Thursday, March 27, 2014

Arab Summit Rejects Israel as Jewish State

Here is the latest news coming from the 3000 year old feud between the sons of Ishmael and the sons of Isaac.

Arab Summit Rejects Recognizing Israel as Jewish State

KUWAIT CITY — Arab leaders say they will continue to regard Israel as an illegitimate state and have put all blame for troubled peace efforts on the Israelis as the 25th Arab League Summit in Kuwait City concluded Wednesday.

This year’s meeting was marked by deepening divisions among member countries, but a united stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was always expected.

Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry undersecretary Khaled al-Jarallha read out a final communiqué at the summit’s close, saying “the Palestinian cause remains at the center of our concerns in the Arab world."

The body condemned Israeli settlement expansion and what it calls the desecrating of Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem.

“We hold Israel entirely responsible for the lack of progress in the peace process and continuing tension in the Middle East,” the declaration said.  “We express our absolute and decisive rejection to recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.”

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been demanding Palestinian leaders give such recognition during the current peace talks.

Arab leaders also expressed their “utter solidarity for the Syrian people,” and urged President Bashar al-Assad to halt all military action.

They endorsed a peaceful solution to Syria's civil war, despite a call at the summit from opposition Syrian National Coalition leader Ahmad al-Jarba for the international community to provided sophisticated weapons to rebels.


If it wasn't so sad, it's almost comical....THEY HOLD ISRAEL ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE for the lack of progress in the peace process!!!

I suppose they also hold Israel responsible for the ignorance, hatred, murder, killing and terrorism that Arab Muslims have foisted upon the world.

Let me guess...they also hold Israel responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks...and probably also hold them responsible for the murders in Syria...and the uprisings in Libya and Tunisia.

Oh well...none of this should surprise us.  Not until the Prince of Peace returns will the region have TRUE PEACE.

Until then, we all need to keep writing our Congressmen and President and tell them to support Israel.  Remind them that even the Arabs that live in Israel and are citizens of Israel want NO PART in becoming residents of some proposed Arab state called PALESTINE.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Is Psalm 83 Really Prophesying a War?

Some years ago I got my hands on Bill Salus' book called ISREALESTINE.   The premise of the book is looking at Psalm 83 and then reading today's headlines.  When you see the tribes surrounding Israel 3000 years ago...and then look and see what nations are currently bordering's pretty darn interesting.

Now, here is the rub that has divided the prophecy watchers;  One school of thought says that Psalm 83 IS NOT a prophecy but is a prayer written by Asaph begging the Lord to come and wipe out the enemies of Israel that were taunting Asaph...BUT...the Lord never it is NOT a prophecy and DOES NOT have to happen.

Here is author, Tommy Ice, defending this position.

Tommy Ice's Response to a Psalm 83 War

My problem with the Psalm 83 theory by Bill Salus is that Psalm 83 first of all does not contain a prophecy. It's an individual lament psalm, or a national lament, written by Asaph.

Asaph was complaining 3,000 years ago about the enemies that surround Israel. I'll admit that when you read it you'd think you are reading about the modern situation in Israel, which shows that in 3,000 years things really haven't changed. It's basic Anti-Semitism.

In some of the lament psalms, like Psalm 79 for example, you have the Lord answering a request. He will then give a prophecy about what He is going to do in response. In Psalm 83, you don't have the Lord answering it. Therefore, there's just an assumption that there's going to be a battle behind Asaph's request. There may or may not be.

Psalm 83 does not contain a prophecy. It just contains the lament or the complaint that Asaph is giving.

Secondly, when you look at the parallel passages (well, they are not really parallel), but those that mention the 10 nations or people groups that wish to destroy Israel that are mentioned in Psalm 83, these are also mentioned by the prophets later on. If you want to look at the development of Old Testament prophecy in any detail relating to Israel, you have to start with the book of Deuteronomy. It has an outline of prophecy. You really don't have much prophecy being given until the prophets come in after the Psalms and they start fleshing out this problem with Israel's enemies.

For example, you have Psalm 2. That is the psalm where it says, "kiss the son less he be angry... why are the nations in an uproar?" Later on in the prophetic books, when we learn the outline of Israel's prophecy, you realize that Psalm 2 which was given 3,000 years ago fits into the idea of the Tribulation. These nations are going up against God and He is going to judge them in the Tribulation.

The context of the judgment of the nations is going to be at Armageddon basically, in other words in conjunction with the Tribulation. If there's going to be an actual fulfillment of Psalm 83, these other prophetic books talk about the judgment of those people groups in conjunction with the Second Coming, when Jesus is going to judge the nations. That is the very purpose of the Tribulation. In fact, Isaiah 24-26 talks about the judgments of the nations for their rejection of God.

Therefore, I think the idea that there's got to be a Psalm 83 War to set up the peace for the Gog & Magog War described in Ezekiel 38 & 39 is built on speculation... 

And now here is Bill Salus defending the position that Psalm 83 IS A PROPHESIED WAR and IT IS SOMETHING WE CAN EXPECT may happen in the near future.

Bill Salus' Defense of a Psalm 83 War

I do also agree with him that Psalm 83 is a prayer of lament, also called an imprecatory prayer. Asaph is calling upon the Lord to intervene and he is beseeching God to deal with His adversaries.

But, where I think Thomas Ice falls short is seeing the prophetic aspects within Psalm 83. He thinks it's just a prayer of lament and not a real prophecy.

Let's start with 2 Chronicles 29:30. Hezekiah says he commends the Levites to sing the praises of King David and Asaph who is the author of the psalm and he calls him — a seer. The Hebrew word is clearly talking about a beholder of visions, or in other words, a prophet. Asaph wrote 12 psalms, and Psalm 83 is one of the most prophetic of his psalms. Asaph was a prophet.

King Hezekiah would have been very interested in and would have known that Asaph was a prophet, because among the confederacy that Asaph talks about in Psalm 83 is a member called Assyria. At the time that Asaph wrote, Assyria wasn't even in the picture. They weren't even really one of Israel's enemies until many decades later.

Asaph listed the very specific group of ten groups, though of course Israel has many more than ten enemies in today's point in time. But, he listed a specific ten, and two of them weren't even in the fray at 1,000 BC. Asaph was talking about a future scenario.

Asaph calls the very first member the "tents of Edom." Now, biblically speaking, that would even be military encampments or refugee conditions. The Edomites the descendants of Esau have ethnical representation in the Palestinians today. I do believe what Asaph was trying to tell us which became a reality in 1948 would be a Palestinian refugee crisis and they would play a part in this overall confederacy. I think the Palestinians find their face in prophecy today.

Now I want to talk a little bit about the Psalm. Asaph is petitioning God about a concern — a genocidal attempt on the Jewish people. He's saying these nations surrounding Israel are going to form a confederacy and they are going to form a plan. These are a contemporary confederacy of Arab states. These Arab states share common borders with Israel. They are going to form a contemporary confederacy. They are going to make a plan to destroy the nation of Israel so that the name of Israel will be remembered no more.

If Psalm 83 is a prophecy for our time, that means they don't want peace with the Jews today. The Arab and the Palestinians do not want peace with the Jews. They don't want a two state solution. They want one more state where they can fly the flag of Palestine over it. And, I think this threat against Israel is a very real concern. It certainly is with Israel, and it should be a concern for you as supporters of Israel... 

So there you have smart Bible expert says it's not prophecy and one smart Bible expert says it is.  So what do you think?

I plucked all of this discussion off of David Reagan's email today.  He is the dude many have heard speak at Jan Markell's conference and is the founder of Lamb and Lion Ministries.

Remember friends, this discussion and what you believe about it ARE NOT SALVATION ISSUES!  In other words, don't go and get in a huge fight and break fellowship with someone at your church because they loved Salus' book and you thought it was stupid.  These are all just more interesting things to watch.  So take this conversation and put in in your brain and let the Holy Spirit use whatever parts of it that He wants to as He directs your paths and makes them straight.

Rumors Swirling of Coming Israeli Strike on Iran

Our buddy Joel Rosenberg is reporting on the rumors coming out of Israel that they have said aside a few $billion shekels for a strike on Iran in 2014.

(Netanya, Israel, March 25, 2014) — Greetings from Israel. I’m here doing media interviews for "The Auschwitz Escape," having various meetings, and trying to get a better sense of how Israeli citizens and leaders are viewing the crisis in Ukraine and the rising Iranian nuclear threat. 

Rumors are swirling in the media here about a possible Israeli preemptive strike on Iran this year. Israeli officials at the highest level -- including the Defense Minister -- are reportedly coming to the reluctant belief that they cannot count on President Obama to take decisive action to neutralize the Iranian threat before it is too late. 

Here are several recent headlines worth noting: 

• Netanyahu orders IDF to prepare for possible strike on Iran during 2014 (Haaretz) 
• Israel said to be budgeting billions for Iran strike – Military chiefs reportedly say they were given top-level orders to keep prepared for action despite nuclear talks (Times of Israel) 
• Israel gears up for possible unilateral strike on Iran (Xinhua Chinese news agency) 
• Defense minister leans toward Israeli operation in Iran, as Obama portrays ‘weakness’ -- Moshe Ya’alon says U.S. is acting feebly -- from China through the Mideast to Ukraine. ‘I hope the U.S. comes to its senses.’ (Haaretz) 

The world is already really interesting...can you imagine how much MORE interesting it will get when we wake up to the news that Israeli fighter jets are pummeling Iran??

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New World Order is Imminent

Now here is a headline to make you sit up and say, "hmmmm....."

Glenn’s bold new prediction: A new world order is imminent

New York City always seems to bring out the more cynical side of Glenn, and this trip is no different. Glenn opened the radio program this morning with a bold and somewhat dire prediction that draws from some of the connections he made in his Fox News days.

“Glenn is back,” Pat joked. “The positive, happy, wonderful Glenn is over.”

“Well, no it’s not over,” Glenn interjected. “It’s just Glenn needs to pop in from time to time and give everybody a reality check.”

In the wake of Russia’s annexation of Ukraine and the BBC report confirmed Russia and China played a role in the 2008 financial crisis, Glenn believes a new world order is beginning to emerge. That order, according to Glenn, will be comprised of China, Russia, socialist outliers, and poverty zones.

Before diving into the crux of the new prediction, Glenn offered a bit of context:

I have to give it a little context. Remember that China verified to Secretary Paulson that Russia said they were trying to collapse our economy… So we know that that happened according to Secretary Paulson. We know that China, at the time, was against that move because they needed us. What they had to do was divest themselves of us pretty much. Stop buying all of our treasuries and slowly get off of the United States and they have. They have not divested, but they have stopped buying a lot of stuff. And they have also started to become a little hostile towards the United States and what we have done to their money…

So now, China and Russia are beginning to work together. And both China and Russia are going to trade outside of the U.S. dollar, which is something entirely new and very, very dangerous because once they get off the dollar, then the rest of the world will get off of the dollar because China and Russia have formed some sort of a pact.

The other news I think is important to report today and you won’t hear this everywhere: The Polish reserves have been called into play… The Polish politicians are telling the world press that this is just a drill… No it’s not. It’s never happened before where men who are of serving age have been called up into the reserves and are starting to train.

The reason why that is happening is because of what happened in Crimea. And the belief and anybody who is in a former Soviet state sees the writing on the wall. Putin can go in and do whatever it is he wants and nobody is going to stop him…

I want you to remember that what happened… Putin, on Monday, said, ‘I’m not going to annex Crimea. That’s ridiculous. I’m not going to do that. We’re just going in to help them keep the peace.’ By Friday he signed the annexation. He could tell that the world didn’t care much so he just signed it.

With this background in mind, Glenn believes World War III could be on the horizon, and it would be the war that puts the former Soviet Union back together.

“Now, I want you to understand. Here are your choices: Do nothing and look at possible World War III. What you will see is Russia will start to sweep across and gather its old satellites and then possibly more than it’s old satellites. And we will have the same situation that we had on our hands in World War II,” Glenn explained. “But things are different than they were in World War II. So you can either sit it out and do nothing, which is, quite honestly, my recommendation… Or you can get involved in World War III.”

“Here’s the prediction… This is an extension of what I wrote up on the board years ago at Fox that everybody said was crazy. It would start in Tunisia and then it would spread across the Middle East into Europe and the rest of the world,” Glenn explained. “So this is just a more formulated updated version of this. The unrest will spread. Communist, Radicals, and Islamists will work together to destabilize the Middle East and the Western World. It will spread to Europe, first to restore the Soviet borders, next our enemies will see our lack of unity, military, and financial resolve and collapse and transform the U.S. and the West. The new world order will be China, Russia, socialist outliers, and poverty zones.”


Holy NWO!!  That is quite a prediction!!  I sure hope that doesn't rattle any one's reservations at Applebee's tonight!

Is he correct?

Who knows?

But what did Ezekiel say 2800 years ago in Chapter 38?  He said that Russia and a coalition that included Iran, Turkey and a handful of North African nations would be gathered in the Last Days and would surround Israel and get ready to go and destroy that country once and for all.  Of course this doesn't happen....because God himself comes in and rescues Israel.

If you haven't read it for a while, I would suggest reading Ezekiel 38 and 39...because if the coalition is gathering then we need to understand that God may be about to enter human history again.

"And so I will show my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the sight of many nations.  They they will know that I am the Lord."....says God  Ezekiel 38:23

Now remember...just like Thanksgiving precedes does the Rapture precede Ezekiel 38.

(after some further thought, I am going to soften this last statement and say that it's POSSIBLE that the Rapture could precede Ezekiel 38.  Some would say 'likely' that it will...but we don't KNOW for sure.)

Hat tip to Mick L.

Turns Out Gay People are Biphobic

The bisexuals are out to prove, using science, that they are born with the sexual desire for both sexes.  Of course this HAS to be the case if gay people are born gay, zoophiles are born attracted to animals, gentrophilists are born attracted to old people, pedophiles are born being attracted to young people and 99% of all men are born with strong mating desires to copulate with numerous women...thereby just acting as nature designed us would make us all polygamists!

Now here is what is REALLY interesting.  It turns out that the bisexuals are claiming that some of the most INTOLERANT people of them are HOMOSEXUALS!!  Yep!  I'm not even kidding!!

Turns out that the very people screaming for TOLERANCE of homosexuals are INTOLERANT of bisexuals!  You just can't make that up!!!

Here is that paragraph;  "Studies have found that straight-identified people have more negative attitudes about bisexuals (especially bisexual men) than they do about gays and lesbians, but A.I.B.’s board members insist that some of the worst discrimination and minimization comes from the gay community."

Here are some more paragraphs from this amazing NY Times article;

I asked him why a man who identifies as gay was involved with A.I.B.

“Let me tell you a story,” he said, recalling the time he represented a heterosexual woman in a case against gay neighbors who were trying to have her dog put down. “People would say, ‘You’re gay — why aren’t you helping the gay couple?’ I’d say, ‘Because I always side with the underdog.’ The poor dog was in animal prison at animal control, with nobody to advocate for it. The dog needed help, needed a voice.” He paused and caught my eye in the rearview mirror. “You’re probably wondering where this is going and whether I’ll shut up anytime soon.”

“I know I am,” said Ian Lawrence, a slender and youthful 40-year-old A.I.B. board member in the passenger seat.

“Well, bisexual people are kind of like that dog,” Kane said. “They’re misunderstood. They’re ignored. They’re mocked. Even within the gay community, I can’t tell you how many people have told me, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t date a bisexual.’ Or, ‘Bisexuals aren’t real.’ There’s this idea, especially among gay men, that guys who say they’re bisexual are lying, on their way to being gay, or just kind of unserious and unfocused.”

Lawrence, who struggled in college to understand and accept his bisexuality, nodded and recalled a date he went on with a gay television personality. When Lawrence said that he was bisexual, the man looked at him with a pained face and muttered: “Oh, I wish you’d told me that before. I thought this was a real date.”

Hoping to offer bisexuals a supportive community in 2010, Lawrence became the head organizer for amBi, a bisexual social group in Los Angeles. “All kinds of people show up to our events,” he told me. “There are older bi folks, kids who say they ‘don’t need any labels,’ transgender people — because many trans people also identify as bi. At our events, people can be themselves. They can be out.”

“Though most bisexuals don’t come out,” Sylla said. “Most bisexuals are in convenient opposite-sex relationships and aren’t open about their sexual orientation. Why would you be open, when there is so much biphobia?”


Of course the Bible says we are ALL BORN as sinners.  We are all born already knowing how to bite, cheat, steal, lie, kill and be perverts as soon as possible!!

And of course that is the entire point of the Gospel.  We were ALL BORN as sinners...but through the power of Jesus Christ we can all be BORN AGAIN!  And when we are we REPENT and TURN from the desires of our flesh.  We certainly don't try to justify our sinful desires any longer.

1 Corinthians 6:9-11

9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Syrian Slaughterhouse of Human Meat

This story is one of those that is very hard to read about and EXTREMELY hard to watch...yes, it does include video.

It is being reported that Christians (and others) are being slaughtered and then butchered in Syria...just like they would butcher a sheep or goat.

It is also being reported that a rare disease, spread ONLY by eating human meat (cannibalism), is showing up in Syria as well.

Umm Muhammad was a Sunni woman in charge of dismembering human bodies. In the footage, it can be seen with human bodies being chopped up exactly as is done in a cattle slaughterhouse. What is striking is the way of the superior care in the chipping of the body parts without having clear traces of torture, which indicates that the potential target was to pile the body parts for an unknown reason. The table is the type used in a morgue or in Forensic Medicine.

Al-Adlubi’s story also checks out from footage obtained from Al-Bayyada, another slaughterhouse, which Rescue Christians was able to obtain footage from. And just as Al-Adlubi stated, they were hanging upside down, headless, like slaughtered sheep. The heads were removed from the root of the chest cavity just as Al-Adlubi stated when describing how the Egyptian was doing his meticulous methods and how Toume described the Umm-Muhammad slaughterhouse in Al-Siba’ district.

The slaughterhouses in Syria are really centers for ritual human sacrifices. Rescue Christians even obtained footage to prove this as well: (see video in attached article)

In the video, which is filmed at yet another unknown slaughterhouse, the executioner declares this prayer before making the slaughter:

"In defense of the Sunnis O Lord, O Lord, We bring these offerings to you, O Lord. Please accept this sacrificial offering, O Lord. O Lord, accept this from us, accept this from us. In the name of Allah. Bismillah (In the name of Allah). Allahu Akbar"

The victims could be shot or slaughtered, but one thing is true, these are ritualistic killings.

This can be deduced by paralleling the slaughterhouses in Syria to Islamic ideology in regards to shedding Christian blood, which can be observed in historical accounts. For example, Howe, an eyewitness to Turkish violence, recounted that the Muslim Turks “thought the blood of a Christian an acceptable offering to God.”


And who is going to stop this?  Are we content to let Muslims butcher other Muslims?....well, probably the answer is yes.  What are a bunch of white soldiers from America and Europe going to do to stand in the way of a Satanic-blood-feud that goes back 1000 years?

But what do all of us Christians sitting in our comfortable pews think about our BROTHERS AND SISTERS in Syria being slaughtered and hung on meat hooks?  Are we OK with that as long as we don't see it??

We all know the story about the Christians in Germany during the Holocaust.  When the trains jammed with Jews heading to the ovens would roll by on Sunday morning...they would just play the organ louder and sing louder in hopes of drowning out the voices of the screaming Jews.

How about all the churches in the South during slavery times?  How many of those good Christians had no problem owning, beating and even abusing black people??...many of whom were ALSO followers of Christ??

How many stories and videos will it take to come out of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, and a whole host of other Satanic-Muslim nations before the CHURCHES IN AMERICA get off of our padded pews and quit playing our music so loud so that we can hear the screams of our fellow believers?

Sadly, many of the Christians I talk to have NO IDEA that Christian persecution even exists in the world!!  When you tell them about it they say, "Wow...really?"....and then we go back to our March Madness basketball brackets and plan our next source of entertainment.

Lord, forgive us...for we know not what we do.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Is Moldova Next on Russia's Conquest?

Hey Obama!!  You better call your friend, Putin, again!  He may be considering going into another country and taking some more land to annex for Mother Russia!

What the heck??  I thought Obama was going to push a reset button with Russia when he was elected and make them like us again...after that nasty George Bush went and ruined the world....

Fears that Russia could claw back a second chunk of former Soviet territory in Europe grew on Sunday night after Nato warned that Moscow’s troops were poised to move into a pro-Russian enclave of Moldova.
Nato’s top commander said that Russian troops massed on Ukraine’s eastern border were well placed to take Transdniester, a Russian-speaking enclave that has declared independence from the rest of Moldova.
About a third of Transdniester’s half-million people are ethnic Russians, many of whom want to return to rule from Moscow. To this day, the streets of the capital, Tiraspol, are decked out with statues of Lenin and other symbols of the Soviet Union, of which Moldova was a member until its break-up in 1991.
US Air Force Gen Philip Breedlove, who is Nato’s supreme allied commander in Europe, said that gave President Vladimir Putin a pretext to send troops in there as a “protection” force for ethnic Russians, just as he has done in Crimea.

“There is absolutely sufficient [Russian] force postured on the eastern border of Ukraine to run to Transdniester if the decision was made to do that, and that is very worrisome,” he said at a meeting in Brussels hosted by the Marshall Fund, a German think tank.

Gen Breedlove’s comments came as Ukraine’s new pro-Western government said it feared that Russia planned further military annexations of the east of the country. On Saturday, Russian forces attacked another Ukrainian military base in Crimea, as part of their drive to force Ukrainian troops out the peninsula.

Is anyone in Europe going to stand up to Putin's tanks and well trained soldiers? 

Probably not...rumor has it that their one tank broke and they think militia are politically know...they are SO violent....and they have those ishy guns!

Mark of the Beast Technology

Here is a new gadget called TILE.  You can hook it to anything you own (or not own?), or drop it in your purse and then use you SmartPhone to locate that TILE...where ever it is!!

It you have one on your bike and your bike gets stolen....notify all other TILE users and suddenly your bike will be on a HUGE LOST AND FOUND and any other TILE user will have their phone buzz if they end up close to your bike...or whatever else you have put a TILE on.

Do you really think you are going to be able to hide from the Antichrist when he appears with technology like this?

Check it out here;

If you haven't accepted Christ as your it now!  For those who HAVE accepted Christ, the GOOD NEWS is that we will not have to worry about the Antichrist because he will not even be revealed until after we are gone!

Hat tip to Tom F.

12th Imam Will Behead Western Leaders

By now I think all of my readers are familiar with the coming messiah hoped for by many Muslims. He is called the Mahdi and also referred to as the 12th Imam.

It shouldn't be surprising that many of the attributes that Muslims claim he will have sound eerily familiar to what the Bible says about the Antichrist.  Of course since Satan is the power behind Islam, he has plucked some Bible prophecies, twisted it around and deceived hundreds of millions of Muslims.

Here is what one Imam is saying will happen to Obama and all the other Western leaders when the 12th Imam returns.  Please remember that the Bible says many people will LOSE THEIR HEADS during the Great Tribulation.

A leading ayatollah of Iran’s Islamic regime is promising that Western leaders will be executed by the Islamic messiah, the state-owned media outlet Mehr news reported Saturday.

“When Imam Zaman ['Mahdi,' the last Shiite Imam] comes, he will behead the Western leaders,” warned Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani, the interim Friday prayer leader of Tehran and a member of the Assembly of Experts, the body that chooses the supreme leader. “However, Imam will not harm the oppressed nations,” he said.

The Shiite clerical establishment in Iran believes that at the end of times, the 12th Imam, Mahdi, a ninth century prophet, will reappear with Jesus Christ at his side, kill all the infidels and raise the flag of Islam in all four corners of the world.

A video revealed in 2011, “The Coming Is Upon Us,” showed regime intentions: change in the Middle East, destruction of Israel and the coming of Mahdi. The video, produced by the regime, was to be distributed in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, the chief commander of the regime’s Quds Forces, Gen. Qasem Soleimani, has called the Islamic Republic the only country capable of leading the Islamic world.

“From a long time ago, countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan claimed leadership of the Islamic world and tried very hard in that pursuit, but none of these countries except Iran is capable of accepting this great responsibility,” Soleimani said. “None of these countries is able to lead the Islamic world due to two key elements: support of fighters and Islamic movements, and defense of Muslims and Islam in the face of aggression on the Islamic world.”

Soleimani called the fall of Quds (Jerusalem) in 1967 the zero point of the Islamic world in its weakness and boasted of Iran’s power today and how it has changed the equation of power in the region and the world.

Soleimani had previously stated that President Barack Obama was not after regime change, but only because the U.S. can’t topple Iran.


As always, please remember to pray for these lost Muslims who are deceived and on their way to hell.  I know it's hard but it's what Jesus commands for his followers.

Of course what is terrifying the Imams and leaders of Iran is that reportedly 4000 people are coming to Christ and rejecting Islam EVERY DAY in Iran!!  We heard that first hand from a Iranian who works for a cable TV station that is beaming in Christian programming via satellite dishes.

Praise God!  Even though Christianity seems to be on the decline in America it is exploding in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  WE WIN IN THE END!!

Hat tip to Tom F.