Thursday, October 23, 2008

U.S. Refuses to Sell Planes to Israel

This story is interesting on two levels. One; the U.S. won't sell refueling planes to Israel for fear that they will use them to attack Iran and the U.S. is going to try and distance itself from that possibility. And two; listen to the reporter say that the rumor is building that Israel will try something militarily against Iran before the Bush administration leaves office later this year. This rumor continues to build...and if we are hearing about can bet Iran is as well.

Read/listen to the story here;

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Worst Storms on Record

More breathless headlines talking about the U.S. riding out the worst storms on record. And this is in the USA Today, not some science journal that no one reads. Read it here;

On top of earthquakes, famines, wars, weather, financial collapse, luke-warm Christians everywhere, persecution of Christians, Satan rising through Muslim extremists, false christs popping up, Jew hatred, strange lights in the sky (UFO'S?), sin running rampant, disrespectful children, ...let's there anything else Jesus told us to watch for?

"When you see ALL these things, look up, for your redemption is nigh." Jesus

Pre-emptive Iranian Strike?

There is more chatter and rumors running around regarding a war between Israel and Iran. Now the latest comments are coming from some officials in Iran who are recommending that Iran strike Israel BEFORE Israel has the opportunity to take out it's nuclear facilities. Whichever way the missiles fly (if they do), a war in the middle east put on top of the world's current financial crisis WOULD put the world into an even greater tailspin.

Haaretz News has an article about it here;

"There will be wars and rumors of wars, but don't panic. Yes, these things must take place, but the end won't follow immediately." Spoken by Jesus Christ, Mount of Olives, 29 A.D.

Obama and Israel

This is a VERY PROPHETIC article that just showed up in the Israeli newspaper, YNET. It has profound implications for the entire world. According to the article, most Israelis have grown as complacent and apethetic as the U.S. population when it comes to understanding what in the world is going on.

The most incredible paragraph of the article is the last one;
"Therefore, prepare for the arrival of the Obama. Apparently, although let’s hope this won’t happen, soon we shall go back to the biblical verse we love so much: “A people dwelling alone."

Everyone, please read this article;,7340,L-3611497,00.html

Monday, October 20, 2008

Taliban Killing Christians

Why is it that the world hates Christians? I think we know the answer to that. Satan knows he is on his last legs and is practicing a "scorched earth" policy. His fury is building and his wrath is breaking out as he knows he will soon have to relinquish control of the earth to Chirst...who will then usher in the millenium. So he is taking out his fury on Jews and Christians.

Here is an article out of Afghanistan talking about the murder of Christians;

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brainwashed Kids

A muslim school is called a madrassa. They are all over the world and they teach kids about Islam, the koran and muhammad. There is a film out called THE KARACHI KIDS and it follows the lives of some U.S. kids, from Atlanta, who were enrolled in a madrassa in Karachi, Pakistan. You can watch the trailer for the movie here; and you can go to the official website here to learn more;

It is amazingly scary to watch these young boys change from typical U.S. children into hate filled teens in the course of a few years. If you multiply these stories by the millions of kids who are currently attending these satanic training is very easy to see how troubled the last years of planet earth will be.