Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Islamic Terrorists Are Not Poor and Ignorant

When the subject of Islam comes up at work or with family, have you ever heard the liberals among you claim that Islamic terrorism is made because the terrorists are poor, frustrated and hopeless?

I know I have heard that argument.  "But Dennis, the poor Palestinians being steamrolled by those Jews of Israel....they feel like they have no hope and no way to get their land back!  If you were so poor and miserable, YOU might blow yourself up too!"

Ummmm......I'm gonna say no....

What if that argument fell apart like wet toilet paper?  What if it turned out the the folks who blow themselves up while saying "Allah akbar!" are actually educated and affluent?  Would the liberals finally come to realize that Islam has a problem?

"The better young people are integrated, the greater the chance is that they radicalize. This hypothesis is supported by a lot of evidence". — From a report by researchers at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

"The proportions of [Islamic State] administrators but also of suicide fighters increase with education," according to a World Bank report. "Moreover, those offering to become suicide bombers ranked on average in the more educated group."

Britain's MI5 revealed that "two-thirds of the British suspects have a middle-class profile and those who want to become suicide bombers are often the most educated".

Researchers have discovered that "the richer the countries are the more likely will provide foreign recruits to the terrorist group [ISIS]."

The West seems to have trouble accepting that terrorists are not driven by inequality, but by hatred for Western civilization and the Judeo-Christian values of the West.

For the Nazis, the "inferior race" (the Jews) did not deserve to exist; for the Stalinists, the "enemies of the people" were not entitled to continue living; for the Islamists, it is the West itself that does not deserve to exist.

It is anti-Semitism, not poverty, that led the Palestinian Authority to name a school after Abu Daoud, mastermind of the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.

Nasra Hassan, who wrote an informed profile of Palestinian suicide bombers for The New Yorker, explained that, "of 250 suicide bombers, not one was illiterate, poor or depressed." The unemployed, it seems, are always the least likely to support terror attacks.

Europe and America gave everything to these terrorists: educational and employment opportunities, popular entertainment and sexual pleasures, salaries and welfare, and religious freedom. These terrorists, such as the "underwear bomber," Umar Farouk Abulmutallab, the son of a banker, have not seen a day of poverty in their life. Paris's terrorists rejected the secularist values of liberté, egalité, fraternité; British jihadists who bombed London and now fight for the Caliphate rejected multiculturalism; the Islamist who killed Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam repudiated Dutch relativism, and ISIS's soldier, Omar Mateen, who turned Orlando's Pulse Club into a slaughterhouse, said he wanted to purge it from what he perceived as libertine licentiousness and apparently his own homophilic wishes.

If the West does not understand the real source of this hatred, but instead indulges in false excuses such as poverty, it will not win this war being waged against us.


No doubt it is very annoying to hear the liberals misquote Donald Trump when they repeat the false claim that he wants to ban an entire religion....of Islam of course.  It's simply not true.  Islam is much more than a religion.  It's also a political and legal system.  So just like we banned young German men who were affiliated with the Nazi party from rushing into America during WWII....we should also make sure that we discover our Muslim enemies before they rush into our nation with ill intentions on their minds.  Our declared war is against Islamic Extremists.....so we need to have a vetting system to discover which Muslims wanting to come here are "extreme".  Also we need to monitor the Mosques and Muslim websites here in America to understand how they are taking High School Graduates from Minneapolis and turning them into Muslim extremists willing to kill and die for their faith.


Blogger Dave Gust said...

I just read a great book on this topic, Defeating Jihad - The Winnable War by Dr. Sabastian Gorka. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Gorka explains how the word jihad has changed through the centuries and how the current crop of jihadies will not accept anything but a world wide caliphate or death. Not a pretty picture.

November 29, 2016 at 10:34 AM  

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