Friday, October 8, 2010

Decoupling from Dollar

We have had many conversations about how the U.S. dollar has been used as the world's money reserve ever since we won WWII. If you are someplace else in the world and wanted to have safe used the U.S. dollar. The reason for this is the agreement we had with the world from 1945-1971. (or about those dates) We promised that we would only print $35 worth of paper for every ounce of gold we had at Fort Knox. It was called the "gold standard."

Of course Richard Nixon (R) took us off this standard because quite honestly we needed billions worth of bombs and planes to fight the Viet Nam war and needed to print more money.

As of late the world does not like how the U.S. has been borrowing money....most of which we will never be able to repay. The value goes up and down and isn't tied to anything of intrinsic value...and it is making them nervous. Notice how we are having problems selling 20 year or 30 year IOU's....but instead our creditors only want 3 year paper.

We have said in the past that when countries start using other currencies and dump U.S. would be pretty tragic for us in the U.S.

Today, Hal Lindsey, famous prophecy watcher for the past 40 years and host of his own TV show....sent out this message;

For much of the 20th Century and into the 21st, the US dollar has been the standard reserve currency for the world. Nations kept their savings in US dollars. It was the currency of international oil trading and for most other commodities as well. But the world is getting nervous. The out-of-control spending by the US government and its devil-may-care fiscal attitude has most of the world's major institutions talking seriously about "decoupling" from the US dollar. That means they may start dumping their dollar reserves and replacing them with other currencies such as the Euro. When that happens, it will so devalue the US dollar that two parties will suffer enormously: the United States (and its citizens) and those nations who hold the largest portions of our currency in reserve, i.e., China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. How will they collect on our defaulted debt?

It would appear that many prophecy watchers are starting to see the same thing. Is it a coincidence....or a "Godincidence"?

You decide.

How Low Can We Go?

According to this article, there is an art museum in Loveland, CO that has images of Jesus receiving oral sex from another man.

A Montana woman has been charged with criminal mischief after allegedly taking a crowbar to a controversial art museum display in Colorado that critics say portrays Jesus Christ receiving oral sex from another man.

The piece, on display since Sept. 11 at the tax-funded Loveland Museum Gallery in Loveland, Colo., includes several images of Jesus, including one in which he appears to be receiving oral sex from a man as the word "orgasm" appears beside Jesus’ head.

And here is what the artist had to say;

"Should we as artists, or any free-thinking people, have to be subjected to fear of violent attacks for expressing our sincere concerns? I made a collage with a comic book and an illustration of a religious icon to express the corruption of something precious and spiritual," Chagoya told "There is no nudity, or genitals, or explicit sexual contact shown in the image. There is a dressed woman, a religious icon's head, a man showing his tongue, and a skull of a Pope in the upper right corner of the controversial page. I did not make a picture of Christ. I used symbols as one would use words in a sentence to critique corruption of the sacred by religious institutions."

"Violence is the opposite of what Jesus, Mohammad or Buddha taught. I am amazed that some of the followers don't adhere to the teachings. Agree to disagree and love thy neighbor," he said.

See it here;

Now here is an interesting thought....what if the same artist had made a picture of Mohammad receiving oral sex from another man? I would guess the artist may be in hiding right now as the death threats would have already been rolling in. Also, all the Muslim countries of the world would have been burning U.S. flags saying, "death to America"....and the liberal media would have all been contacting him asking why he is so provocative? Doesn't he realize that he is hurting millions of Muslims feelings by taking their cherished prophet and subjecting him to such degradation? In addition the military probably would have contacted him to say he is endangering lives of our military over in Muslim lands. Wait a tic....didn't all this just happen when some dude in FL even threatened to burn a Koran?

So the lesson can trample ANY religious icon you want in America (especially Jesus)....just don't trample Islam because you may offend the Muslims.

Hat tip Mike S.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Not Getting Better

The Bible tells us we live on a Satanic planet. Satan is the Prince of the Earth and also the Prince of the Powers of the Air. Pretty much sounds like he has the whole thing wrapped up.

Knowing this, it is always such a surprise to hear fellow Christians wondering about why they have had such a rough life, or why God allowed such and such to happen. Friends, we are in a war. Satan currently has this territory and Jesus has dropped us in behind enemy lines to "set the captives free." We are part of the final rescue mission to release our brothers and sisters in Christ from this Satanic prison before God comes and torches this whole place...and Jesus reclaims it all for His own.

How come the most Churches have totally lost this message? How come no one told me this in confirmation 35 years ago? How come no one ever told me about the rapture of the church until 5 years ago?

Short answer....because the wolf has come into 99% of churches... disguised in sheep's clothing...exactly as the Bible said he would. The message of the wolf has been that we followers of Christ are supposed to bring peace to this world, that God is ONLY about love, that God has no wrath in him, that tolerance of other non-Christian religions is good, that no one in the church is supposed to be judged for their sin, that ancient pagan practices can be used to connect with our inner spirituality. The list goes on and on.

Pastor Greg Laurie sent me a great devotion today. He confirms our thoughts that things are not going to get better on planet earth until Christ comes to sit on David's throne. How do we know this? Because the Bible tells me so.

Infiltrate, Not Isolate

"I'm not asking you to take them out of the world, but to keep them safe from the evil one."— John 17:15

What is the biblical worldview on our culture? Are things getting better? Is humanity improving the world around it? The Bible is really clear on this one: our culture is dark, and it is getting darker. That is what the Bible teaches. It is not going to get better; it is going to get worse. Despite the fact that humanity has increased in scientific, medical, historical, educational, psychological, and technological knowledge to an astounding degree, we have not in any way, shape, or form changed our own basic nature. And we have not improved society.

Our confidence has increased, but our peace of mind has diminished. Our accomplishments have increased, but our sense of purpose and meaning have all but disappeared. Instead of improving the moral and spiritual quality of our lives, our discoveries and accomplishments have simply provided new ways to show ourselves for what we really are: depraved, sinful, and wicked.Modern man has simply discovered new ways to corrupt and destroy himself. We go from war to greater war, from immorality to greater immorality, from perversion to greater perversion. The spiral is downward, not upward.

Some Christians try to isolate themselves from the world around them. But that is virtually impossible. You may remove yourself and your children from the culture, or at least attempt to, but know this: your culture will find you.

Withdrawing to a Christian subculture is not what we are supposed to do. Jesus prayed this for us: "I'm not asking you to take them out of the world, but to keep them safe from the evil one" (John 17:15). The objective of believers is not to isolate, but to infiltrate; not to evade, but to invade. We are to impact our culture without being compromised by it.

That's awesome!! We are not supposed to evade, but to invade! Let's identify the enemy. Let's plan our attack. Let's know what to do when we take casualties. Let's understand that if we aren't being shot at, it means we aren't in the battle.

In summation...let's rescue our buddies and make war on the enemy...before God puts an eternal end to Satan and anyone who has not accepted Christ.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just Say No to Gold

Yesterday we posted an article about how some rich folks were buying gold by the ton.

Today the advisers to the rich people are saying their clients should say "no" to gold.

Dang it! Does that mean that the rich people aren't listening to their advisers?? Or does that mean some advisers are telling the rich to buy gold....while some other advisers are telling the rich NOT to buy gold?

I'm so confused.

(Reuters) - Gold is all the rage as investors flee uncertain markets and worry about inflation, but some bankers to the very rich do not take a shine to the precious metal.

Gold prices have spiked 22 percent this year, with investors sending gold futures to record highs of more than $1,337 on Tuesday. The weak dollar, volatility in currency markets and deficit worries boosted demand for the metal as a safe store of value.
Private banking executives, say gold's glittering price tag is or should give their wealthy clients pause.

"We're not really recommending gold right now, just because it's at a level where there are things driving it beyond the types of things (where) that we can add a lot of value," U.S. Trust President Keith Banks said at the Reuters Global Private Banking Summit in New York.

See it here;

It seems this is just one more layer of confusion that is being laid out for mankind. You kind of get the idea that the uber-rich are running around, desperately trying to figure out how to protect their wealth when really they should be running around seeking Jesus....before their time is up.

Another UFO Over China

A few hours ago, another airport in China had to be shut down because a UFO was hovering over it. This is pretty interesting because I believe this has happened 3 times in the past few weeks.

See video here;

I believe that as the Tribulation draws close and as the "great deception" talked about in 2 Thessalonians also draws close....I would expect the UFO and paranormal activity to increase.

There is some evidence from the demons themselves, speaking through human channels, that they claim they are being held back by something. 2 Thessalonians would suggest it is the Holy Spirit indwelling all believers on earth that is "restraining" the demons, (pretending to be aliens) from making even more contact with planet earth.

If this is the case I would say that planet earth would look for an increase of UFO activity wherever the Holy Spirit is the most absent. I don't know would just be a logical conclusion. Certainly China has had a bunch of them, and they are one of the most Godless places on earth....which means a very low Holy Spirit/per capita ratio.

Hat tip to Brent K.

IMF in Headlines Again

The International Monetary Fund is at it again. For years they played a very behind-the-scenes role in making some loans and taking deposits from countries who had more cash than they needed.

Today it seems they are in the headlines almost every day...and today is no different.

IMF Says Public Debt, Fragile Banks Pose Risks to Global Economic Growth

High unemployment, public debt and fragile banking systems pose risks to global prosperity, the International Monetary Fund said, urging policy makers to take bolder steps to assure a sustained recovery.

Many advanced nations such as the U.S. have yet to adopt policies that will reduce their reliance on government spending and strengthen household demand and exports, the IMF said. At the same time, developing nations such as China are keeping their currencies weak and remain overly dependent on overseas sales to spur growth.

See it here;

Just in case someone is a new reader....WHY IS THIS INTERESTING?? Because the Bible tells us there will be a one world government and a one world currency during the last years on earth. And the IMF may very well be the international bank, issuing an international currency when all the currencies of Greece, Spain, Japan, and the USA fall down...and the world clamors for someone to come and save them.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

End of History

Those of us who read and believe the Bible have been told by God how history would end. But let's also remember that many of those who read and believe the Koran have also been told how history will end.

Now, here's the problem. Many who read and believe the Koran believe that the Jews and Christians are liars and that the truth is not in them.

Of course, Jesus said that anyone who denied that He was God were getting their information from the Father of all Lies, Satan....and the truth is not in them.

Funny thing about can only be one way. One of these groups is going to be 100% totally wrong and it will have eternal consequences. So do you know that what the Bible tells you is the truth? Can you defend it if challenged?

Watch this 3 minute video from a Muslim Imam (who speaks very good English) as he tells his audience how the end of history is at hand...and how the Jews and Jerusalem will ultimately be conquered when the 12th Imam returns to lead the army of black flags.

See it here;

Honestly folks, do you really think this whole thing between Jews, Christians and Muslims is going to end with hand holding and Kum-ba-yah singing?

Jesus said there will be wars and rumors of wars and nation will rise against nation as the day of His return draws close. As you watch world events continue to unfold, it looks like Jesus pretty much nailed that prophecy too.

Hat tip to Tom.

A Ton of Gold

So with all the doom and gloom being predicted for the paper money system, including stocks, bonds, cash, and bank accounts....what is a poor rich guy (word play intended) supposed to do?

(Reuters) - The world's wealthiest people have responded to economic worries by buying gold by the bar -- and sometimes by the ton -- and by moving assets out of the financial system, bankers catering to the very rich said on Monday.

Fears of a double-dip downturn have boosted the appetite for physical bullion as well as for mining company shares and exchange-traded funds, UBS executive Josef Stadler told the Reuters Global Private Banking Summit.

"They don't only buy ETFs or futures; they buy physical gold," said Stadler, who runs the Swiss bank's services for clients with assets of at least $50 million to invest.

UBS is recommending top-tier clients hold 7-10 percent of their assets in precious metals like gold, which is on course for its tenth consecutive yearly gain and traded at around $1,314.50 an ounce on Monday, near the record level reached last week.

See it here;

What can we predict when we see storm clouds gathering in the west? That it's going to rain and probably is coming our way.

What can we predict when we see caterpillars growing unusually long hair in the fall? That they are preparing for a long, cold winter.

What can we predict when we see squirrels burying their food really deep in your back yard? That it is going to be a really long, cold winter.

What can we predict when we see the ultra wealthy exiting the paper-financial-system and exchanging their paper for gold and hard assets? I wonder........??

But remember what Ezekiel said, "Their silver and gold will not be able to save them in the day of the Lord's wrath."

So what should we be doing with our wealth when we see these financial storms coming? Maybe we should do like Jesus said and lay it up in heaven where it always gets a great return, compounds for eternity and will never be ravaged by inflation.

Conditioning of the Masses

Of course many of you have heard me speak about "aliens" and UFO's and I have posted about them in the recent past.

Today I received this email alert from a major prophecy website run by Jan Markell, called Understanding the Times. Her assistant, Heidi, wrote it because Jan is recovering from surgery.

The conditioning of the masses is taking many forms. One esoteric, but increasingly prolific, form of preparation has been the whole subject of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). I've written on this subject before (a couple times, actually), but this past week the subject entered the mainstream.

Dr. Mazlan Othman, Malaysia's first astrophysicist and head of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (Unoosa) was this week officially appointed "Space Ambassador" by the United Nations. Did you catch that? The UN -- a very official, if dubious, body -- actually has an Office for Outer Space Affairs and just appointed an ambassador to greet aliens from outer space when they arrive! You can't make this stuff up!

That's not all. On Monday, September 27, several former U.S. military officers confirmed in a press conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., that they had witnessed UFOs tampering with US nuclear missile control sites in 1967. These are well-respected U.S. military officers, not wacko conspiracy theorists.

Furthermore, earlier this year the British government released 6,000 pages of UFO documents on sightings within the country. And the Royal Society of London which earlier this year held a conference on The Detection of Extraterrestrial Life and the Consequences for Science and Society, has another meeting scheduled this week (that the new UN space ambassador plans to attend) titled, "Towards a Scientific and Societal Agenda on Extraterrestrial life". Lord Martin Rees, president of the Royal Society, is quoted as saying, "Aliens may be staring us in the face . . . I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can't conceive . . . it could be there are aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains."

See it here;

Friends, are you aware that the "aliens" (really demons in disguise) have been ramping up the frequency of their messages, sent through their human channels, that a "mass evacuation of planet earth may soon be coming?"

Why do you suppose that is?

Here's a possibility for you to ponder; Satan knows his Bible better than any human being because he has had 2000 years to pour over it and memorize it. He also knows that the rapture of the church is NOT OPEN for debate. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS SO!! Furthermore, he can see (even better than us) that the signs of Christ's return are showing up Satan is scrambling to pull the trigger on the many explanations for those left behind of WHERE ALL THE CHRISTIANS WENT! And his really big one he has been working on for centuries is that "aliens" took us away because we were unwilling to let our brains enter the NEW AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT. Those left behind will be told that we are being reprogrammed away from the main group of humans and will be rejoining them after we have accepted the new age.

Think about it....that will make a ton of sense to many of the atheists, new agers, and peace/love groupies. "Yeah dude! I always knew those Christians were intolerant! They were always preaching Jesus is the only way! They were SO not ready to welcome our new space buddy dudes, the Pledieans. I always knew that Bible crap was a joke!"

"The Spirit clearly says that in later times (days leading up to Christ's return) some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits (aliens in disguise?) and things taught by demons." 1 Timothy 4:1

"But Dennis, can't expect me to believe in all this supernatural stuff. Come on!!"

Friends, if you don't believe in supernatural stuff...then you better get ready to throw out a major portion of God's word. Because God IS supernatural,... so is Jesus, so are the angels, so are the attending spirits, so is the Holy is Satan, so are the fallen angels, so are the Nephilim, so are the demons, so are the fallen angels bound in earthly pits awaiting the day of judgment.

Are you really willing to throw away that much of God's Word? Think about it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Americans Sour on Trade

Last Wednesday I did a post on currency and finished the posting with a comment that history teaches us some lessons about trade wars...they usually lead to fighting wars.

Today the very top headline in the Wall Street Journal is this;

Americans Sour on Trade
Majority Say Free-Trade Pacts Have Hurt U.S.; Wedge Issue in Some Races

The American public, already skeptical of free trade, is becoming increasingly hostile to it.

Across the country, politicians are responding accordingly, and that is clouding prospects for congressional approval of pending free-trade pacts with South Korea and Colombia. It is also prompting concern among U.S. businesses reliant on the rest of the world for growth.

While the rhetoric may be heated by approaching congressional elections, the sentiment isn't likely to disappear after November. "We are entering a very dangerous period in which we could actually slip backwards and see the undoing of some of the progress that has been made in recent decades toward a more open world economy," said William Galston, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton now at the liberal-leaning Brookings Institution think tank in Washington.

See it here;

Some will say, "So Dennis, I don't get it. What the heck does this have to do with anything?"

Here is a VERY simple explanation; Let's say you have a business making cabinets for homes. You have been in business for 25 years and along the way added 4 employees to help create your pre-made cabinets that you sell to Menards and Home Depot for them to sell to homeowners. For the first 20 years of business your business model provided a very nice middle income wage for you and your workers.

Now about 5 years ago Menards started buying similar cabinets from China...made by a company paying it's Chinese workers $1 per hour and giving them no Social Security, no unemployment benefits, no health insurance...nothing except that $1 per hour.

You go to Menards and aske them how you can earn their business back and they tell you that in order for that to happen, you would have to cut the price on your cabinets by 50%. You realize that without the Menards contract you are going to have to fire 3 of your employees AND take a sizable pay cut for yourself. So you lower your price and then go to your employees and lower their wages...telling them that they can either work for 25% pay cut or you will have to let them go. With no jobs out there...they have no choice. You also give yourself a 25% pay cut to keep things going.

Now this year, Menards calls you back in and says you have to cut your prices by 25% more because the Chinese supplier has lowered their prices. By now you have taken out a small business loan, a home equity loan and maxed out your credit cards during the lean times of the past 4 years....hoping in the back of your mind that your situation would turn around. But now you realize you are out of business. You lay off your employees and soon the credit card companies and your mortgage company start calling with a harassing tone to their calls. Your life as you new it is now over....AND YOU ARE BITTER MAD!!

Of course the cheaper cabinets felt really good to those of us who were out buying cabinets at Menards. In the short term, we don't really care WHY the cabinets are cheaper today than they were 5 years ago...we are just happy they are cheaper because that leaves more money for us to spend on the bathroom.


We simply can't afford to have a healthy middle class in this country when the Chinese, the South Koreans, the Vietnamese, etc... are happy to show up at work every day for far less than we can afford to work for.

So we complain to our congressman and senators...and they start to look into the Chinese business model. They also start to look at the Chinese currency and how China may be fictitiously keeping the value Menards see their cabinets as even cheaper.

The Senators complain to China...then they threaten...then a trade war can ensue....then a fighting war can ensue. We seem to simply keep repeating the same patterns.

Then see this sentence from the above article;

"China is cheating," she said in an interview. "We need to send a message that they need to play by the rules."

If you say China is cheating...then essentially you are calling them cheaters. Can you see how this is all unraveling...since we owe the "cheaters" $ 1 trillion dollars...and we desperately need them to extend that loan into the unforeseeable future?

What kind of "message" do you send them as you balance on a tightrope that is already sagging and swaying?