Saturday, March 21, 2009

Betraying Israel

I'm posting this article from Hal Lindsey that repeats a lot of the points we have talked about recently regarding Israel and the illogical hatred and bias that the world has towards this tiny country. As the world grows increasingly vocal about Israel pulling back to it's 1967 borders, Hal asks the same questions we have;

Does anybody remember how Israel ended up "occupying" the land it "captured" in 1967? Israel captured it after beating back the combined forces of the Arab world that had launched a war of annihilation against Israel. And this wasn't the first pan-Arab war aimed at annihilating the Jews – it was the third.

Read full article here;

Will the U.S. begin to fall in line with the rest of the world's ill will directed at Israel?

All of this is lost on the liberal media, just as it apparently has been on the liberal Obama administration. The World Tribune reported this week that Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi cut short his visit to Washington after getting an "extraordinarily cool" reception from the new U.S. administration.

Some of us have come to the conclusion that the U.S. went from nothing to greatness on the world scene (in very short time) simply to incubate Israel's existence. If we are done fulfilling that role, we believe it may be the end of the road for the U.S.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hearts and Minds

We have been told for the past 5 yrs that the battles in Iraq were not just military battles, but battles for hearts and minds. If the people on the street grew to hate the U.S. soldiers patrolling their streets, we wouldn't have a chance of winning the peace.

The same discucssion is being had in Israel today as some testimonies of Israeli soldiers has surfaced involving the Gaza incursion last December and January.

Testimonies, which were given by combat pilots and infantry soldiers, also included allegations of unnecessary destruction of Palestinian property.
"We would throw everything out of the windows to make room and order. Everything... Refrigerators, plates, furniture. The order was to throw all of the house's contents outside," a soldier said.
One non-commissioned officer related at the seminar that an old woman crossing a main road was shot by soldiers.
"I don't know whether she was suspicious, not suspicious, I don't know her story… I do know that my officer sent people to the roof in order to take her out… It was cold-blooded murder," he said.

Read BBC article here;

When any country sends young men with guns into foreign lands...the result is going to be some horrendous behavior. Sadly, this is part of the human condition. And the simmering hatred between Jews and Arabs isn't simply reserved for the Arabs. I guarantee some hatred of Arabs and frustration boiled out of the Israeli fighters...and if they broke their military's law, they should and will be punished.

It is interesting how the world seems to jump all over the alleged "war crimes" committed by Israel, but that same world was pretty much silent over the 6000 missiles that the Palestinians (at the order of their commanders) targeted into civilian Israeli neighborhoods. If that were any other people group doing that behavior, the world would be outraged...but since it is the poor Palestinians, the world looks the other way.

Jesus is the only man who is going to solve this mess.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Syria's Assad

Syria is an interesting place. They posessed the Golan Heights overlooking the Sea of Galilee for generations. When they attacked Israel along with an Arab coalition in 1967, they lost the Golan to Israel. Now, according to them, they want Israel to give it back...and if they don't it will be an obstacle to peace...pretty much forever.

Now, look at the funny comment that Assad (dictator of Syria) made;

Assad said that, while in theory he could envision a resumption of negotiations with Israel, he views the possibility as moving further away. Israel will soon have a new government with hard-line Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu at the helm.
"I'm not worried at the thought of Netanyahu, but by Israeli society's turning right, as reflected by Netanyahu's rise," he was quoted as saying. "That's the biggest obstacle to peace."

Read the full article here;

Did you catch that?...he is worried that Israel's society is turning right! Meanwhile, in Syria they kill their political opponents and won't promote anyone who doesn't believe that Israel needs to be destroyed, they sent thousands of Islamic fighters to Iraq to disturb the peace there and they had a secret nuclear facility and now it's pretty much common knowledge they are cooking chemical WMD's....but they DON'T WANT ISRAEL TO TURN RIGHT!!! because it will be an obsacle to peace!

I can't help but smile as I type this post, because of the absurdity of that statement. What's even more absurd is that the rest of the world will read Assad's statements and say, "yeah...what is Israel's problem...why can't they just play nice and get along with their neighbors?"

And the hatred towards the Jews will keep building...just like the bible says it will in the last days.

Mexico Meltdown

Mexico is continuing to unravel. And just when we heard that Pakistan (yesterday?) was the most dangerous threat to U.S. we get this today;

This after several U.S. intelligence reports found that Mexico now presented as worse threat to our national security than Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or Pakistan. Now President Obama says he’s considering putting troops on the border.

Expect the rhetoric to start to build between the U.S. and Mexican government as U.S. prepares for troops and the Mexican government (machismo rules the day in Mexico) tries to cast blame elsewhere. Read what the President of Mexico said;

Two weeks ago, President Calderon blamed America for the drug war, noting that the primary cause was having the “the world’s biggest consumer’ of illegal drugs” as his neighbor. “Drug trafficking in the United States,” he said, “is fueled by the phenomenon of corruption on the part of the American authorities.”

Read the article here;

I honestly have to say that Calderon has a point. If U.S. citizens weren't buying $billions of illegal drugs, the demand would be gone and the cartells wouldn't have enough cash to purchase a BB gun. On the other hand, I have to admit that it's downright funny to see the Mexican president accusing American authorites of being corrupt.

Ezekiel Prophecy

The chess pieces continue to be set on the chess board for Ezekiel's 2800 yr old prophecy to be fulfilled. Remember that Russia and Iran are two of the main players in Ezekiel's "last days" coalition. Russia will be the leader and Islamic countries will join them and they will have the destruction of Israel on their minds AND they will be hoping to take booty after their planned victory. But God has other things in mind for this coalition. Ezekiel goes on to tell us that the armies will turn on each other before they can attack Israel because God will send confusion on them.

Ezekiel 39:3 says, "Then I will strike your bow from your left hand and make your arrows drop from your right hand. On the mountains of Israel you will fall, you and all your troops and the nations with you...".

When earth's inhabitants sees this (on CNN, Fox News, etc...) the bible tells us that the world will understand "...and they will know that I am the Lord." (vs. 6) Further in vs. 7, God says, "...and the nations will know that I the Lord am the Holy One in Israel."

Now check out this article that hilights the military cooperation between Iran and Russia;

Then check out this one that talks of Israel planning an attack on Iran;

You may ask, "So what does this all mean to me?" Answer; most prophecy watchers believe Ezekiel's war will transpire during the Tribulation. We know the Rapture of the church comes BEFORE the Tribulation. Get it?

1 Thessalonians 5:4-5, "But you, brothers, are not in the darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. You are all sons of the light and sons of the day."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pakistan = Trouble

I remember watching a PBS special a few years ago and the U.S. ambassador from Pakistan was being interviewed. He was a seriously smart guy. I remember him talking about how vital a peaceful and secure Pakistan was for world peace. I also remember the interviewer asking him what would happen if Pakistan fell into the wrong hands. His response was something like, "You don't want to know".

As we have posted before, Pakistan already has nuclear weapons on the launch pads. They are also situated in a very dangerous neighborhood and have been in a simmering war with India. When the terrorists recently hit the Taj Mahal in India, they were all traced to Pakistan.

Today, Pakistan is starting to fall apart. A huge piece in the western part of the country is being taken over by the Taliban. Obama is now being told that the U.S. better support Pakistan...or else it will brew something worse than 9/11.

Recent "apocalyptic" intelligence on the situation in Pakistan has sent shockwaves through the upper echelons of the Obama administration and convinced Mr Riedel's review team that radicals trained in Pakistan are the greatest threat to Western security.
One White House aide emerged from an intelligence briefing on Pakistan three days after Mr Obama's inauguration to exclaim: "Holy s--t!"

Read the full article here;

I'm not sure how any one man is going to keep a lid on the major unrest that is now plagueing the world. But I sure hope we have plenty of money and bullets to keep our military supplied. Oops....hey, where's all our money?

Fortune Tellers

As the world grows more uncertain, people have a desire to know the future. We saw a huge increase after 9/11 of people calling psychic hotlines. The website that tracks Nostradamus prophecies was barraged with traffic during the same time.

Now it is all happening again. Is the Mayan calendar really accurate? Is NASA correct that all electricty could be shut off in 2012 because of a perfect solar storm? Are "aliens" really going to make contact with the earth's governments in 2009 like the Ashtar followers are saying? Are the Shiite prophecies correct that the 12th Imam is going to show up and rule the world with shariah law? Is Meitreya coming back to explain how we can all live in peace?


Anecdotal evidence indicates that psychics, astrologers, palm readers, Tarot card shufflers, numerologists and other paranormal specialists have become the rage as investment advisers and brokers appear clueless. After all, if the times aren't normal, why not try the paranormal?

Did you catch that..."why not try the paranormal?" And this article appeared in USA TODAY at 1, 000,000 newstands around the country.

What does the bible have to say about psychics and people who summon the dead? God was specific in Leviticus 20:27, "A man or woman who is a medium or spiritist among you must be put to death. You are to stone them: their blood will be on their own heads." While it's true we are not living under the age of Levitical laws, it is still obvious to understand that God doesn't want us playing with sources of demonic influence. He wants us to stay focused on His Word.

It's also interesting that NBC has a hit show called MEDIUM. How lost our country is.

Monday, March 16, 2009

White House Pressure on Israel

As we have mentioned in previous posts, how can any party be expected to make peace with someone who doesn't want you to exist and proclaims daily that they plan to exterminate you? It's just not logical.

John Bolton, ex-US ambassador to the UN, is publicly saying that the Obama white house has adopted the idea that many of the middle east grievances have something to do with Israel's founding and existence. If this is true, it is not a good development...for any citizens of the U.S.

Israeli officials have already noted a sharp increase in stern warnings from Washington for Israel to accelerate the peace process, despite ongoing non-compliance by the Palestinians.

Read article here;

More on "God's Wrath" Prediction

Last Monday, I posted some comments by David Wilkerson who claims he is having visions sent by the Holy Spirit that are showing him New York burning, anarchy, chaos, etc... I thought his comments were interesting in light of all the armegeddon talk running around the globe. But....Mr Wilkerson seems to have a history of fiery visions coming for the USA. Again, don't get me wrong, I know fiery stuff is coming for planet earth...but it's because Peter, John and Jesus said so, not because Mr. Wilkerson is saying so.

Mr. Wilkerson may not be helping the prophecy watchers at this important time. Why?? Because everytime he says that God's wrath is coming any day now...and then 10,20, or 30 yrs go by....he discredits most all prophecy watchers.

Rapture Ready has some great comments on Mr. Wilkerson. They have been following his visions for 30+ some years and have listed some of Mr. Wilkerson's failed predictions that he gave in his 1974 book, THE VISION;

Marijuana will be legalized.
Nude dancing in church will become popular.
We will see “Satan evangelists” witnessing to people.
Bands of homosexuals will roam the streets, raping people at will.
A new drug will cause teenagers to become more sexually active.
Environmentalists will come under heavy criticism.
Storms with huge hailstones will kill thousands of people and cause massive damage.
The U.S. dollar will collapse.
There will be a major famine in America.

Let us also remember that the bible tells us in Deuteronomy that a prophet sent from God is 100% accurate. If he made a prediction and it didn't come true...then he wasn't from God, and he was supposed to be killed. That's how serious God took prediction making amongst the ancient Israelites, so God must be serious about it today as well. In making these failed predictions, Mr. Wilkerson loses credibility...and rightly so.

Read the rest of Rapture Ready comments here;

Sunday, March 15, 2009

100 Months

Prince Charles sometimes still makes the news and it sounds like he has been watching too many Al Gore movies;

Charles told some 150 business leaders in Rio de Janeiro that "the best projections tell us that we have less than 100 months to alter our behavior before we risk catastrophic climate change and the unimaginable horrors that this would bring."

Read article here;

So is this kind of like Jonah calling on the Ninavites to repent or they will be destroyed? What happens if we all start driving tiny cars, kill all the farting cows, and all put up windmills to power our homes in say....99 months? Will we then be spared from these unimaginable horrors of which he speaks?

Don't get me wrong. I do believe that unimaginable horrors are coming to the earth...but I seriously doubt they will be caused by coal factories and SUV emissions.

2 Peter 3:10 says, "But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare."

Let us all remember that these words were written by Peter...the very same guy who Christ said He would build his church upon and even the gates of hell would not overcome. As bible believing followers of Christ...I know we should pay much more attention to the words of Peter than the words of the one time husband of Lady Diana.

Moving Together

As we talked about a few days ago, the G20 is a group that consists of the 20 largest economies on earth. Combined they make up 80% everything that is bought and sold on this planet. They are currently meeting to discuss the global financial crisis. By now, you should have your antennae up about the prophetic significance of all these countries coming together and getting ever closer to a one world government.

With that in mind, read this quote from U.S. Treasury Secratary, Tim Geitner;

"You are seeing the world move together at a speed and on a scale without precedent in modern times.

Read the full article here;

I would go one step further, Tim. It would be more accurate to say, "....without precedent in the history of mankind."