Friday, April 15, 2016

Porn Declared a National Health Crisis

"So what's wrong with watching other people having sex?  It's not hurting anyone! It's all positives all around!  Even the women of America are flocking to porn to satisfy their visual lusts!  Plus it helps get me in the mood....every day."

Last month, the Republican-led Utah House of Representatives became the first legislative body in the United States to pass a resolution declaring pornography “a public health hazard leading to a broad spectrum of individual and public health impacts and societal harms.” The liberal backlash criticized the measure as an antiquated bit of conservative moralizing, with the Daily Beast calling it “hypocritical” and “short-sighted.” “The science just isn’t there,” wrote Rewire, an online journal dedicated to dispelling “falsehoods and misinformation.”

The thing is, no matter what you think of pornography (whether it’s harmful or harmless fantasy), the science is there. After 40 years of peer-reviewed research, scholars can say with confidence that porn is an industrial product that shapes how we think about gender, sexuality, relationships, intimacy, sexual violence and gender equality — for the worse. By taking a health-focused view of porn and recognizing its radiating impact not only on consumers but also on society at large, Utah’s resolution simply reflects the latest research.

The statistics on today’s porn use are staggering. A Huffington Post headline announced in 2013 that “Porn Sites Get More Visitors Each Month Than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter Combined,” and one of the largest free porn sites in the world, YouPorn, streamed six times the bandwidth of Hulu in 2013. Pornhub, another major free porn site, boasted that in 2015 it received 21.2 billion visits and “streamed 75GB of data a second, which translates to enough porn to fill the storage in around 175 million 16GB iPhones.”

Extensive scientific research reveals that exposure to and consumption of porn threaten the social, emotional and physical health of individuals, families and communities, and highlights the degree to which porn is a public health crisis rather than a private matter. But just as the tobacco industry argued for decades that there was no proof of a connection between smoking and lung cancer, so, too, has the porn industry, with the help of a well-oiled public relations machine, denied the existence of empirical research on the impact of its products.

In a content analysis of best-selling and most-rented porn films, researchers found that 88 percent of analyzed scenes contained physical aggression: generally spanking, gagging, choking or slapping. Verbal aggression occurred in 49 percent of the scenes, most often in the form of calling a woman “bitch” and “slut.” Men perpetrated 70 percent of the aggressive acts, while women were the targets 94 percent of the time. It is difficult to account for all of the “gonzo” and amateur porn available online, but there is reason to believe that the rented and purchased porn in the analysis largely reflects the content of free porn sites. As researcher Shira Tarrant points out, “The tube sites are aggregators of a bunch of different links and clips, and they are very often pirated or stolen.” So porn that was produced for sale is proffered for free.

As the evidence piles up, a coalition of academics, health professionals, educators, feminist activists and caregivers has decided that they can no longer allow the porn industry to hijack the physical and emotional well-being of our culture. This means understanding that porn is everyone’s problem. Culture Reframed, an organization I founded and currently chair, is pioneering a strategy to address porn as the public health crisis of the digital age. We are developing educational programs for parents, youth and a range of professionals that aim to help shift the culture from one that normalizes a pornographic, oppression-based sexuality to one that values and promotes a sexuality rooted in healthy intimacy, mutual care and respect.

Parents and educators at every level need to know that if porn is not discussed in a research-based, age-appropriate sexual health curriculum, its effects will surely show up as sexual harassment, dating violence and inadvertent “child pornography” on students’ phones. Pornography can cause lifelong problems if young people are not taught to distinguish between exploitative porn sex and healthy, safe sex. As the research shows, porn is not merely a moral nuisance and subject for culture-war debates. It’s a threat to our public health.


How sad!  God created sex to be an intimate, beautiful, loving act between a man and woman who were committed to God in marriage.  And now Satan, and the lusts of our flesh, have turned it into a perverted activity that some are calling  a Public Health Crisis!

Our poor kids.  The average age in America that our children are first exposed to hard-core porn is 8 yrs old!  Really?  And by the time they are teenagers they have spent DAYS watching other people have sex.  And by the time they are married....when their partner doesn't look and act like a porn star....our men need drugs to get an erection because "regular" sex with your wife just doesn't match up with virtual sex the porn stars are having.

There can be no doubt that America is suffering from a Public Health Crisis!  The Crisis is called sin! And it appears that maybe God has already given us over to our shameful lusts...and withdrawn His protective hand.

Romans 1
24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

If you are reading this and have a porn problem, please understand that Jesus already knows about your problem.  There is NO HIDDEN SIN!  Repent of all your sins, ask Jesus to come be your savior and save you from the wrath of God which is coming.  If you truly did accept Him, the Holy Spirit will come and live inside of you and help to lead you away from the patterns of sin you had before you knew Him.

Four Major Quakes Strike in 48 Hours

Japan had a big quake yesterday.  It's being reported there was major damage and 9 people died. Other big quakes happened in the same region.  Now some scientists are saying this increased frequency of quakes is a warning of the BIG ONE that might be just around the corner.

Scientists fear 'the Big One' is COMING as FOUR major earthquakes strike in 48 hours

There have been three large earthquakes recorded in recent days, including a major one in southern Japan which destroyed buildings and left at least 45 people injured, after Myanmar was rocked on Wednesday.

Tremors were also felt as far as 500 miles away at the national park in India where the Royal couple Kate and William were visiting.

Yesterday, The Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital confirmed 45 were injured, including five with serious injuries after a quake of magnitude 6.2 to 6.5 and a series of strong aftershocks ripped through Kumamoto city.

Several buildings were damaged or destroyed and at least six people are believed to be trapped under homes in Mashiki. Local reports said one woman was rescued in a critical condition 

Scientists say there has been an above average number of significant earthquakes across south Asia and the Pacific since the start of the year.

The increased frequency has sparked fears of a repeat of the Nepal quake of 2015, where 8,000 people died, or even worse.

Roger Bilham, seismologist of University of Colorado, said: "The current conditions might trigger at least four earthquakes greater than 8.0 in magnitude. 

"And if they delay, the strain accumulated during the centuries provokes more catastrophic mega earthquakes."


Of course Jesus told us to watch for an increase of earthquakes in various places.  He said that these quakes would be one more sign, added to others, that give us an idea of how close  His return to earth is.

He also said they would be like birth pangs giving us the warning that something REALLY BIG was going to come.

So think about it...there is no doubt that we are hearing of bigger quakes...and they are getting stronger and stronger and more frequent....what might this be leading up to?

Of course we know it is leading up to the biggest quake that the earth will EVER have!!

Revelation 16:18 
Then there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder and a severe earthquake. No earthquake like it has ever occurred since mankind has been on earth, so tremendous was the quake.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rich Folks Are Buying Armageddon Bunkers

Just another reminder....we are just posting headlines that we find in the daily news.  We don't make any claim that all the headlines are true.  It's just the headlines that people are talking about.

So today we see this headline that reports that rich folks, and the "elite", are buying underground bunkers.


Because they see civil unrest coming.

One company is catering to this fear and reportedly selling lots of bunkers to lots of folks.

The company behind the construction of the sprawling complexes, Vivos, says the facilities are for the “protection of high net worth individuals” in the event of apocalyptic-style scenarios during which “millions will perish or worse yet, struggle to survive as victims”.

“Where will you go when pandemonium strikes?” asks a promo for the luxury shelters.

The biggest facility, called Europa One, is located in Germany and is “one of the most fortified and massive underground survival shelters on Earth, deep below a limestone mountain” and is “safely secured from the general public, behind sealed and secured walls, gates and blast doors”.

Journalist Lynn Parramore said she also visited another site in Indiana which is a former Cold War communications facility.

“Built during the Cold War to withstand a 20 megaton blast, within just a few miles, this impervious underground complex accommodates up to 80 people, for a minimum of one year of fully autonomous survival, without needing to return to the surface,” states a promo for the bunker on the Vivos website.

The main selling point is the location of the facility, which is a “safe distance away from the New Madrid fault line” and therefore a good hideaway to escape a “tsunami-type event”.
“You go underground and it feels like you’re in a very nice hotel,” said Parramore.


As we read this article we are reminded of the passage in Revelation.

Revelation 6
15 Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16 They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us[f] from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17 For the great day of their[g] wrath has come, and who can withstand it?”

When The Lord returns, there will be people hiding in caves.  Could this be a reference to these bunkers that the generals, princes, rich and mighty folks are all hiding in?  Could they be in hiding from the chaos and plagues that will overtake the earth during the Great Tribulation?

If you are reading this and you don't know Jesus Christ as your is a good day to get right with The Lord.  No one knows what tomorrow brings.  All men and women are sinners and are in rebellion to God their Creator.  The ONLY refuge from the wrath that WILL COME is to be safely protected behind the guy who is bringing that wrath of The Lamb...Jesus Christ.

A bunker, a cave or a crack in the mountain WILL NOT SAVE YOU.

"But Dennis!  I don't like this story!  Surely there has to be a number of ways we can save ourselves from future unrest and calamity!  I've been a pretty good person most of my life!"

"All have sinned and fallen short."

"I am the way, the truth and the life.  NO MAN comes to the Father except through me."--Jesus

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Could Russia Destroy America in One Hour?

I'm reading a book about what the next war in the Middle East could look like.  It specifically drills down deep into the Ezekiel 38-39 war.  He spends a fair amount of time making the case the Russia is Magog and that they may be attacking America as part of that prophecy....and catch us totally unprepared.

Catch the part about Russia destroying us in one hour.

Here is one excerpt

This vantage point allows us to zero in on what really is at stake in Syria. The United States continues to advance “the Great Game” of the nineteenth century, which was played between the Lion of Great Britain and the Bear of Russia. In the twenty-first century, the game continues. But now it is the United States primarily (with limited support from the U.K.) that seeks to offset the power of Russia, run through the “kleptocracy” of Mr. Putin and his cronies (aka oligarchy).

The United States is not the sole superpower anymore. The White House would like to think that is so because it’s economically the world’s superpower. But the economy alone “does not a superpower make.” Because of advances in Russian military weapons, and because of its longer-term strategy, the U.S. stands in danger of attack from Russia through Russia’s reinvigorated and highly capable nuclear arsenal. Russia’s military could destroy the U.S. economy in less than one hour. Nuclear weapons are “the great equalizer.” Likewise, U.S. superiority in the number of naval vessels, aircraft carrier groups, and nuclear submarines can all be marginalized by newly announced hypersonic weapons that both Russia and China have that make our carriers and submarines risky places to spend your days and nights when World War commences. (See The New Tactics of Global War by Benjamin Baruch and J.R. Nyquist, discussed earlier, for an elaborate discussion on the vulnerability of the U.S. and its military to advances in Russian military technology).

The response of both nations to terrorism drives them face-to-face in a search for long-term answers. Meanwhile, the only short-term answer is to bomb the perpetrators – and that they are doing with a vengeance – now side-by-side with the rest of the world hoping that they literally don’t crash into one another and set off World War III in the process.

That is why the “chess match” underway today between Russia and the United States inextricably connects terrorist acts such as what we witnessed in Paris in November 2015 (and planned by ISIS at their headquarters in Raqqah, Syria[…]”

Excerpt From: S. Douglas Woodward. “The Next Great War In the Middle East.”, 2016-01-21. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Now, let's go to the book of Revelation and read in Chapter 18:

“‘Woe! Woe to you, great city,
    you mighty city of Babylon!

In one hour your doom has come!’

The author makes a very interesting case that America is the head of the Mystery Babylon financial system....and it is America who is attacked in the Last Days and our entire system gets destroyed by someone in one hour.

Also, check out this news coming out today about a Russian jet doing a practice attack on a U.S. Navy Ship....

Two Russian warplanes flew "simulated attack profiles" this week near an American guided missile destroyer in international waters off Russia, US officials say.

The apparently unarmed Russian Su-24 jets came so close to the USS Donald Cook they created "a wake in the water", the unnamed officials said.

The overflights are said to have occurred on Monday and Tuesday and were described by US officials as "more aggressive than anything we've seen in some time".

On 11 April, two Russian Su-24s made 20 passes of the US Navy ship, according to the officials, passing within 1,000 yards at an altitude of just 100 feet.


Will God one day allow America to be destroyed by Russia?

We have no idea, but as we have said, God is NO RESPECTER OF NATIONS.  He sets up and tears down any whom He wishes to accomplish His purposes....and that includes the USA.

I believe it is all of our blessed hopes that the rapture happens before this....but we need to be reconciling ourselves to be spiritually prepared for any chaotic or cataclysmic happening that could be coming our way.  After all, we are promised that the wrath of God will never be poured out on us but at the same time are promised that the world will hate us and that we WILL HAVE TROUBLES as long as we are on this cursed planet.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

People Insist they are BORN with Incestuous Desires

When we read the story of a woman being sexually attracted to her son...we may at first be grossed out!....but hold on there!! turns out these folks were born that way!  They have something in their DNA called GSA (Genetic Sexual Attraction)

I can see the protesters forming now....demanding equal rights and zero discrimination for those who are born with GSA!

Disgusted by incest? Genetic Sexual Attraction is real and on the rise

Isn’t it disgusting? Isn’t it funny? The woman who fell in love with her son.

But laugh I did not, as I read the tale of Kim West – the 51-year-old who entered a romantic relationship with her child 30 years after giving him up for adoption.

Her story was splashed over the newspapers last week after she revealed how a reunion between the pair sparked an intense romance. Now they want to get married and start a family.

No one had their confetti ready though.
Across the internet, West and her toy boy lover were treated as circus freaks, called “sick on every level”. Some even demanded that West be sectioned and now it’s emerged they’ve gone into hiding fearing a jail sentence.

It’s interesting that the public was so outraged, because the couple’s story is far from unique. In fact, a number of family romances have emerged over the last decade – and I can’t see them stopping any time soon. There have been cases of grandparents settling down with grandchildren, fathers and daughters in love, and even twins twinned up.

What makes all these relationships tick isn’t love, or looks, or destiny, but – more likely – Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA). It’s the phenomenon no one wants to talk about - because it raises a taboo topic: incest.

But it’s real – and with advances in fertility options, something we need to get our heads round. Fast.

GSA describes a powerful sexual attraction that occurs when biological relatives – parent and offspring, siblings or half siblings or first and second cousins – meet for the first time as adults. It was first identified in the 1980s by Barbara Gonyo, who fell madly in love with her son. After they reunited in adulthood, Gonyo struggled for 13 years to break off feelings for him.

That’s what GSA is: a struggle. When people criticise West, they overestimate her degree of control in the situation. Often GSA sufferers feel powerless – as if their feelings are impossible to change. There have been heartbreaking cases of families broken apart by GSA. It’s an affliction; a curse for all those involved.

Instead of mocking this tale of motherly love (gone too far), I wish people though of West as an opportunity to consider GSA, and how we can prevent and treat it in the future. Those who succumb to GSA are not sickos, or freaks, but victims who desperately need help and understanding. Their feelings are not controllable, but with scientific research and support, we can give them some degree in control over this devastating affliction. And stop the cases we know are bound to come and keep coming.


Yes!!  It's a curse!!  The curse on the whole world is called SIN!!!

I don't care if you are born with the desire to have sex with animals, your sister, your brother's wife or your mother!!'s all called sin and perversion!!

But please notice that soon, if the GSA advocates get their way, it will be a hate crime to roll your nose at those afflicted with GSA.

Soon the lawmakers and supreme court may strike down the centuries old taboo of incest.

Why not?  They struck down the discrimination against gays marrying.  Who are YOU to say that a man and woman in love shouldn't be able to marry??  Are you a hater?  Are you an incestaphobe??

Here is another article on the same topic....but this one quotes the mother and son who say the sex they are having is 'incredible'.  Thanks for sharing!!

A mother reunited with the son she gave up for adoption 30 years ago says now they’re in love - and trying for a baby together.

Kim West, 51, has been in a relationship with her biological son Ben Ford, 32, for two years and believe they are ‘meant to be’ after she was forced to give him up for adoption just a week after he was born.

But the couple, who say their sex life is ‘incredible’ and are planning to get married, insist their relationship is not incest, the New Day reports.

Instead they claim it is ‘Genetic Sexual Attraction’, a term used for relatives who feel sexual attraction for each other after meeting as adults.

The couple were brought together after Ben, who was living in the US, sent his England-born mum a letter out of the blue in 2013.

Two years before Ben had married his wife Victoria, who he later split up with to be in a relationship with his mum.


Hat tip to Todd K. and Drudge Guy

The Lord's Coming Draws Closer

I'm sure some of you get Pastor Greg Laurie's daily devotional, but wanted to post it here for all to see.

Lord's Coming Draws Closer

Knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts, and saying, 'Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.'
—2 Peter 3:3–4

We know what is right, but yet we choose to do certain things that are wrong. We know what the Bible says, but somehow we think that we are above it. Or it won't happen to us. Therefore, we play around with sin. And sin ultimately plays around with us.

There are many people today that know that Bible prophecy is true. They know that God has foretold many of the events that are happening around us. But yet they continue to live as they please. The attitude is, "Hey, everything is the same."

But you know what, the Lord's coming draws closer every day. The Bible says, "The night is far spent, the day is at hand, let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light" (Romans 13:12). It's time for us to wake up.

One thing that always amazes me when I get up really early in the morning, like at 5:30 is it's pitch dark outside. Sometimes I have to double-check that clock. It can't be 5:30. It's got to be 1:30. It's so dark. But sure enough every day that sun slowly begins to rise. And when it was only darkness a few moments ago, suddenly it's lightening up. And the next thing you know the sun is out and it's lit up.

This is how our world is right now. It's dark. And it has been dark for a long time. We say it will always be this way. No. The sun is beginning to rise. Christ is going to come back again. Be ready for His return.

Our pastor asked us a very convicting question last Sunday in his sermon:  What do you wake up thinking about in the morning?  How to make more money?  How to buy more stuff?  How can we get a bigger house?  How are we going to entertain ourselves today?

We all need a daily reminder that our ONLY purpose during our short existence here on earth is to be obedient to Jesus and to do our part to build His Kingdom using the talents and gifts The Lord has given us.

Once the trumpet blows or we leave these meat costumes we all have....nothing on earth will matter any more.

To God be the glory!

Central Banks Pushing Monetary Heroin

It's probably going on about 8 years now that we (at this blog) have been asking the question, "How much money can a government print/create simply based on faith and confidence?"

Of course no one can truly answer that question because faith and confidence are not measurable entities.

Here is what we do know for certain; FIAT CURRENCIES (currencies issued on faith) ALWAYS fail.  It might take 100 years, 200 years or 500 years.....but they always get mismanaged, everyone with savings loses their money, the issuing government declares itself bankrupt and they start up a new currency based on tangible assets used to underwrite the currency....until they move to fiat again....and repeat.

Of course wars, chaos, disruptions and mass immigration usually coincide with collapsing currencies.

We now appear to be in the part of the cycle where the Central Banks have no choice but to keep pulling the lever and shoving "out of thin air" currency and debt onto everyone.

We hear a lot about the role of central banks in the world’s economies. But what exactly have they been doing over the last few years, and what has the actual impact been?

Central banks have the authority over the interest rates and the quantity of a nation’s currency. Their official responsibility is to regulate price stability. By law some central banks, such as the Federal Reserve, operate under a dual mandate and must also promote full employment. Central banks hold the reserve assets that support the integrity of their issued currency.

The Federal Reserve holds the enviable position of being the issuer of the world’s primary reserve asset, the Federal Reserve Note, also known as the United States dollar. The Fed, in many ways, has led the charge in terms of the size and scale of unorthodox monetary policies practiced over the last few years. The impacts of these monetary policies are incredibly profound, and the world will soon see the true extent of their economic consequences.

Basically, the Fed and other central banks have played the role of a drug dealers pushing more heroin on addicted economies.

Shortly after the global economic slowdown of 2008, we saw massive surges in currency debasement. Central banks of the world have been practicing unprecedented levels of monetary expansion ever sense. A large degree of the foreign currency manipulation outside the United States has been driven by the Keynesian “beggar thy neighbor” economic policy. In this currency war Keynesian economists believe the greater a nation’s currency devalues relative to other currencies the greater competitive advantage that nation holds in exporting. This mentality is mercantilism at its finest.

But monetary expansion by the Federal Reserve has been less about debasing the dollar relative to other currencies and more about promoting asset prices, specifically the prices of stocks, bonds and real estate.

The QE program has been terribly unsuccessful and has only temporarily held back the symptoms of our increasingly sick economy. The economic disease is getting worse and the symptoms are showing up again. The Fed will have to engage in another wave of monetary easing in the form of QE4, an economic stimulus package, or even as Dickson Buchanan pointed out in his recent article, negative interest rates, which have already been plaguing Europe, and now Japan.

Regardless of which tool the Fed uses, they will have to keep injecting their monetary heroin in an effort maintain this false illusion that we are in a legitimate recovery. The ultimate price the Fed will pay for this unprecedented monetary policy is the value and integrity of the world reserve currency, the United States dollar.


Wait a mean if I had owned General Mills stock 10 year ago when there were only $3 trillion dollars in circulation.....and the Fed doubled that amount to $6 trillion (out of thin air) that just that fact of doubling the money supply alone could double the price of my stock?

Yep.  It makes sense right?  The money is just paper....and if I believe that 1 can of beans is worth $1 today.....if the Gov't double the supply of money overnight, that same can of beans should be $2 tomorrow.

Now here's the funny part....If I bought a can of beans for $1 on one day and the Gov't doubled the money supply overnight....if the next day I found out my beans with worth $2 per can, I would yell to my wife and say, "Honey!  I just doubled our money in beans!"

Now take that exact lesson and cut and paste it into your real estate values, stock prices, corn prices and anything else that has REAL value.

So when all the Media talking heads say, "The stock market is up today!  In fact the price of stocks have doubled since the Great Recession of 2008-2009!"......what are they REALLY telling us?  What REALLY is happening?

And of course the $100,000 question is, "How long will the world continue to have faith and confidence in the money issued by Greece?  Italy?  Japan? Argentina?  Bolivia?  Zimbabwe? USA?'

Greece might collapse their banks and currency and cause some ripples, BUT when the USA collapses and takes the entire world's RESERVE CURRENCY status down along with it....the world's merchants, bankers and currency traders will stand around in shock as they wait for the shock wave of what just happened to wash over everyone.

Make no mistake, THIS WILL HAPPEN ONE DAY....we just don't know when.

It may be a good idea to lay up our REAL TREASURE in heaven where moth, rust, currency debasement, corrupt governments and central banks can't destroy it.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Sexual Left's Real Enemy is Christianity

Are you guys watching what is happening in North Carolina?

Governor Andrew Cuomo of NY recently banned most travel by state employees to North Carolina. Was this bizarre action a result of a resurgence of the KKK? No -- rather, Cuomo has decided to impose his religious beliefs on the residents of North Carolina.

Those dastardly North Carolinians dared to say that men shouldn’t be allowed to use women’s restrooms. Clearly no right thinking progressive could live with that, so Cuomo, and thousands of other liberal bigots, immediately began applying pressure to assure that men could use women’s restrooms.

From a scientific perspective, it’s clear that men who claim to think they’re women need our help and support, but the right answer is not to enable their delusion. But even more importantly, both men and women have, according to liberals, a constitutionally ensured right to privacy.

Yet what greater invasion of privacy could there be than to be forced to share a bathroom with a stranger of the opposite sex? Cuomo is appalled that parents don’t want their 10-year-old daughters exposed to any man who simply declares that he’s a woman. Apparently, liberals have no interest in protecting children from pedophile voyeurs. But even adult women don’t want to be forced to share a bathroom with a person with a male reproductive organ.

It seems that to liberals like Cuomo that the only citizens who have rights are those who deny their biological identity -- a rather bizarre faith-based belief.

Cuomo and his ilk reject the settled science that says that merely thinking one is of the opposite sex does not in fact make one a member of the opposite sex in order to advance their purely faith-based belief that people are infinitely malleable.

Could you imagine Cuomo ever saying that a white man could declare himself to be black because he felt he was a black man and as a result get perks reserved for minorities, such as preferential treatment for jobs and government contracts? (Cuomo's opinion concerning Rachel Dolezal, who did exactly that, is not on record.) 

No sane and honest person thinks that a person’s sex is any less determined by their DNA than is a person’s race yet liberals wish to impose their belief in magic on the rest of society. Such a rejection of settled science is proof positive that Cuomo is engaged in a discriminatory religious crusade against people who believe in scientific truths.

The internal inconsistency of Cuomo’s position is highlighted by his plan to travel to China. China continues to treat members of the LGBT community very poorly -- as understood by liberals -- and certainly men are not allowed to use women’s bathrooms.

Perhaps the reason that Cuomo has no problem with this apparent bit of hypocrisy is that his real motivation is hatred for Christianity, or more precisely Christian morals, rather than a deeply held love of the “transgendered”.


Hard to believe that a State has to pass a law saying that if a man has a penis he has to use the men's room and CAN'T get naked in a high school girl's locker room.....but that is how quickly the situation has devolved.

It seems that the only thing standing against utter insanity is the sexual left hates us and wants us removed.

If Jesus tarries, get ready for persecution.