Friday, December 16, 2011

Return of the Nephilim

Anyone who has talked to me in the past 5 years knows that I have been pretty interested in the supernatural Genesis 6 passage that refers to the nephilim...when fallen angels took women, had sex with them and produced a perverted race of beings, some of which were giants.

Yesterday I found an article by a major writer in the prophetic field...and the article is on the return of the nephilim.  This writer is also of the understanding that what the world is seeing as "UFO's and space aliens" are actually a Satanic plan of deception and that they are actually demons and/or strange flesh of human/hybrid beings which will be used to delude the earth.

Currently Satan, his hoard of fallen angels, and the demons of old are poised on the brink of facilitating the most startling phenomenon the world will ever witness; the Bible calls it a “strong delusion”. The race is on; it’s a race against time itself. Not one of the multitudes of malevolent supernatural beings, or any human for that matter, has a clue as to when Satan’s time will run out. But there are certainly indications that humanity has entered its final phase, which portends that Satan’s last days are here. Satan can see the same things we see, except he sees them with an urgency the rest of us can’t even comprehend. Satan is responsible for the evil which will bring about much of the catastrophic occurrences on planet earth in the last days.

Satan has an agenda which includes a massive amount of deception and a bit of public exposure to pique the interest of a few, yet maintaining his agenda in the realm of science fiction for the moment. In the meantime scary things are happening – the appearance of ghosts/demons, “space” aliens, unexplained animal mutilations, etc. All of these weird occurrences are burgeoning. The world is moving into chilling, unexplored territory. Yet people seem to have no fear of the aforementioned occurrences. Why is that? Because we’ve been desensitized through some entertaining Hollywood movies, and the exploitation of the paranormal.

Here’s the rub, the human race is being setup for the last day’s delusion. Everything is falling perfectly into place. The brunt of the delusion won’t be fully in place until the “Church” is in Heaven. There’s no doubt that what’s currently occurring all over the world points to a worldwide deception. To some of us who have been given discernment, Satan’s attempt at deluding the public is obvious. “…the son of perdition. Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God...”

2 Thessalonians 2:3b-4a. This son of perdition is ready to be revealed, his only hindrance is the Holy Spirit indwelt Church.

Holy dang demon spawns!!  They are getting ready for some big mass deception and it appears to be about 100% certain that the major part of the deception will come after the Holy Spirit is withdrawn in the rapture. 

So what the world is seeing today, in increased UFO sightings, is simply the tip of the iceberg as to what is coming.  And these increased sightings are simply preparing the world to believe in "aliens" when Satan does send the demons in disguise...the world will accept them and believe every lie they say.

Sounds like a Hollywood science fiction movie being played out right in front of us....and the climax of the movie has yet to be revealed.  How bizarre?  How strange?  How scary is that?  How exciting is that?

Again, I agree with the writer of the article when he says, "The brunt of the delusion won’t be fully in place until the “Church” is in Heaven."  That means this Satanic trap of aliens won't fully snap until AFTER THE RAPTURE!!

So if the UFO's are appearing around the world every close may we be to the rapture?? 

We have a lot of work to do let's work while it is still daylight!!  "Encourage each other with these words."

Thursday, December 15, 2011

China Threatens WWIII if Iran is Attacked

As I was reading this article, I wondered what possible reason China would have for saying this.  Why would China be willing to ignite WWIII for the sake of Iran?  Is it all about oil??  Certainly, China can't have any love for Shiite Muslims.

A professor from the Chinese National Defense University says if Iran is attacked, China will not hesitate to protect the Islamic Republic even by launching the Third World War.

Major General Zhang Zhaozhong said, "China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third World War."
The United States and Israel have repeatedly threatened Tehran with the "option" of a military strike, based on the allegation that Iran's nuclear program may consist of a covert military agenda.

Iran has refuted the allegations, saying that as a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the IAEA, it has the right to develop and acquire nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

Over the past weeks, Israel has renewed its aggressive rhetoric against Iran. On November 21, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned that "time has come" to deal with Iran.

Israeli President Shimon Peres also threatened on November 6 that an attack against Iran is becoming "more and more likely."

Iranian officials have promised a crushing response to any military strike against the country, warning that any such measure could result in a war that would spread beyond the Middle East.


Of course we do know that Revelation tells of a day that the Euphrates River will be dried up to make it possible for the Kings of the East to march their armies into the battle of maybe this is just some foreshadowing of what will draw the Kings of the East into Israel? 

Israel is threatening Iran... China has vowed to defend China is saying they will attack Israel in defense of Iran?...even if it means their action will ignite WWIII?

Man o man...if this was a game of chess I would be starting to feel like I was in checkmate if I was Israel....but let's clearly remember this;  so goes goes freedom for the rest of us.

Hat tip to Tom F.

We Are Legion

Luke 7
Jesus Restores a Demon-Possessed Man
26 They sailed to the region of the Gerasenes, which is across the lake from Galilee. 27 When Jesus stepped ashore, he was met by a demon-possessed man from the town. For a long time this man had not worn clothes or lived in a house, but had lived in the tombs. 28 When he saw Jesus, he cried out and fell at his feet, shouting at the top of his voice, “What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I beg you, don’t torture me!” 29 For Jesus had commanded the impure spirit to come out of the man. Many times it had seized him, and though he was chained hand and foot and kept under guard, he had broken his chains and had been driven by the demon into solitary places.
30 Jesus asked him, “What is your name?”
“Legion,” he replied, because many demons had gone into him. 31 And they begged Jesus repeatedly not to order them to go into the Abyss.

Most of us are familiar with this story from Luke 7 where then Jesus commanded the demonic horde possessing this man to go into a herd of pigs and spare them from being sent to the Abyss.

So it is interesting to me that there is a new movie coming out (in 2012) that is a documentary about the computer hackers that call themselves "anonymous".  These hackers (also called "Hacktivists) claim that they are behind the revolutions that are currently roiling the world, from the Arab Spring, to the Occupy Wallstreet to the U.S. Governments secret files being hacked into and they are saying that they could bring down the entire world's system if they really want to.

Now check out the name of this documentary;
We Are Legion- The Story of the Hacktivists

Watch the trailer to the movie here;

Could that just be a coincidence that this shadowy group of global computer-system hackers chose the same name as the demons who possessed this man 2000 years ago?  Or could it be one more wake up call for those of us who read the Bible and DON'T believe in coincidences?

What do you think?

Iran Responds to Obama's Toy Plane Request

A few days ago we posted on the news that Obama had asked Iran to give the spy drone back...and he was waiting to hear their response.

Well now Iran has responded....and needless to say and as expected, Obama's wimpy request was viewed with little respect from the Persians.

TEHRAN (FNA)- A top Tehran commander dismissed as "shameless" the call by US President Barack Obama on Tehran to send back the US RQ-170 Sentinel stealth aircraft that violated Iran's airspace and was downed by the Iranian Armed Forces earlier this month, and said the US demand was a confession of defeat and failure.
"That is a shameless demand raised by the US President. They raise such claims instead of apologizing to our Islamic establishment and people," Deputy Chief of Staff of Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Mohammad Hejazi told reporters on Wednesday.

"On the other hand, the demand is, of course, a acknowledgement of defeat and failure," Hejazi stated, adding, "They should know that the Islamic Republic of Iran is entitled to the right to react to the US aggression."
What Obama doesn't seem to realize is that Muslim leaders, be they Shia or Sunni, seem less than impressed with politeness and mercy.  They respect positions of strength.  And when Obama responds this way the Persians thought it an impotent response...and the Persian Generals don't have a big soft spot in their psyches for impotence.
So Obama seems to be making the world a more dangerous place by announcing that the world's ONLY SUPERPOWER is just getting sick and tired of war...and we pretty much aren't going to wipe out anyone anymore, no matter what our enemies say or do. 
It also sends the same message to our allies like Israel, South Korea, Japan and them warning that they really better make some ulterior plans for their own defense because the USA is getting tired of using our military...not to mention we are running out of money to fund our military.
Hat tip to Tom F. and Julie E.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Everlasting Struggle

Early on in the story of Abraham we discover that Sarah came up with a plan to have a child because she wouldn't wait for the Lord to do it in His perfect timing.  Whenever we come up with our own plans that are apart from God's plans...we can expect negative consequences.

So in Abraham's case, he shouldn't have listened to his wife but I'm sure when SHE suggested he sleep with her servant, Abraham may not have needed much encouragement.

Anyway, the result was Ishmael.  Scholars tell us that he would have been about 13 years older than Isaac....who was the Son of Promise that God had promised to Abraham.

If you are unfamiliar with this story, I would suggest that you get familiar with it because it is at the very heart of the struggle we see today carrying out in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and others.  These folks are all the descendants of Ishmael and the Bible has this to say about Ishmael;

11 The angel of the LORD also said to her:
“You are now pregnant
and you will give birth to a son.
You shall name him Ishmael,
for the LORD has heard of your misery.
12 He will be a wild donkey of a man;
his hand will be against everyone
and everyone’s hand against him,
and he will live in hostility
toward all his brothers.”

That sure seems to be playing out today!!  These Arabs simply can't stand each other!  They blow each other up, they rape, mutilate and torture each other and they certainly have been living in hostility towards his brothers (Isaac's descendants are the Jews).

A reader sent me more evidence of why there will NEVER be peace in the Middle East until Jesus returns and sets all things straight.

These excerpts are from a 12th grade text book taught in public schools in Saudi Arabia;

Page 91 reads: "Whoever studies the nature of the conflict between the Muslims and the Jews understands an important fact, [namely that] this is a religious conflict, not a dispute about politics or nationality, or a conflict between races or tribes, or a fight over land or country, as some describe it. This is a deeply rooted enmity, a conflict between truth and falsehood, between monotheism and polytheism, between heresy and faith. The enmity between us and the Jews will not cease under any circumstances until one of two things [happens]: either they join our religion and become Muslims, or we abandon our religion, God forbid. [Allah], may He be exalted, said [in the Koran]: 'They [the Jews] will not cease fighting with you until they turn you back from your religion, if they can' [Koran 2:217]; 'And the Jews will not be pleased with you, nor the Christians, until you follow their religion' [Koran 2:120].

"They are jealous of the fact that the Seal of the Prophets [i.e., Muhammad] came from among the Arabs and not from among the Children of Israel, and [because] they know well that our master, Muhammad, Allah's prayer be upon him, was the Prophet of Allah... [As it says in the Koran:] 'Those whom We have given the Book recognize him as they recognize their sons, and a party of them most surely conceal the truth while they know (it)' [Koran 2:146]. Once we realize the essence of this conflict, and that this enmity cannot cease, we understand how much those who say the conflict can be settled are misleading [us].

Pages 91-92 read: "Throughout Islamic history, the Jews have striven to destroy the [Islamic] religion and spread fitna among the Muslims. All know about the fitna caused by the Jew 'Abdallah bin Saba during the time of 'Othman bin 'Affan, may Allah be pleased with him."[2]

"In modern times, Jewish influence has cut deeply into several Western countries, and [the Jews] have taken control of their economies and media. These countries were exploited for the Jews' benefit, and the two sides [i.e., the Jews and the West joined forces and] combined their interests in order to wipe out Islam. After Sultan 'Abd Al-Hamid, Allah's mercy be upon him, stood up to the Jews and rejected their tempting offers in exchange for Palestine, the Crusaders and Jews decided to destroy the Ottoman Islamic Caliphate so that Palestine would be handed to the Jews, and so that the imperialist countries could divide the Islamic world among themselves.

"[After] the Jews strayed from the correct religion brought [to them] by Moussa [Moses], peace be upon him, they did not take root in any land, nor did they legally own any land. They wandered in [various] regions, for wandering from place to place and being divided is in their nature. The Jews lived as oppressed minorities throughout the world, and caused corruption in every land they entered. In every country where they settled, they were a source of trouble and fitna. They build up their confidence by frightening others, which is why the peoples hated them and why they came to be known for their deceit and cunning."


Of course all this language is a spin off of Hitler's manifesto, Mien Kempf....and the Satanic spirit that wanted to wipe all Jews off the face of the earth during WWII never really just went into remission within Islam...and now that Islam believes we are in the last days (and Satan knows it too) this Spirit of Jew hatred that wants to kill all Jews is coming out of hiding.  Anti Semitism is growing all over the world.

Hat tip to Tom F.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What Has God Got to do With it?

Scientist at the big particle collider are trying to figure out the huge mystery of what holds all the atoms together in the universe?  They don't know what it is and they certainly can't explain it.

You and I know that it is the creative power of Jesus Christ that holds all things together...because the Bible says so. "In Him and through Him all things were made."  But of course most scientists have no time for God.

So it is interesting that the top headline on Google News today is a discussion about the "God particle".  Notice the disdain and disgust that these learned men and women have for any discussion of a higher power.

"I hate that 'God particle' term," said Pauline Gagnon, a Canadian member of CERN's ATLAS team of so-called "Higgs hunters" - an epithet they do not reject.

"The Higgs is not endowed with any religious meaning. It is ridiculous to call it that," she told Reuters at a news conference after her colleagues revealed growing evidence, albeit not yet proof, of the particle's existence.

Oliver Buchmueller, from the rival research team CMS, was a little less trenchant.

"Calling it the 'God particle' is completely inappropriate," said the German physicist, who divides his time between CERN and teaching at London's Imperial College.

"It's not doing justice to the Higgs and what we think its role in the universe is. It has nothing to do with God."


Isaiah 29:14
Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder; the wisdom of the wise will perish, the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish.”

It sure appears that the wise men looking for the God particle are fitting into what Isaiah saw coming.

Netanyahu to Start Bible Study in His Home

Many of you probably receive Joel Rosenberg's email updates...and this one came today.

It appears that Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu is going to be hosting a Bible study in his home.  For prophecy watchers every where this could be a significant event as we know that the Bible says that the nation of Israel will begin to turn back to God in the last days.

Joel C. Rosenberg
(Washington, D.C., December 13, 2011) -- I read a fascinating story in the Jerusalem Post this morning and it gave me fresh hope for the nation of Israel.

"Taking a page out of David Ben-Gurion and Menachem Begin's playbook, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will begin hosting a regular Bible study group in his official residence for researchers, public officials and invited guests, "reports the Post. "Netanyahu announced the establishment of the study circle on Friday at a ceremony marking 30 days since the passing of his father-in-law, Shmuel Ben-Artzi. The study group will be named after Ben-Artzi, a noted poet and Bible teacher. Both Ben-Gurion and Begin, when they each served as prime minister, hosted regular Bible study groups. Netanyahu said he was establishing the class to perpetuate love of the Bible."

This is an excellent step by the Prime Minister, and he should be commended for it. Indeed, let us pray that the study of the Word of God has a powerful, personal impact on the Prime Minister and his family and each of his colleagues and guests. Let's pray that many Israelis would follow the Prime Minister's lead and begin reading the Holy Scriptures again, and that Bible studies in people's homes would spring up all over the Land of Israel.

Such a national reawakening to the importance of the Scriptures has happened before in Israel's history. Remember men like Nehemiah, Ezra, Josiah, and Joel? These were beloved governors, priests, kings and prophets whom the Lord used to turn the Jewish people back to the Scriptures and the need for national and individual prayer, fasting and repentance. One of my favorite examples is found in 2 Kings 22. I'd encourage you to read it afresh, for it is the remarkable story of King Josiah.

At the age of 8, Josiah took the throne. When he was 18, he instructed the temple to be cleaned and renovated. In so doing, he learned that a long forgotten copy of the Scriptures had been found in the temple. Indeed, someone brought him the dusty scrolls and read the Word to the king. "When the king heard the words of the book of the law, he tore his clothes" in repentance for all of Israel's sinful ways, and his own. Then the king commanded Hilkiah the priest and several other servants, "Go, inquire of the Lord for me and the people and all Judah concerning the words of this book that has been found, for great is the wrath of the Lord that burns against us, because our fathers have not listened to the words of this book, to do according to all that is written concerning us."

In 2 Kings 23, then, comes the equally amazing story of King Josiah gathering all the people of Israel tand reading the Word of the Lord to them. Together, convicted of their own sins, they chose to make a covenant before the Lord to obey His all of His commandments. "Before him," the Bible says, "there was no king like him who turned to the Lord with all his might, according to the law of Moses; nor did any like him arise after him." Let us pray that Israel once again experience a national renaissance of hunger for the Word of the Lord. Amen.

Obama Asks for His Toy Plane Back

As you probably know by now the U.S. Military lost one of its spy drone planes over Iran.  It is unclear whether it was shot down or just lost radio contact with its operator and simply came down.  However it happened it is now very clear to the world that Iran has our top secret drone.  They are proudly showing video of their military generals standing by the captured drone.

The fear with them getting the drone is that they will be able to reverse engineer the drone which is using our top secret advanced technology and end up using it for their spy purposes. 

Obama is well aware of he has gone on record saying that he has asked Iran if they would give us the drone back.  Oooooooo!!  Scary talk!!!!!!

"We've asked for it back," President Obama said of the spy plane, according to an Agence-France Press report. "We'll see how the Iranians respond."

See video here;

If the USA was truly a super power we would TELL IRAN, "Give us our flippin' drone back within 24 hours or we are going to make it rain laser guided missiles directly on your Mullah's heads."  They would say this very quietly and deliver the message via European diplomats...and then they would be prepared to take someone out if Iran didn't comply.

 But of course President Obama promised to apologize to the world for all of our military strength believing that would make the USA more liked by the rest of the world.  What he doesn't seem to grasp is that he is making us appear weak and impotent and emboldening our enemies to taunt us and attack us and then brag about their taunts all over the world.

Our weakness is preparing the world for a major war because all the players of the world can sense the power vacuum that America's demise is creating....and they are getting prepared to seize the day and climb to the top of hill once we fall off of it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Iran Will Strike Turkey

We have been watching for Iran and Turkey to grow closer as the Ezekiel 38 coalition continues to be set up....and Iran and Turkey are two of the main players.

So this article that reports of Iran tough talking against Turkey seems to be a step back when it comes to the unfolding prophecy of Iran, Turkey and Russian drawing closer in a military alliance that will one day attack Israel.  When that happens, God will fight for Israel and will utterly destroy the coalition without Israel firing a shot in defense.

An Iranian security official said that Iran would "definitely" strike NATO positions in Turkey if it were attacked, according to a Monday report by the Turkish daily Hurriyet.

“We are closely monitoring the relations with Turkey in the National Security Commission of the parliament. Iran has warned Turkey before that the deployment of the system will have grave consequences." said Hossein Ibrahimi, vice-chairman of the Iranian parliament’s national security and foreign policy commission.

Tehran has made clear its displeasure at Turkey's September decision to deploy a NATO missile early warning system, which Iran sees as a US ploy to protect Israel from any counter-attack should the Jewish state target Iran's nuclear facilities.

relations between Iran and Turkey have been strained this year due to the missile shield and Ankara's outspoken criticism of Syrian President Bashar Assad's violent crackdown on popular unrest.

Turkey and Iran, the Middle East's two major non-Arab Muslim states, are vying for influence in the post-Arab Spring region and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's military adviser accused Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan of setting its foreign policy to please Washington.


Many prophecy watchers believe that when the rapture of the church happens, events on earth will go into hyper drive and the stage and the players will be changed so fast that it's hard for us in the pre-rapture to even comprehend.  So it is entirely possible that both of these countries are posturing AGAINST each other right now as they get ready to jockey for power in the crumbling Middle East, but they will come together very quickly in the post-rapture world when the Antichrist is pulling the strings.

Syria Arms Missile with Chemical Warhead

OK friends....if this is true information and Syria has armed missiles with chemical warheads, then we need to wonder if Damascus may soon be totally destroyed as Isaiah has clearly prophesied.

"See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins." 17:1
"In the evening sudden terror!  Before the morning, they are gone!" 17;14

The Syrian regime, which has endured nine months of civil unrest spurred by the Arab Spring as it swept across the Middle East, has armed its medium-range missile arsenal with chemical warheads.
According to a report published by the Sabah daily Sunday, Damascus armed 600 one-ton chemical warheads to use in the event of a foreign military intervention. Furthermore, President Bashar al-Assad ordered the deployment of 21 missile launchers along its border with Turkey. Syria’s medium-range missiles that can be equipped with chemical warheads have a range of up to 1,300 kilometers and would include the southern and central provinces of Turkey.

According to the daily, the Syrian military keeps its stockpile of chemical warheads in secret facilities in and around the capital city of Damascus.


Wow!  So the stockpiles of weapons are in and around Damascus....which would give Israel a VERY good reason to destroy Damascus.

Remember that millions of Jews were gassed once in their painful history by the Nazis.  They will not allow themselves to be gassed again.

Also remember the prophetic words that the General of the IDF in control of the Northern Command said about 3-4 years ago.  He said it in response to reports of  Syrian engineers dying while handling chemical warheads, "If we find even one dead dog in Dan and determine he was gassed, you Syrians are done!"