Friday, November 25, 2016

Popular Perversion Site Gets More Perverse

Tinder is an application on your Smart Phone where you can scroll through pictures and profiles of other people.  Lot's of folks use it as a shopping site to find people they would like to have sex with. Of course in today's sex-filled has become very popular.

It may have started with as an app for men to find women to fornicate with....but now the site has proudly expanded from only having two "gender" choices and is now helping transgender, queer and others find perversion.

Tinder offered only two gender picks prior to a major update Tuesday: female or male. Now, the dating app that boasts more than 20 billion "matches" is offering dozens more auto-fill options for trans and non-comforming users.
The update, Tinder CEO Sean Rad hopes, is the beginning of the solution to problems transgender app users have faced.
"Six months ago we discovered that the transgender community on Tinder was experiencing some harassment on the platform," Rad says. "When we initially heard about it, we were very angry."
Rad says team members regrouped and took their time figuring out a solution, working with influencers from GLAAD as well as their own transgender users. The result is an additional 37 gender options, including Transgender Female, Transsexual Male, Agender, Genderqueer and the option to write in your own term. Users can choose to display their gender identities on their profiles.
According to Rad, Tinder will continue to evolve this update, because "gender is a complex conversation—it’s an ongoing dialogue."

France on the Verge of Collapse

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We certainly are blessed by God/Jesus to live in this great nation where food, hot water, warm beds and security have NEVER been an issue for most of us.  We continue to believe that America will stay great as long as she continues to bless Israel and with Donald Trump as President Elect it appears that our good relations with Israel will actually improve from where Obama had taken them.

With that being said, prophecy marches on.  The election of Donald Trump has not changed God's Prophetic Calendar one iota....and today we read the trouble that France is in because of it's tolerance of Islam and allowing Muslims, who refuse to assimilate, into their midst.

France is in turmoil. "Migrants" arriving from Africa and the Middle East sow disorder and insecurity in many cities. The huge slum commonly known as the "jungle of Calais" has just been dismantled, but other slums are being created each day. In eastern Paris, streets have been covered with corrugated sheets, oilcloth and disjointed boards. Violence is commonplace. France's 572 "no-go zones," officially defined as "sensitive urban areas", continue to grow, and police officers who approach them often suffer the consequences. Recently, a police car drove into an ambush and was torched while the police were prevented from getting out. If attacked, police officers are told by their superiors to flee rather than retaliate. Many police officers, angry at having to behave like cowards, have organized demonstrations. No terrorist attacks have taken place since the slaughter of a priest in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray on July 26, 2016, but intelligence services see that jihadists have returned from the Middle East and are ready to act, and that riots may break out anywhere, any time, on any pretext.
Although overwhelmed by a domestic situation it barely controls, the French government still intervenes in the world affairs: a "Palestinian state" is still its favorite cause, Israel its favorite scapegoat.
Last Spring, even though both France and the Palestinian territories were in terrible shape, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault anyway declared that it was "urgent" to relaunch the "peace process" and create a Palestinian state. France therefore convened an international conference, held in Paris on June 3. Neither Israel nor the Palestinians were invited to it. The conference was a flop. It concluded with a vapid statement about the "imperative necessity" to go "forward."
France did not stop there. The government then decided to organize a new conference in December. This time, with Israel and the Palestinians. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, noting that Israel does not need intermediaries, refused the invitation. Palestinian leaders accepted. Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian Authority spokesman congratulated France, adding, not surprisingly, that the Palestinian Authority had "suggested" the idea to the French.

Now Donald Trump is the U.S. president-elect, and Newt Gingrich is likely to play a key role in the Trump Administration. Gingrich said a few years ago that there is no such a thing as a Palestinian people, and added last week that settlements are in no way an obstacle to peace. As such, the December conference looks as if it might be another failure.

French diplomats nevertheless are working with Palestinian officials on a UN resolution to recognize a Palestinian State inside the "1967 borders" (the 1949 armistice lines), but without any peace treaty. They are apparently hoping that outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama will not use the American veto at the Security Council, allowing the passage of the resolution. It is not certain at all that Barack Obama will want to end his presidency on a gesture so openly subversive. It is almost certain that France will fail there too. Again.

For many years, France seems to have built its entire foreign policy on aligning itself with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC): 56 Islamic countries plus the Palestinians. Originally, France's dreams might have been of displacing America as a world power, accessing inexpensive oil, business deals with oil-rich Islamic states, and the prayer of no domestic terrorism. All four have been washouts. It is also obvious that France has more urgent problems to solve.

France persists because it is desperately trying to limit problems that probably cannot be solved.
In the 1950s, France was different from what it is now. It was a friend of Israel. The "Palestinian cause" did not exist. The war in Algeria was raging, and a large majority of French politicians would not even have shaken hands with unrepentant terrorists.

Everything changed with the end of the Algerian war. Charles de Gaulle handed Algeria over to a terrorist movement called the National Liberation Front. He then proceeded to create a strategic reorientation of the France's foreign policy, unveiling what he called the "Arab policy of France."

We can file this one under, "Nations in distress".

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hamas Co-Founder Says Trump Might be a Jew

You can watch this recent television interview of Hamas co-founder who says it wouldn't surprise him if Trump was a Jew.  He also says you can get a taste of American culture by just watching all our wrestling shows....

Hmmm......he does have a point there.  More people in America probably know who their favorite MMA Wrestler is than can name the Vice President of the USA.

In the very last days, men will be lovers of violence.


It's hard to believe that the liberals across the world insist on sending $billions of dollars to Hamas so they can rule the Gaza strip.

Do they truly believe that Hamas should have it's own nation to rule over?

Yep....that seems to be their belief.

New Amazon Prime TV Commercial Features Priest and Imam

Some of you may have already seen this new commercial by Amazon featuring an Episcopal Priest and a Muslim Imam.

If you haven't seen it you can watch it here;

I ran across it today when my liberal-atheist relative posted it to his FaceBook page.  As a general rule I disagree with just about everything he posts as our worldviews couldn't be further apart.

As you watch the commercial please understand that it seems very pleasant...and it is!!  What can possibly be wrong with a priest and a Imam being good friends?


But please read the book SEEKING ALLAH, FINDING JESUS by Nabeel Qureshi if you want to find the best possible way for a follower of Jesus to build a relationship with a Muslim and convert him from Islam into a follower of Christ.

The Amazon commercial appeals to the fallen world because it confirms the world's belief that you can pick a religion....any religion....and it will all work out great for you in the end....BECAUSE WE WILL ALL GO TO HEAVEN (if there is a heaven) NO MATTER WHAT WE BELIEVE!!

"I believe in God the father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth and in Jesus Christ his only son, our Lord.  He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate and was crucified, died and was buried,  He descended into hell and on the third day he rose again.  He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.  He will come again to judge the living and the dead."

"I am the way, the truth and the life.  No man comes to the Father except through me."--Jesus

Friends, if you don't believe the Apostles Creed or the words of Jesus....IT WILL MAKE AN ETERNAL DIFFERENCE on what you will see and where you will go once you take your last breath in this dying body that we will all live in just a little while longer.

It's Official....We Have Lost Our Collective Minds

Let me start off by introducing you to the author of this New York Times article about what is actually taking place on college campuses across the country....and just see if you can figure out where this article is going...

Elizabeth Reis, a professor of gender studies at the City University of New York’s Macaulay Honors College, is the author, most recently, of “Bodies in Doubt: An American History of Intersex.”

Yep!  We are going to all take time out of our lives to figure out HOW college kids introduce themselves to their profs and fellow students on the first day of class.  I had no idea that if I were in college I would stand and say, "Dennis, he/his/him".  This is to inform all my campus associates that I identify as male....even if I am dressed in a dress, high heals and wearing a bra.

My fall classes started recently, and I had to face the pronoun question. It’s simple for me: My appearance matches my preferred pronoun, so I don’t worry about anyone misstating it. But some of my students are transgender or gender nonconforming, and they want to announce how others should refer to them. Or do they?

At some colleges and universities, it’s common for students to introduce themselves, whether in class or in student group meetings, by name, followed by a string of pronouns. “I’m Lizzie; she/her/hers,” for example. I find the exercise discomfiting, but not because I don’t want to know the students’ pronouns. It’s because this ice-breaking ritual, in my experience, is easy only for those for whom the answer is obvious. It can “out” or isolate others, particularly those who are still considering their gender or who have just begun to transition.

When we go around the room in class, students visibly react when they hear that someone they thought looked male goes by female pronouns or vice versa. This happened in my class a few years back. All eyes fell upon this person as if to ask, “If you identify as female, why don’t you try to look the part?” My heart went out to this student, who later told me that she was just beginning to think about her transition and hadn’t yet started to publicly change anything about herself, other than her name. She looked like any other guy in the class, except she had adopted a traditionally female name and used female pronouns on this day when asked.

This is the kind of student for whom we might think the pronoun exercise would be perfect. Once she identified herself, no one would accidentally mis-gender her in class. But in fact, as the student explained to me later, having to say her pronouns in a room full of strangers terrified her. She would have preferred to state her female name and leave it at that. If we had done traditional introductions, some of the students would have put two and two together and assumed she was transitioning; others might have thought she had an unusual name for a guy; some might have thought she was gender queer and comfortable with a male appearance and a female name; and yet others would have shrugged their shoulders and thought, “Whatever.”

With this experience in mind, I decided to adopt a compromise solution for this semester: I explained my concerns and said that students should list their pronouns along with their names only if they were so inclined. I also said that as a class we will refer to one another by our first names (community building) or the pronoun “they” (grammar evolves!). This strategy seemed to work. Half of the students disclosed their pronouns and the other half just introduced themselves in the standard way. No one became the object of scrutiny.

Divulging one’s gender through an announcement of pronouns at best contradicts the reality that our gender may be ambiguous, and at worst forces students to reveal a potentially vulnerable part of themselves. There are other ways to get to know one another as the semester unfolds.


In the beginning God created them MALE and FEMALE...MALE AND FEMALE He created them.

All of this cross-dressing, panty-wearing, penis-dismembering, breast-implanting, hormone therapy is simply more indication of how far we have fallen since the first humans.  There is no doubt that some women are more masculine and some men are more feminine.  You may even struggle with same-sex attraction but as Children of the heavenly Father we simply do NOT have to follow through on every single desire that we were born with.

Of course this doesn't mean as Christians that we tease, ridicule or hate our neighbor who tells us they are queer or gender-confused.  On the contrary!  Form a relationship based on love and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.....then if they repent and accept Christ's salvation....let the Holy Spirit do the changing in their lives.  People seldom change people...but the Creator of the Universe can heal us from all kinds of perverse thoughts and deeds.

But please don't believe the lie that Jesus never wants us to change.  Of course He does!  That is a huge part of the Gospel message!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Islamic Terrorists Are Not Poor and Ignorant

When the subject of Islam comes up at work or with family, have you ever heard the liberals among you claim that Islamic terrorism is made because the terrorists are poor, frustrated and hopeless?

I know I have heard that argument.  "But Dennis, the poor Palestinians being steamrolled by those Jews of Israel....they feel like they have no hope and no way to get their land back!  If you were so poor and miserable, YOU might blow yourself up too!"

Ummmm......I'm gonna say no....

What if that argument fell apart like wet toilet paper?  What if it turned out the the folks who blow themselves up while saying "Allah akbar!" are actually educated and affluent?  Would the liberals finally come to realize that Islam has a problem?

"The better young people are integrated, the greater the chance is that they radicalize. This hypothesis is supported by a lot of evidence". — From a report by researchers at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

"The proportions of [Islamic State] administrators but also of suicide fighters increase with education," according to a World Bank report. "Moreover, those offering to become suicide bombers ranked on average in the more educated group."

Britain's MI5 revealed that "two-thirds of the British suspects have a middle-class profile and those who want to become suicide bombers are often the most educated".

Researchers have discovered that "the richer the countries are the more likely will provide foreign recruits to the terrorist group [ISIS]."

The West seems to have trouble accepting that terrorists are not driven by inequality, but by hatred for Western civilization and the Judeo-Christian values of the West.

For the Nazis, the "inferior race" (the Jews) did not deserve to exist; for the Stalinists, the "enemies of the people" were not entitled to continue living; for the Islamists, it is the West itself that does not deserve to exist.

It is anti-Semitism, not poverty, that led the Palestinian Authority to name a school after Abu Daoud, mastermind of the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.

Nasra Hassan, who wrote an informed profile of Palestinian suicide bombers for The New Yorker, explained that, "of 250 suicide bombers, not one was illiterate, poor or depressed." The unemployed, it seems, are always the least likely to support terror attacks.

Europe and America gave everything to these terrorists: educational and employment opportunities, popular entertainment and sexual pleasures, salaries and welfare, and religious freedom. These terrorists, such as the "underwear bomber," Umar Farouk Abulmutallab, the son of a banker, have not seen a day of poverty in their life. Paris's terrorists rejected the secularist values of liberté, egalité, fraternité; British jihadists who bombed London and now fight for the Caliphate rejected multiculturalism; the Islamist who killed Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam repudiated Dutch relativism, and ISIS's soldier, Omar Mateen, who turned Orlando's Pulse Club into a slaughterhouse, said he wanted to purge it from what he perceived as libertine licentiousness and apparently his own homophilic wishes.

If the West does not understand the real source of this hatred, but instead indulges in false excuses such as poverty, it will not win this war being waged against us.

No doubt it is very annoying to hear the liberals misquote Donald Trump when they repeat the false claim that he wants to ban an entire religion....of Islam of course.  It's simply not true.  Islam is much more than a religion.  It's also a political and legal system.  So just like we banned young German men who were affiliated with the Nazi party from rushing into America during WWII....we should also make sure that we discover our Muslim enemies before they rush into our nation with ill intentions on their minds.  Our declared war is against Islamic we need to have a vetting system to discover which Muslims wanting to come here are "extreme".  Also we need to monitor the Mosques and Muslim websites here in America to understand how they are taking High School Graduates from Minneapolis and turning them into Muslim extremists willing to kill and die for their faith.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Global Messiah Happening Now

As prophecy watchers we remember that Rabbis and religious Jews have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Messiah.  They rejected Him and are still waiting for their Messiah to show up.  But they also have the Old Testament that continues to tell them what to WATCH for regarding Messiah and the Last Days.

This is incredibly interesting because we gentiles who have accepted Jesus Christ as Messiah cling to the New Testament and have the full benefit of listening to Paul, Peter and John the Revelator as we WATCH for Jesus to return for His bride and see the signs all around us of the coming Great Tribulation that will all be set in motion following the rapture of the church.

So as you read this next article please understand that the Jews and Rabbis in Israel WILL ACCEPT the Antichrist as their Messiah and this will complete many of the unfulfilled prophecies.

The aftershocks of the US-brokered deal with Iran concerning their nuclear program have left many political analysts stymied, but one ancient Jewish source presents a scenario, unthinkable just a few years ago, which is now a strong possibility: a nuclear war between Saudi Arabia and Iran that leaves Israel untouched and makes way for the coming of the Messiah.

So much is still unclear about Iran and the Middle East, but the Yalkut Shimoni, a collection of Biblical teachings believed to have been arranged in the 13th century, predicted a scenario that is is becoming more relevant as time goes on, anticipating our present political reality.

Rabbi Yizchok said: “The year that Melech HaMoshiach [Messiah the King] will be revealed, all the nations of the world will be provoking each other. The King of Persia (Iran) will provoke the King of Arabia (Saudi Arabia), and the King of Arabia will go to Edom (the West) to take counsel, but the King of Persia will in turn, destroy the entire world. The nations of the world will be outraged and panicked. They will fall on their faces, and they will experience pains like birth pangs. Israel too will be outraged and in a state of panic and ask, where do we go? But say unto them, ‘My children, do not fear, the time of your redemption has come. And in the last redemption will be different from the first which was followed by further bondage and pain. After this last redemption, you will not again experience any further pain or subjugation.’”

The Yalkut Shimoni predicted a global conflict involving all of the nations. The focus of the conflict, though, will be Iran pitted against Saudi Arabia, resulting in total apocalypse which, in light of today’s weapons technology, would likely be nuclear.

With radical Islam stoking the flames, and the opposing sides of the Islamic world arming up, the nuclear showdown prophesied by the Yalkut Shimoni now looms closer than ever, especially in the wake of a recent clue that Israel and Saudi Arabia may be approaching an unlikely partnership.

Just a few weeks ago, Salman Al-Ansari, the founder and president of the Washington DC-based Saudi American Public Relation Affairs Committee (SAPRAC), made waves when he published an article in The Hill suggesting that Israel and Saudi Arabia form an alliance.

Al-Ansari noted many mutual interests (financial, technology, water engineering), claiming that “it is common knowledge that Saudi Arabia and Israel have committed to rational and balanced foreign policies over the past 70 years, never seeking any provocative or hostile actions against each other.”

Al-Ansari stated that the basis of this revolutionary coalition would be a shared threat: “The totalitarian government of Iran which is classified internationally as a global sponsor of terrorism.” Implicit in Al-ansari’s article is that the catalyst for this new era of cooperation between Israel and the leader of global Sunni Islam is the looming threat of a revived Iranian nuclear program.

Until recently, conflict with Saudi Arabia would not have included a threat of nuclear escalation, since they were not known to have a nuclear weapons program and were a member of the coalition of countries demanding a Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone in the Middle East. This changed as a result of the P5+1 agreement brokered by US President Barack Obama last year.

In May 2015, The Sunday Times of London reported that the Saudis had “taken the ‘strategic decision’ to acquire ‘off-the-shelf’ atomic weapons from Pakistan amid growing fears of a nuclear-armed Iran.”

Professor Ze’ev Maghen of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic studies agreed that the situation is close to exploding. “Iran and Saudi Arabia are indeed poised with knives at each other’s throats,” he told Breaking Israel News. “This can certainly explode, as Saudi Arabia is the leader of Sunni Islam and Iran is the leader of Shi’ite Islam.”

However, he expressed doubt at the idea of an Israeli-Saudi alliance. “I’ve heard reports of cooperation between Israel and Saudi Arabia, but I am not sure how far that can actually go.”

Rabbi Yosef Dayan, a member of the nascent Sanhedrin who can trace his lineage back to King David, think that that current events fit perfectly into the Yalkut Shimoni.

“The Yalkut Shimoni emphasizes that Messiah is a process that includes the entire world, not just Israel. It involves the entire world,” explained Rabbi Dayan to Breaking Israel News.

He emphasized that the prophecy is a prediction of modern, tangible events. “It is not a supernatural process, brought about by angels coming down from heaven,” he said. “These things we hear about in the news, happening between nations, this is the Messianic process unfolding in front of our eyes.”

Rabbi Dayan connected the prophecy to non-Jews outside of Israel who see Biblical prophecy coming to life in the headlines – whether for better or worse.

“Many non-Jews are waking up to this, and are turning to the tiny State of Israel, some wanting to connect with us in a positive way, others seeking to prevent Messiah, even if it means self-destruction,” he said. “Many non-Jews are calling for us to build the Temple, while others, against all logic, are claiming there never was a Temple. It is all in the guise of politics, but it is a global Messiah happening right now.”


Wow!  Temples and global messiahs and prophecy!  Oh my!!

With every passing day it's getting harder and harder to deny that there is SOMETHING BIG GOING ON!  So don't be surprised if the trumpet blows and we see the dead in Christ rise first and then get transformed in the twinkling of an eye as we go to meet Jesus in the clouds.

Also don't be surprised as you see Israel and many Jews who have rejected Jesus being prepared to accept someone besides Jesus as their Messiah as the Great Tribulation draws close.

John 5:43
I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him.