Saturday, March 28, 2009

EU Warns Israel

This article is potentially prophetic because it talks of deteriorating relations between Europe and Israel. Remember that we are watching for Rome to be revived in the Last Days and further consolidate Europe. Also anti-semitism is growing around the world and this development could push it much further if the Europeans start looking even more cross-eyed towards the Jewish state.

Also note even more glowing remarks for Obama from world leaders;

Obama's early commitment to the Middle East process means "there is real hope for progress in the region," Schwarzenberg said.

I guess President Bush's commitment in Iraq didn't count as "commitment to the Middle East process."

Let's also remember that the Arab-Palestinians were offered there own autonomous state right next to Israel right from the beginning in 1948...and there answer was a resounding "no...we won't have Jews as neighbors...ever, ever, ever!!" And as soon as British troops pulled out of the area, the Arabs have been trying (but failing) to destroy Israel ever since.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Stevie Wonder

We haven't been big American Idol fans in the past, but this year we got pulled into it and have been pretty entertained. It's a small diversion from the crippled world that we spend so much time hearing about.

On the show last night, Stevie Wonder was the guest preformer. He was doing a medley of his most famous hit songs. Right near the end of his song, he yelled out, "I love you Barack Obama!"

We have to the entire world under a spell? Have you ever seen anything more strange than how the world has fallen in love with a President of the U.S.? We are now convinced that Obama is a foreshadowing of how the world will cry out for a leader...and the anti-christ will step forward to claim his throne.

Sudan Says It Was Israel

There is more chatter going on today regarding a bombed out convoy in Sudan. Recall that Sudan is where the horrendous-satanic butchering is taking place in the Darfur region. There is no doubt that Satan has been loosed on this region.

Read the Al Jazeera article here;

This is doubly interesting in that Sudan may be one of the players willing to join Russia in Ezekiel's war.

As Jan Markell and other watcher's are saying...prophecy is definately in fast-forward mode. I can barely take my eyes off the news because it is so dang exciting.

"When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near." Jesus Christ

Birth Pangs for Earth

We seldom write about all the earthquakes because they seem to be happening every day. But has anyone noticed that in the past week we have a 1000 yr flood in Fargo (never happened in history of man), a freak tornado in Greece and a volcano erupting in Alaska and Russia, while the earth continues to shake in Yellowstone? How many strange things can happen all at once before the inhabitants of planet earth realize that the earth itself is groaning?

Japan's Military

At the end of WWII, Japan was forced to surrender and give up it's military. The U.S. has had a military base there ever since and has provided a military shield for this country. But now with all the wars and rumors of war breaking out all over the world....even Japan is realizing that they better come up with a way to defend itself and not necessarily rely 100% on the U.S.

According to the article, they currently would have little defense against North Korea;

There are doubts among missile experts about whether Japan's anti-missile network -- a combination of sea-to-air Aegis missiles and land-to-air Patriot rockets -- can protect the country, in the event of a Nodong missile attack.
"They are not up to the job," said Theodore Postol, an expert on missile systems and a professor of science, technology and national security policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Israel Killing Ethiopians?

Interesting news reports have surfaced from CBS. They claim that Israeli jets bombed some military convoys in Sudan during Israel's fighting in Gaza last January. Why?...because the convoy was carrying arms meant for Gaza fighters.

But here is a real interesting paragraph;

The attack reportedly killed 39 people and destroyed 17 trucks. Although Sudan has yet to officially blame - or even acknowledge - the strike, Sudanese State Minister for Highways Mabrouk Mubarak Saleem was quoted in the Sudanese Tribune this week as saying that a "major power bombed small trucks carrying arms, burning all of them." He added that the strike killed "Sudanese, Eritreans and Ethiopians, and injured others."

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Anytime you see the words "Israel" and "Ethiopia" in the same article, watchers need to perk up...especially in the day we are living. Why? Read Ezekiel 38:5 and you will see that, "Persia, Cush and Put will be with them." Cush is present day Ethiopia and "them" is referring to the great horde that will form to attack Israel in the Last days. So if it's true that Israel has killed some could push them closer into the arms of Russia and further set the table for this 2800 year old prophecy to be fulfilled.

"Cool!", you might say. But it's way more than that...because there is a VERY good chance that all Christ believers will be called home in the rapture before this war happens.

Gun Shop Observations

We have a friend who is a partial owner in a gun shop. As we all know, gun/ammo sales in this country are up by a huge margin. The sales started to increase as soon as an Obama victory seemed likely. This holds true for our friend's store as well. He has been working 7 days a week for months just trying to handle all the business.

Some of his observations are interesting;

-He has had husbands and wives come in together with kids in tow and buy two pistols, a shotgun and hundreds of rounds of ammo.

-He has had military people buying guns tell him that a questionaire given to new recruits asks A) would you have problems taking orders from a United Nations commander? B) would you have any problems detaining or killing U.S. civilians if ordered?

-These same military people also report that the military has been making huge confinement facilities all over the country, including one at Camp Ripley.

-He has problems getting ammo in certain calibers simply because it is being purchased faster than it can be made. He said his store receieved 20,000 rounds of .223 ammo yesterday and he might sell it all in the next few days.

So what does all this mean? First off, we have no way of verifying the Camp Ripley detainment facilities. But we do know that history repeats itself. And for those who don't remember their WWII history, we will remind you that the U.S. Government took all U.S. citizens of Japanese descent, took their property, kicked them out of their homes and put them all in U.S. detainment facilities. The Government felt that they couldn't be trusted. Question: who might be the next group that the U.S. Government (led by Obama) doesn't feel they can trust?

We understand that people buy guns when uncertainty and fear are prevalent. And unless you have been on another planet for the past 12 months, you know that uncertainty and fear have shrouded every country on earth. No one knows if the money system is going to stay afloat or if some quack is going to detonate a nuke or if a solar storm is going to knock out all electricity in 2012. And if any of those three things happen, anarchy will be the result. And if there is anarchy...most of us would choose to have a gun for self defense and family defense.

Friends...even the pagans KNOW something big is going on. The gun shop owner told us that, "Something big is going down...and it's not just business as usual." So, in light of this, HOW THEN SHALL WE LIVE? The bible is clear we are not supposed to have a spirit of fear or uncertainty. We are supposed to be pillars of confidence in an ever-shaky world. Furthermore, as the world shakes, people will be drawn to our spirit of joy and confidence. They will want to know how we can be so joyful in the face of global wars, famines, earthquakes and uncertainty. It's at this time when the Holy Spirit can use us to speak Truth to that person.

"When you see all these things, snatch people from the fire."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Way to Hell

Obviously no one knows how to fix a financial house of cards. As a country, the U.S. has borrowed itself rich in the past few decades. It doesn't seem logical that borrowing more money to fix this dilema will be a solid answer. The EU president has an even more critical outlook on this plan;

"All of these steps, their combination and their permanency is a way to hell. We need to read the history books," he said.
Czech Vice Prime Minister Alexandr Vondra later sought to play down the comment, denying before journalists at a news conference at the parliament that Topolanek made the "hell" remark.
An AFP check of the original recording found that Topolanek did indeed make the comment.

Read the full article here;

We know that ultimately the piper will have to be paid. But with the worshiped stock market moving up again in the past few weeks, and now housing numbers showing some surprising trends....who knows...maybe it can be propped up for a while. Remember, you just gotta have faith. The question still in what?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Global Currency

There is more chatter every day about the need to have some sort of global currency. As we have talked about, this is definately something that needs to happen for the Last Days prophecies to be fulfilled...and the recent financial turmoil is serving as a catalyst for this event. Now China is calling for some type of global currency.

“This is a clear sign that China, as the largest holder of US dollar financial assets, is concerned about the potential inflationary risk of the US Reserve printing money,” said Qu Hongbin, chief China economist for HSBC.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Pakistan Failing

As we have stated in the past, the world will become a much more dangerous place if Pakistan erodes into anarchy. What would happen if the Taliban gets it's hands on the nuclear missile launch codes? India is watching the situation very closely as they have been at odds with Pakistan for decades.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Doomsday Budget

As we have all heard, the proposed budget for the U.S. by the Obama administration does not look good for us, our kids or grandkids. And quite honestly, we believe it could lead to the bankruptcy of the U.S. Some people have asked me how that could happen? Here's a real simple explanation; assume a person makes $50,000 per year and has $500,000 on credit cards. Will that person ever be able to pay back that money when he doesn't make enough income to even pay the minimum interest payment? Of course not. The same thing can be applied to the U.S. government.

Some senators are trying to tell us this;

"The practical implications of this is bankruptcy for the United States," said Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H. "There's no other way around it. If we maintain the proposals which are in this budget over the 10-year period that this budget covers, this country will go bankrupt. People will not buy our debt; our dollar will become devalued."

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To further complicate matters, the U.S. needs to borrow an enormous amount of money from foreign governments and investors. When those same people realize we are at the limit of what we can repay....they will quit loaning us money...and then we will be bankrupt even quicker if we have to rely on our own savings and tax collections.

When you rely on false gods...those gods usually don't last forever.