Friday, April 25, 2008


I honestly don't know much about the "Emerging" and "Emergent" church movements. However I do know that the bible warns us that in the last days;

For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.2 Timothy 4:3-4 (NIV)

For the reason that Timothy mentions, I believe we all need to be VERY careful on being led astray. This isn't a new is simply a more urgent warning as we watch the foundations of society, food supplies and world peace start to shake.

With that being said, I happen to catch an article on Rapture Ready that was talking about Brian McLaren and some of his statements. Brian is an author and church leader and I know his name has come up many times in the "emerging" discussion. If someone starts saying that Jesus died as a political statement and compares him to other people who died for similar causes...we need to run towards the word of God and away from such false teachers.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Last days Tech

As we have commented on in the past, we are the first generation that has the technology to make it possible for the last days prophecies to come true. Even 40 yrs ago, a person would have had a tough time believing that the prophecy of Revelation about needing "the mark" in order to buy or sell could be possible. Now we know that a simple hand held computer can easily keep track of everyone in the world.

Matthew 24:33 "In the same way, when you see all these things, you will know that the time is near, ready to begin."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Strange lights

The linked article talks about a strange formation of lights hovering over Phoenix on Monday.,2933,352156,00.html

The city is obviously buzzing with reports on local news and radio shows and you can watch the TV report here. The lights have appeared over Phoenix before and you can look on Youtube yourself and see all sorts of videos and news reports that have captured an entire formation of flying lights in 1997. There were thousands of witnesses and there is no official explanation for the current sightings or the 1997 sightings.

These unexplained sightings have increased exponantially around the world. In Stephenville Texas last January there were hundreds of witnesses who were credible enough that major news stations sent crews to interview and investigate. You can watch the Larry King report here;

Recently the Mexican Air Force captured some incredible videos of strange lights and you can watch that report here.
This report says that foreign governments are starting to demand that the US gov't come clean and release all of it's UFO archives. Also, the interviewed gentlemen says that disclosure by the US gov't is "Very close", when the day will come that an official member of the gov't will confirm that they are aware of "extra terrestial" visits.

Also, their were sightings by many American airline pilots over Chicago last year and you can watch those news reports here;

What do you guys think? What kind of strange things are going on? Is this all forshadowing of "the great deception" that the bible talks about in 2 Thess. 2:10-11?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Food price Tsunami

As we pointed out last Sunday, riots and unrest are happening all over the world because of the soaring price and shortages of food. Read about it here;

What Godly purpose could be had by famine? It may make us arrogant men realize that all things come from God and in the last days may draw millions (or billions) to rely on God for their daily bread...instead of relying on the technology of hybrid seeds, irrigation and fertilizer which leads many to believe that we don't need God.

Illinois Earthquake

Here is an informative article on what scientists are saying about the earthquakes in Illinois;

I have seen the chart for the global history of earthquakes, and without a doubt the frequency and magnitude has increased exponantially in the past few decades. I've never experienced an eathquake but I would guess it would make a person feel pretty helpless and insignificant. Also I would think it would make one marvel at the power of nature. Maybe God is using these natural happenings in a last days effort to wake people up and make them feel helpless and insignificant so that they will turn to Him before it is too late.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Even more 2012 is one more site that talks about Mayans, ancient prophecies, rumors, etc...all as they relate to something really dramatic happening in 2012. The link is here:

Tell me if all you guys find even more items on 2012. I won't be suprised if even Oprah soon decided to do a show on the topic. Again, my interest is not that the bible has ANYTHING to say about this topic. I am more interested in it as a point of deception that Satan could be using as part of his "end of days" scenario.

Peace for Israel!

Can you believe it? Hamas (the Gov't that siezed Gaza) has said they will offer a truce with Israel. Read the full story that just broke today; (note my sarcastic tone)

What is very interesting is that Hamas calls it a truce. I have read that in Arabic there isn't a word for "peace" because Islam is supposed to ultimately dominate the world and can only live with non-muslims in "truce" or "cease-fire" status while their forces regather and build so that when the truce is over, the forces of Islam can definitively over throw their foes. So now Israel will have a choice. I guess the bible is true when it says that "Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling".


As long as man has existed, he has worshiped the earth. Man has been in a constant state of rebellion because of this fact. It's just so stupid, it defies it must be supernatural (satanic) stupidity. Why would you worship the creation instead of the Creator? Anyway, I have been thinking about it for some time and have been wondering what the heck people who are "left behind" will have for an explanation as to where all the Christians went. I have an idea that it will evolve around the claim that we were "too backward" or "too closed minded" and that "mother earth" needed to purge us from herself so that the "enlightened" people who are left can go about the business of healing the planet and gathering together all the people who love peace. Only "tolerant" people will be left to sing kum-ba-yah at the large global camp fire. (big smile) All of us "intolerant" people who had the audacity to believe that Jesus is the ONLY way are gone...and that will be proof to the world of just how stupid all of us Christ followers really were. (may we rest in peace) Please read the attached to get a feel of what the mother earth people are gathering to do;

more 2012

I went searching and found the original article that stuck the year 2012 into my head and made my antenae go up. It's from the Jerusalem Post and tells the story of a young Jew who died for some minutes and was brought back to life with an ominous story. You can read the article here;

As you can see the article was from 2006, but the gentleman's experience happened almost 40 yrs ago. He says that Israel will be destroyed in 2012.

Again, I'm not saying, or agreeing, that ANY of these things are going to happen. All I am saying is that a lot of secular and "spritual" sources are saying that strange things are going to happen in 2012. It does seem plausible to me that if Satanic forces are gathering for their last big hurrah, they would need to come up with some sort of "great deception" so that those who are left behind will believe the deceivers...why?...because the bible says so. Maybe 2012 is going to have something to do with that. I'll post more as I come across this.


Yesterday in Adult-ed, I mentioned that the year 2012 seems to keep popping up as a year where serious earthly calamities are being predicted by all sorts of unrelated, secular sources. The Mayan calender is said to end and we know that the calendar they were using was the most accurate one that mankind had until only recently. As "coincidence" would have it, I was reading Rapture Ready and a new article was posted to their site about 2012. Read it for yourself;