That he may do no harm / To any human soul / Nor any tree / Animal / Rock / Stream / or Sea. Bind him so that he shall not break our polity / Usurp our liberty / Or fill our minds with hate, confusion, fear, or despair / And bind, too, / All those who enable his wickedness / And those whose mouths speak his poisonous lies.

As one might expect, Christian Trump supporters have picked up on the witches’ plans and plan to pray en masse in an effort to zero out the charm’s effects. According to—a site that’s proudly anti-Islam, anti-Communism, and anti-liberalism—“The closer we [the Christian right] come to reclaiming this land from the hands of the godless the more agitated and irrational the Left becomes. This ritual is an extension of the riots and physical assaults which [sic] have plagued the US since the election. It all stems from the same spiritual sickness.” The site asks for interested parties to “join us in praying for the strength of our nation, our elected representatives and for the souls of the lost who would take up Satanic arms against us.”

As a reminder, Trump has just completed his first month in office. Only 47 more to go, you guys.

I'm going to take a wild guess that most witches vote Democrat.

Let's remember to double our prayer efforts for POTUS Trump tonight and see if we can't put a hedge of angels around him to protect him from this satanic attack.

If you haven't already, read my previous post about angelic protection.

Angelic Protection

Some of you may already get Greg Laurie's daily devotion, but for those who don't, I will cut and paste the one from today.

I have heard numerous stories over the years about Christians being protected by a literal hedge of angelic soldiers, and Pastor Laurie tells of another one.

Here is a link to it;

Angelic Protection

The angel of the LORD encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them.

—Psalm 34:7

John G. Patton was a missionary based in the New Hebrides Islands with his wife and children. One night, hostile natives surrounded the mission station, determined to murder him and his family. First they planned to burn them out, and then they intended to kill them. Throughout that terror-filled night, Patton and his wife prayed that God would deliver them. And when daylight came, they were surprised to find their attackers had left.

A year later, the chief of the tribe that had intended to kill the Pattons became a Christian. So Patton asked the chief what happened on the night they had planned on killing them and why they turned back.

The chief said, “Who were all those men you had with you there?”

Patton knew of no men who were with him. The chief went on to explain how they saw hundreds of big men in shining garments around the mission station, so they were afraid to attack.

Could this be a modern-day example of angelic protection in the life of a Christian? Quite possibly. Certainly the Bible teaches that angels were involved in the lives of God’s people and continue to be involved to this present day.

Psalm 34:7 gives us this great promise: “The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them.” And Hebrews 1:14, describing angels, says, “Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?”

In other words, God is saying that He has sent His angels to minister to us as believers. He has sent them to protect us and, when we are in a difficult situation, to even deliver us. And when that day comes for us to go and meet the Lord, they will usher us into the presence of God.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

American Society Headed For a Breaking Point

Every day now we are greeted with the news stories of angry liberals disrupting government, colleges, oil pipelines, police offices and anything else THEY FEEL is not to their liking.

The division is deep in this country and the liberals simply can't accept the fact that they put forth a really bad candidate by the name of Hillary and SHE LOST to a political neophyte who tweets and says politically incorrect things.

If business people such as Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank must apologize for their conservative views for fear of losing business, this is not liberalism and certainly not pluralism. This is tyranny.

A little over a week ago, Bill O’Reilly of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News slammed the twisted reporting of the deportation of illegal immigrants who were convicted felons, showing how the media portrayed them as innocent “maids, moms, and shopkeepers.” He said that this exemplifies how the media coverage of President Trump is beyond biased; it is “blatant dishonesty.” Mr. O’Reilly, whose program is “routinely the highest-rated show of the three major US 24-hour cable news television channels,” concluded the item declaring, “There is a radical element [the radical left] in this country that wants to destroy it. If this continues, there will be a breaking point.”

As harsh as this threat sounds, judging by the relentless attempts of the Democrats to sabotage Trump’s efforts to man key positions, the media’s slew of warped and made up stories purporting to prove the president’s incompetence, through the army of on-the-ground agitators that Obama’s Organizing for Action has dispatched in order to disrupt every town-hall meeting in the country and create the pretense that the nation is with the Democrats, it seems that there is indeed a war against the president on multiple fronts.

It is not a question of policy; it is a question of identity. Donald Trump recently deported 680 convicted criminals, and the media was up in arms over the deportation of “innocent people,” as they called them. Where was the media when Obama, to whom immigrants referred as “Deporter-in-Chief,” drove out 2.5 million people during his tenure, the majority of whom were without any criminal record? And where was the outcry when it became known that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, sold one fifth of US uranium to Russia, and that she and her husband, Bill Clinton, personally profited from the deal?

The media were silent because Obama and Clinton were the guardians of power for a small ruling elite that wants to dominate the US. A president who does not comply with their dictates does not serve their interests and there is no telling what they will do to remove him from office. For now, they are using a bogus, humanistic agenda such as caring for the immigrants and backing the Obamacare program to promote their goal of ousting Trump, but there is no reason to believe that they will stop there.

Yet, the American society has denied the legitimacy of “other parties,” as Buber put it. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” said British Liberal MP Sir John Dalberg-Acton. Liberalism has been the sole “legitimate” agenda for decades now, but instead of using it to create a vibrant arena of views that invigorate one another, it has become a stifling mechanism by which anyone who contradicts what the media deems true is shamed and bullied. If business people such as Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank feel that they must apologize for stating their honest, very mildly conservative views for fear of losing business, this is no longer liberalism and certainly not pluralism. This is tyranny. Beneath a guise of free speech, America has become a fascist country, where only one view is permitted.

But if “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” then this is to be expected. “The inclination of man's heart is evil from his youth” (Gen 8:21) is not merely a verse from the Torah. It is who we all are. This is why rulers need the media to monitor them, and why the media needs to be kept genuinely free and pluralistic.

This is not the situation in America. Neoliberalism, which has destroyed Europe through immigration, and nearly destroyed the US by eliminating its middle class, has been the sole ruling agenda in the US for decades. It serves the interests of the small elite group of magnates who control the American economy, the media, and thereby the government, all the way up to the White House. They determine what is reported and what is not, who is defamed and who is glorified. By controlling the media, they have dominated public discourse, public opinion, and have avoided criticism. This is ingenious, but deadly to society.

Their best interest is not the best interest of the American people. They aspire for world domination. Through proxies such as Obama and Clinton, they “removed” Arab leaders such as Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, and Bashar Assad, destroyed their countries, and created an influx of migrants into Europe. It is not that these Middle Eastern tyrants are or ever were anything to admire, but if you look at Iraq, Libya, and Syria today, would it not have been better for their people if their tyrants had remained in place, rather than the ruin, death, hunger, and terrorism that is their daily reality today?

If the people driving the “liberal” agenda in Europe maintain control over their governments, it will not be long before Europe accepts Sharia law. As this sad story of a forced child marriage shows, this is already happening, but it will spread much faster if they succeed.


Last week we posted the article by Charlie Daniels warning of Civil War if America keeps moving along this dangerous track.  Maybe these are the early warnings that there are some serious tears in our social fabric?

For now, the liberals will have to be content screaming, crying, ranting and complaining....because MOST of the police, border patrol and military preferred to vote for Trump when given the choice of Trump or Hillary.  Also MOST of the gun owners in America are conservatives.  So if the liberals want to start a shooting war...they better learn something about the 'bad guns" that they worked so hard to control over these past 8 years.

UFO Sightings at an All Time High

Yes, the demons do seem to be busy...if you believe the findings in this article, it seems that Americans are the most frequent to report UFO sightings.

UFO sightings have reached an all-time high, according to statistician Sam Monfort.

Monfort collated sightings recorded by the National UFO Reporting Centre, a US organisation that records sightings worldwide, from the beginning of the 20th century.

And there's been a bit of an upward trend...


Interestingly though, Sam has observed that spotting of flying saucers have been on the downturn, despite the rise in sightings over all.

Maybe extraterrestrials have just upgraded? 

In terms of geography, Sam says that the US seems to be the most prone to UFO sightings all year round.

The States actually report 300 times as many sightings than the the global average, according to his calculations. 

If you want to look at all Sam's awesome data, head over to this website, where there are also breaks downs of sightings by State and other great graphs.


If there is STRONG DELUSION coming for America and the world in the near future....certainly Americans have ingested enough Hollywood-alien-movies and TV Shows that they are very ripe to believe anything these "aliens" would tell them.

Remember, we do not believe that "aliens" from dozens of light years away are visiting us in their warp-drive space ships.  On the contrary, it is very obvious to us, and many other Bible readers, that these are demonic apparitions and manifestations.

The fact that any and all of these "aliens" will and do vanish when the name of Jesus is invoked is further proof that they are are actually demons in disguise who MUST flee at the name of God's only Son.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

USA Slams UN for Anti Israel Bias

It would appear that USA is going to stand with Israel...which is a HUGE turn around since Trump took over.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley gave a very strong statement condemning the United Nations for their anti-Israel bias and double standards against America’s Middle East ally. She made her comments to the press shortly after attending her first Security Council meeting Monday.
“The first thing I want to do is talk about what we just saw in there,” Haley began. “The Security Council just finished its regular monthly meeting on Middle East issues. It’s the first meeting like that that I’ve attended, and I have to say it was a bit strange.”

The Security Council is supposed to discuss how to maintain international peace and security. But at our meeting on the Middle East, the discussion was not about Hezbollah’s illegal build-up of rockets in Lebanon. It was not about the money and weapons Iran provides to terrorists. It was not about how we defeat ISIS. It was not about how we hold Bashar al-Assad accountable for the slaughter of hundreds and thousands of civilians. No, instead, the meeting focused on criticizing Israel, the one true democracy in the Middle East. I am new around here, but I understand that’s how the Council has operated, month after month, for decades.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Virus Could Kill Millions

The Bible says there will be pestilence in the Last Days.

Today we find Bill Gates making a horrendous prediction.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has told world leaders to prepare for the worst, with a genetically engineered virus on the way which could wipe out large swathes of the population – yet there is no preparation for it, he added.
The billionaire businessman-turned-philanthropist told an audience at the Munich Security Conference that “the next epidemic has a good chance of originating on a computer screen,” implying that terrorists are turning to modern technology to impose danger on the world.
An outbreak is on the horizon, he warned, and urged the powers that be around the globe “to prepare for these epidemics the same way we prepare for war.”
His co-panellist, Erna Solberg, the prime minister of Norway, agreed with Mr Gates reckoning, saying: “Disease and violence are killing fewer people than ever before, but it's spreading more quickly.

It's difficult to post from my iPad and will be on it for next few days so I will most likely be a little less verbose than usual.