Friday, November 14, 2008

Rockets Deep Into Israel

The hatred continues to build. Where will it all end? Do we really believe that the enemies of Israel will quit trying to destroy Jews simply because they have more land? What an absolutely idiotic thing to imagine! Hamas itself has said that if they get more land, they will be all the closer to wiping out even more Jews and expelling the entire country from their midst.

If the U.S. continues it's push to divide Israel and Jerusalem...I fear our end could come "like a flood". Thy will be done.

Read rocket article here;

Russian Power Grab

Read this article knowing that in the Last Days, Russia will lead a coalition of enemies to destroy Israel...but will be destroyed by God before they can accomplish their evil plan. So it is interesting to watch Russia roll back democratic reforms and pave the way for an Ex-KGB killer to rule over them...and lead them.

Read it here;

A Tall Blackman

A Muslim-Shiite prophecy says that in the "last days" a tall black man will command the world's strongest army and come to power in the west. For some shiites, they believe this to be Barack Obama.

If that's not wierd, the word "Obama" translates in Persian (Iran) to "He is with us".

What's really wierd is that Louis Farakhan right here in the U.S. is claiming that Obama has some messianic tendencies...or may even be speaking for messiah...and Farakhan is the leader of the nation of Islam...which has a TOTALLY different messiah than Christianity.

Read all about what muslims around the world are saying about the presidential elections in the U.S.

The stuff being said and done around the world this very day is so simply can't make it up.

Going Mainstream

In the Minneapolis paper (the Star Tribune), there was an article a few days ago about the editor of a paranormal magazine based in Minnesota. It was in the Variety section right amongst the recipes and entertainment opportunities. But this topic was far from "normal". It talked about UFO's, ghosts, gremlins, seeing dead people, etc...

This paragraph from the article is simply amazing and points to the times we are in; "I think people are more open to it now than ever," she said. "Look at all the TV shows with psychics, mediums, haunted hotels -- everyone wants to stay in one. People are taking it much more in stride now."

Or this one; "Galde said Fate articles are based on factual evidence, which is why she doesn't consider it to be a New Age publication. Still, "for a lot of people, this is their spirituality," she said."

Read the full article here;

So I ask the question...what will we tell our children about all the unexplained phenomenon that are being experienced by millions of earth dwellers? What will our explanation be...that everyone is simply crazy? Do we just ignore the questions and hope they will go away? Or do we look to the Word of God for an explanation as to what in the world is going on? Furthermore, how many teachers read this article to their schoolchildren yesterday? How many of those kids were tipped towards deception? How many people "feel" that being spiritual is the ONLY thing that is important (forget about WHAT spirit) and have no regard for the True words of Chirst; "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me?"

Satan came to lie, deceive and destroy. May the "Sons of the Light" never forget this. (1 Thess. 5:5)

Extremes are Everywhere

Many of you know that in the last few years there have been huge extremes in nearly every facit of life, nature, markets, etc... We have been watching and posting headlines such as, "Most rain ever recorded", or "Biggest Tsunami in history", or "Largest Hurricane to ever strike U.S." or "Worst drought the region has ever seeen", etc...

So it's no surprise they just keep coming. Today's headline has to do with shopping in the U.S. We all know that it has turned into an obsession for U.S. consumers to hang out at the mall and buy stuff...even stuff they don't need or never needed. One psychologist I talked to said that U.S. cosumers will shop when they feel bad because it makes them feel better to buy stuff. about a false god! We go to the mall instead of to our heavenly Father for comfort?


Read the full article here;

When an entire society has been built on it's people buying stuff that they don't need...using money that they don't have...believing it will make them happy...the formula simply won't last for long. It's just common sense.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pregnant "Man"

In a "sign of the times" story, it seems a woman had her breasts removed, started taking hormones so she could grow facial hair, but kept her female organs intact. This "man" recently had a baby and is now pregnant with another child.

You can read and watch the story and video clip here;

Remember the passage in Romans where Paul says, "Even the women gave up natural acts and were inflamed with lust for each other". Sorry to be the speaker of truth here, but this is more evidence of a fallen world...and not something to be celebrated.

Ex-Hitler Youth Warns America

Our forefathers who wrote the Constitution told us very clearly that the document would ONLY serve to govern a moral and God-fearing people. It would not stand if the people became immoral and Godless. So where are we today? I think we all know the answer.

The article I will post here is a wake up call from a man who lived under Hitler and saw how the whole country got sucked into the Nazi mess...while the church pulpits remained silent. He is seeing history repeat itself...right here in America. This paragraph is actually frightening;

"What I see in America today is people painting their cabins while the ship goes down. Today in America we are witnessing a repeat performance of the tragedy of 1933 when an entire nation let itself be led like a lamb to the Socialist slaughterhouse. This time, the end of freedom is inevitable unless America rises to her mission and destiny."

Read the full article here;

What a mess we U.S. citizens have made of the most blessed country to have EVER been on planet earth. What have we squandered?

Frightening/Exciting Times

The world seems to be growing more unstable everyday which is heating up the call for "globalization". The times are being set for the one-world government that will usher in the anti-christ...just as the bible says.

The author of Rapture Ready, Terry James, has some great thoughts that I will post below:

Frightening/Exciting Time To Be Alive

This is a generation which can, if one’s head isn’t buried in the sand, sense the groping fingers of ungodly forces reaching, grasping to strangle anything that puts forward the name of Jesus Christ and his righteousness. In sheer political terms, there can be seen on the horizon legislation such as the “fairness doctrine” that would stifle biblical teaching against the abominable practice of homosexuality. Legislation to increase legalization parameters for killing babies in the mother’s wombs awaits the development of a super-majority in Congress that can’t be overridden by presidential veto, or even filibustered against in the legislative process. There now will be a president who seems favorably inclined toward supporting both of these egregious proposals.

Time and time again, we have pointed to the signals that illustrate dramatically the almost certainty that the present generation is within the conditions and experiencing the birthpang convulsions Jesus describes in the Olivet Discourse. The geopolitical upheavals moving the world toward globalization at a dazzling rate, with the sudden economic meltdown drawing even avowed foes into new arrangements in order to try to avert international financial collapse, should alert children of God that the shout “Come up here!” can’t be far from happening. At the same time, the terrifying prospect for those who will be left behind is a mind-boggling matter for those who truly understand the events that put lost human beings on the cusp of apocalypse. The operative instruction for this late hour of the age is that we who name the name of Christ must be about the Father’s business.

You can read the entire article here;

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ezekiel Coalition Strengthens

Lebanon reported today that it will be buying heavy arms from Russia. The coalition of Israel's enemies continues to gather. How many guns, tanks, bombs, missiles and soldiers can stack up in one place where so much hatred exists...before someone pulls the trigger? When that happens (not if, but when) the whole world will know it and feel it.

Read the article here;

If things do come apart over there and you stack that turmoil and uncertainty on top of the current global financial crisis...many people will be turning to the Lord for strength, joy and hope, because the world could get really ugly.

New Missiles for Iran

The rhetoric and posturing continues to build. Today, Iran announced that it has successfully launched a new breed of solid-fuel missiles that are much more accurate and also able to reach Israel.

Read the JP article here;

Russia - U.S. Collision Course

The article I will post below talks about how Russia is putting short-range missiles on it's far western border. This is their response to the U.S. signing a missile-shield deal with Poland. We all know that our deal with Poland is an attempt to keep the U.S. and Europe safe from Iranian, (or other rogue nations) missiles, but the Russians don't see it that way. And they are starting to flex their military muscle...because that might be the only muscle they have left. Their stock market is disappearing, the birth rate is non existent so they are becoming extinct as a people, and now their biggest cash cow (oil) is at a 20 month low so their cash is dwindling. What's a poor dictator to do if he wants the eyes of the world to stay focused on him?? about you start to threaten your neighbors and start blaming things on everyone else so you don't have to take the bitter pill of reality necessary to fix your crumbling society?

Here is a classic sentence plucked from the article, uttered by a Columbia Prof.; "She said Russia does not pose a threat to the U.S.
"They have lots of problems. They're facing a decline in oil prices and population growth. They have a whole lot of problems. How can they be a threat?" she said.

Read the full article here;

What she doesn't understand is that the Bible clearly says that Russia WILL be a threat to the nation of Israel in the Last days. She also must not remember how Hitler rose to power in the throes of a global depression and how British Prime Minister Chamberlain declared that Germany was not a threat...right before they invaded their european neighbors.

Kidnapped by Aliens?

Some of you have contacted me saying that you are intrigued enough to start doing some research into the nephilim-alien-satanic deception theory that we discussed a few weeks back. That's great! Be a Berean and I will welcome the opportunity to talk to you once you have disovered your own thoughts and plugged them into God's word.

I had mentioned that a top Harvard psychiatrist had done extensive research into the reports that humans are reporting being abducted by "aliens" and having strange things done to them while in an "alien" ship. I will give you a link here to a NOVA/PBS site that interviewed Dr. John Mack. Dr. Mack died in 2004 but he came to be a believer that something strange was happening to these people and it did, indeed, cross from the realm of science and entered into the supernatural.

See link here;

Also, I will note that I have no knowledge of Dr. Mack's religious beliefs. I believe he started to look into this phenomenon because he thought he could diagnose a related mental disorder in all the witnesses...but he came away with enough evidence to believe the abductees were, in fact, telling the truth.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nephilim, Aliens and the Days of Noah

For some of you readers who heard me speak a few weeks ago, I want to revisit the topic of the Nephilim from Genesis 6. I have heard some positve comments regarding my talk but I have also heard some negative comments that the connections are too "bizarre" to even consider.

I will remind you that Christianity is based on some rather "bizarre" beliefs. We believe that the Holy Spirit impregnated a young woman named Mary, who bore the savior (who is the Son of God) of the world. And all who believe in this savior will be taken into the clouds and be given new incoruptable bodies to dwell in a mansion in another dimension that we can't currently see.

If you explained that to someone who had never heard about our faith...they might label you as bizarre. Or they may try and have you committed...depending on the country you are preaching in.

I am not alone in making these connections between the bible passages in Genesis and Numbers and drawing some understanding to the current day UFO phenomenon. Chuck Missler has written quite a bit on this very topic. I will attach an article here; that was written over 10 years ago. You can use it to navigate to his site and do some more reading and searching for UFO's, abductions, fallen angels, etc...

Remember, be a Berean...look up stuff for yourself. Don't believe something simply because your parents told you so or because I told you so. Look at the facts and decide if it rings true with God's word and with the Holy Spirit that is indwelling in each and every believer.

Is the Church Prepared?

It's pretty easy to get in the habit of calling on God when times get tough but totally forgeting about Him when times are good. Sadly, that seems to be a human nature flaw which Satan pulls at incessantly. Since The Church is made up of flawed human beings, it only goes to reason that The Church will fall into more and greater disobedience as they forget about Him in good times.

So is it surprising (after 20+ years of enormous growth of wealth) to find that the churches around this country are hurting? Is it surprising to find that most Christians are no where close to giving 10% to their local church? Is it surprising to hear that most churches are having problems finding a few good men to serve as Deacons, Elders and leaders? Is it surprising that prophecy is rarely preached from the pulpits? Is it surprising that most Christians don't believe in the inerrant Word of God? Is it surprising that a very large percentage of Christian pastors no longer believe that Satan is an actual being? I could go on and on...

If this is all true, what has God done in the past to His people when they turn from Him and are caught up in rebellion and idol worship? Read the OT and you don't have to read very far to realize that His people are punished and their idols were struck down by God and/or His prophets. So what may be coming for America...sooner than later?

This quote from an article caught by attention because of the severity and etremity of the quote, "Corsi predicts Obama over the next four years will lead the U.S. into the worst global depression it ever has experienced."

Read the full article here;

I won't comment on Corsi's personal feelings towards's not relevant to my point. My point is that all U.S. Christian's faith may soon be tested as God pulls away and destroys the false idol that we have all worshiped for the past, wealth and stuff. Are you ready? Is your church ready? Are the "wealth and prosperity" ministers ready?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Peaceful Palestinians?

This BBC article is pretty sobering as it reminds us of the mindset of many Palestinians living in Israeli territory. Hamas and Fatah are both political parties in the Palestinian territories. They are currently in a civil war as the two parties struggle for dominance. Fatah is considered to be less extremist than Hamas...but they both have a long history of Jew hatred.

The article tells the story of a young woman who recently married and is now preparing to blow herself up in an attempt to kill as many Jews as she can please her satanic god named allah. When asked if she would have a problem killing innocent Jewish children, she responds that they will grow up to be soldiers, so she doesn't have a problem killing them now.

Read the article here;

Are her thoughts shared by thousands of her fellow citizens? I believe they are. So how can the world force Israel to make peace with a foe who doesn't desire peace? And who have the palestinians authorized to sign a peace deal with Israel anyway...Hamas or Fatah? They both want to kill the other party. Fatah holds the west bank and Hamas has Gaza. What can the world be thinking as we insist on peace for the region?

As readers of God's word, we know that peace will never come for the region until the True Prince of Peace shows up on earth to rule with an iron rod.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Russian Naval Base in Libya

This headline made the news last week, but with all the election chatter going on, I think I forgot to post it. It is an amazing piece of prophecy info as it relates to Ezekiel 38.

Read the Russian newspaper account here;

Remember that Libya and Russia are both players named in a "last days" coalition that gathers to destroy Israel. "Put" is the country mentioned in Ezekiel which historians tell us is modern-day Libya. So when these countries start cooperating for the FIRST TIME IN HUMAN history in an attempt to strengthen their militarys...all discerning eyes should be paying attention.

Also notice that the article says that this cooperation is to prevent agains an attack BY the U.S. So the coalition believes it is forming to combat U.S. aggression, when in reality it is forming because God is fulfilling his prophetic word.