Friday, June 27, 2008

Muslim Terrorists Sink the Dollar

Al Qaeda can come at us with guns or bombs, but they can also wage war against us from computers AND the financial markets. This article is interesting because it talks about our enemies waging an economic war against us. You can read it here;

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stocks tumble

The world can only take so much bad news and uncertainty before the lack of confidence starts to hamper the financial markets. With high oil, high food prices, rumors of wars, falling real estate prices, job losses and an outbreak of natural disasters...the market is feeling the pain as investors are deciding to sit on the sidelines in cash and wait for some of the storm clouds to pass. Headlines like this one; "WORST JUNE SINCE DEPRESSION" will certainly not help investor confidence.

Uh Oh

And here we have it...oil climbs to over $140/barrel as Libya warns it will cut back on output. So the very people that hate us now have the ability to cause severe pain to the US consumer which will ultimately cause severe pain to the US gov't. This is NOT good.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Time is it?

We know that Israel and Jerusalem will be a "cup of trembling" for the world in the last days. As we all know a day doesn't go by without Israel being in the headlines. So how close are we to the end of the Church age which will climax with the rapture? The author of Rapture Ready has a great article talking about this...and we must be very close. Read it here;

Israeli Strike if Obama

Ex Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, has come forward to say that he thinks Israel may strike Iran if Obama is elected president. They don't want to affect the elections by striking before then, but they may realize that they have a better chance of a Bush administration supporting them than they would an Obama administration. You can read about it here;,7340,L-3559502,00.html

Again, it appears that the problems of the world are growing without any chance that man can solve them. We are looking for leadership and leaders and they simply can't be found.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama's Talk with Iran

The Washington Post has an article about the fact that Europe would not be happy with Obama talking to Iran in bilateral talks if he becomes president. One paragraph states it well;

"Dropping a unanimous Security Council condition would simply be interpreted by Iran and America's allies as unconditional surrender, and America's friends would view this as confirmation of America's basic unreliability," said Fran├žois Heisbourg, a Paris-based military analyst with the International Institute for Strategic Studies. "A hell of a way to start a presidential term."

So for some who believe that Obama is going to be the messiah of this world and bring back peace, happiness and $1.50/gal appears Europe might not love his as much as liberal-America believes.

You can read the entire article here;

Truce Over Already?

It seems it was just last week that I tried to post some good news about Hamas of Gaza signing an Egyptian-brokered cease fire with Israel. And now to everyone's extreme suprise (much sarcasm) Hamas has started launching rockets into southern Israel in response to Israel's killing of two confirmed terrorists. You can read the Reuter's article here;

It is very evident to me that there will never be peace in this region until the Prince of Peace appears on earth to introduce His Bride and usher in the 1000 year Millenium. And this will not happen until the world (minus the born again believers) goes through Jacob's Trouble, more commonly known as the seven years of Tribulation.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Many Paths

This article was in the Star Tribune today so maybe many of you caught it, but if you didn't you can access it here;

The article is reporting on a Pew Research study that finds that the vast majority of Americans believe in eternal life. But they also believe that there are many ways to get there...which is in direct conflict with the words of Christ. "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me". The article goes on to say that with the premium we place on tolerance in today's society, we have become more tolerant of believing that maybe we aren't right...or maybe Christ didn't REALLY mean what he said.

This is very sad and points to how far we are sliding into apsotasy. The church has lost it's first love...which is a love for Christ.

New Trump Property

I was reading the Wall Street Journal today and ran across an ad for the latest Donald Trump project. No it's not in New York or San Francisco...but in Dubai. (A muslim country in the middle east) The ad featured a man in sunglasses who looked like he was about 27 yrs old looking down on a woman who looks like she is 22. They are both handsome, but MOST important...they are incredibly rich. So rich, that even at their tender ages, they can afford a penthouse in this new Trump project which is being billed as the 8th Wonder of the World. The project truly is amazing. They have created an island in the shape of a palm tree that extends out into the ocean. Skyscrapers, shopping malls, mansions, movie theatres and everything else known to man is contained on this man made island. You can take a tour of this place on your computer by clicking here;

On one of the descriptions in the ad, the billing says, "...where the sheer pleasure of extravagant living has been brought to new levels."

Surely Jesus will ask for a personal tour of this 8th Wonder when he shows up. I'm confident (much sarcasm) that he will be most impressed with how well we have been able to pleasure ourselves with extravagant these last days.