Friday, October 16, 2009

Big Rumor-Iran's Supreme Leader is Dead

We will have to watch the news to see if this is true....but...if it for Iran to start shaking.

“Rumors are coming out of Iran that Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei has died. The following is one of the reports giving us this news. “ reports that Ayatollah Khamenei has died. It’s long been believed that at 70 years old, he was in constant pain and in very poor health, and was using opium regularly to alleviate his suffering. These are just rumors right now, and cannot be confirmed. Such reports have surfaced in the past.” The report also stated, “If he dies it is expected that immediately a bloody clash will develop between the powers behind Rafsanjani, who will immediately claim temporary religious authority and overall control, and the powers behind Achmadinejad who will scramble in order to regain control and ensure their survival.” If this new is true, and it appears to be the case, otherwise Khamenei could just show his face and put an end to the rumors, it would be perfect timing for either Israel’s eleite forces to attack Iran or to send in the Israeli Air Force and take out the nuclear site while Iran is fighting over who will take over the power now that Khamenei is gone.”

Friends....if this is true, it may be the God send that Israel needs to get in there and destroy what they need to destroy....and they may be able to do it unnoticed if the blood clash develops that is mentioned above.

Also if this is true, it would be considered good news for us, but if you were an Iranian family with kids in High School and just trying to get by....this news could be catastrophic for them. So we need to be in prayer for the Iranian people. Remember that over 1000 per day are coming to Christ and will be joined with us as The Bride of Christ...FOREVER!

Hat tip to Mike S.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This Will Convince the Bad Guys

Our friends at Greenpeace are at it again. A bunch of them all went to Mount Megiddo, which overlooks the valley of Armageddon, and demanded that the world give up it's nukes.

They do have one thing right....that if 500 of those nukes were detonated, it would cause a world wide ice-age that would last 10 years. Scientists refer to that as a "nuclear winter".

Talk about a biblical reference. Greenpeace and World March activists staged a "die-in" to protest nuclear weapons at Mount Megiddo on Wednesday.

Greenpeace and World March activists stage their 'deaths' at Mount Megiddo on Wednesday to demand disarmament.

Megiddo, according to Judeo-Christian sources, will be the place where good and evil slug it out at the end of days. The term Armageddon is derived from the place name.

The protest came just days after US President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in part for declaring his intentions to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

Read it here;

I'm quite confident that Russia, Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaida and North Korea are going to see these protest pictures...and they will be convicted to the core that they need to quickly put away all their nukes and start learning to sing Kum-ba-yah...

You Bet They Are

Today's headline is the Jerusalem Post should come as no surprise;

'Israel may attack Iran after December'

According to the report in Le Canard Enchainé quoted by Israel Radio, Jerusalem has already ordered high-quality combat rations from a French food manufacturer for soldiers serving in elite units and has also asked reservists of these units staying abroad to return to Israel.

The magazine further reported that in a recent visit to France, IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi told his French counterpart Jean-Louis Georgelin that Israel was not planning to bomb Iran, but might send elite troops to conduct activities on the ground there.

These, according to the magazine, could involve the sabotage of nuclear facilities as well as assassinations of top Iranian nuclear scientists.

Read it here;

And so the rumors continue to build.

I wonder how the new Nobel Peace Prize winner will respond if Israel starts blowing up facilities and assassinating top Iranian nuclear scientists?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

California Holiday for Gays

We have posted numerous times about the troubles that California is having...and have wondered aloud if these troubles are a foreshadowing of what may be coming for all of us.

Today they are being ravaged by torrential rains which they worry could lead to landslides because the hillsides in LA county were laid bare by the, "worst wildfires in LA county history."

So with looming financial collapse coming, fires, floods and there something supernatural going on? Is the State being punished for it's deviance and utter disregard for The God of Israel? You will have to decide for's very interesting that Governor Schwarzenegger and the legislature continue to taunt God. Read on;

May 22 has officially become "Harvey Milk Day" in California. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill Sunday to honor the state's first openly gay politician elected to office by having California school children annually celebrate the man's birthday. Milk is only the 2nd person in The Golden State, after naturalist John Muir, to get a day dedicated to his honor.

Tens of thousands of people from both sides of the issue contacted the governor's staff regarding this controversial bill. Conservative groups had rallied without success to persuade the governor to veto the bill as he did last year. New attention drawn to Harvey Milk by the Oscar-winning movie and plenty of pressure from GLTB activist groups apparently changed Schwarzenegger's mind, however.

Harvey Milk Day will not be a state holiday; banks will be open and the kids will still have to go to school. In their classrooms on that day, according to the new law, teachers will offer lessons "remembering the life of Harvey Milk, recognizing his accomplishments and familiarizing pupils with the contributions he made to this state." In other words, Harvey Milk's homosexual activism gets to be celebrated by an entire day set up in his honor, (while thousands of other historically significant Californians are comparatively ignored).

Read the rest of this article here;

The great state of California is now going to set aside a day so everyone can reflect on the "great accomplishments" of Harvey Milk. Let's ask ourselves a simple question; Would his accomplishments been so "great" had he enjoyed having sex with women?....or is he set aside for special treatment simply because he enjoyed sex with other men?

Could there be a further connection between the signing of this bill into law and the devastation that continues to pour down on The Golden State?

If something doesn't change REALLY SOON.....the rest of the country is going to have to start paying for the financial disaster that California has driven itself into. And since the Federal Government has no money...they will need to print more to give to California...which will serve to put ALL OF US even further underwater.

Take courage in the story of Noah. As the clouds started to gather and the first raindrops fell...Noah knew that God had provided a way for him to escape the coming destruction.

In the same we watch the raindrops begin to fall and know that the destruction of The Tribulation is very close....God is going to send the Groom to gather all Christ followers into the we also can escape the coming destruction and wrath of God.

"There is, therefore, no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." Apostle Paul

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cold Turkey

Muslim Turkey and Jewish Israel have actually been pretty close allies for the past 20 years. They are also both members of NATO (North American Treaty Organization) and Israel has a tank factory in Turkey.

Like a light switch...this has all changed.

JERUSALEM, Oct 13 (IPS) - It's long been among the most durable, strategic relationships in the Near East - perhaps because it was the most unlikely.

For decades, the two regional superpowers, Turkey and Israel, have quietly stood shoulder-to-shoulder on the common strategic challenges facing them.

For the past 20 years, the intriguing involvement between Jewish Israel and Muslim Turkey has been increasingly out in the open, impervious to demands from the Arab world and from hard-line elements in Turkey - both Muslim and left-wing - that Turkey should rather distance itself from its elaborate military and intelligence dealings with Israel.

Now it's all changing.

Or, is it just a temporary blip? On Sunday, Israel disclosed that joint North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) air force exercises, codenamed Anatolian Eagle, had been postponed because Turkey was excluding the Israeli air force. The drill was scheduled to have included the United States and Italy. Both pulled out after the Turkish ban.

Read it here;

Why do we watch this? Because Turkey is a key named player in Ezekiel 38...when a coalition gathers together with the intent of destroying Israel in the Last Days.

The foreshadowing of things that are yet to happen during The Tribulation continues to build.

How close is our Lord to shouting "Come up here!" to His bride?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Israel Won't Cooperate

The stage if further being set for the world to explode with anger at Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel will never allow its soldiers and war-time leaders to go before an international war-crimes tribunal following the assault on militants in the Gaza Strip 10 months ago.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu heads the weekly cabinet meeting in his Jerusalem offices, 12 Oct 2009

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a fiery speech at the start of the Israeli parliament's winter session, condemning the recent report from a U.N. panel headed by former war crimes prosecutor Richard Goldstone.

Read it here;

The Arab world would love to parade a bunch of Israeli soldiers and officers in front of a world court. Thankfully, Netanyahu will never let that all early reports about "disproportionate violence are an absoulte joke."

Iraqi Oil

When the USA invaded Iraq in 2002 to overthrow Saddam, many said it was part of the war on terror. Others said it was about oil. Obviously they are both right.

USA is dependent on foreign oil and we realize that any major disruption in the production and shipping of that foreign oil....would bring the USA to it's knees in a hurry. So it is in our best interests to have a safe oil market...and Saddam had already proven he was a wild card when he invaded Kuwait in 1991.

Also, Iraq is rich in oil so there is a very good chance that they might be able to pay us back for the $$billions that we spent on liberating them from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein.

The minister said that foreign companies' investment in the West Qurna, az-Zubair and Rumeila fields would bring $100 billion to Iraq while productivity at the three deposits would increase to 7 million barrels compared with the country's current total output of 2.4 million barrels per day.

Read it here;

Did you notice that statistic of bringing $100 billion to Iraq? Remember that many prophecy watchers take note that Babylon will be rebuilt around the time of the Great the Last Days. Remember that Babylon is in Iraq. We will continue to watch that area because $100 billion would go a long way towards having that ancient city rebuilt and turned into some type of global financial center.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gays Are Marching Again

First off, let me be clear: Having the desire to have sex with a member of the same sex is something that most people probably didn't ask to have. I have no doubt that most wish that they didn't have those desires. Note that I said MOST... not ALL.

Second off, let me clear: All heterosexual men at some point in their lives have a desire to have sex with someone other than their wife. We didn't ask for that desire...and probably most wish that those thoughts didn't continually enter their minds.

But civilized people simply don't act on every desire that crosses their minds. It's what makes us civil.

If we simply shouted, "God made me that it must be OK to do it!", we would have anarchy.

The Old Testament tells many times in previous human history when men simply did whatever they wanted. One such time was in Sodom when gay men and women ruled the day. It got so bad that when Lot was visited by some angels...the men of the city demanded that Lot put them out of his that they could rape them. Wow!...that is perverse!

And we all know the rest of the story. God destroyed Sodom for it's utter perversion.

Today, America seems to be turning towards Sodom. The top headline in Google is about another gay march in our nation's capital....and on the Lord's sabbath, no less.

Read it here;,0,5041803.story

The article says that gays want equality. What they really mean is that the gays want acceptance by everyone else. They want us to not only tolerate their behavior...but won't stop until we all approve of and embrace their behavior.

Make no mistake....the next groups that will soon be marching are men who want society to tolerate and embrace polygamy. After all, they will claim that they were made that way.

The next group to march will be men and women who enjoy sex with animals. After all, they will claim that they were made that they should have equality and acceptance.

Where does this all end? The patterns of the Bible show us very clearly that it will end with destruction.

If you have gay friends, neighbors or family, pray that the Holy Spirit would convict them of their sin and that they can resist their that Satan will flee.