Monday, November 14, 2016

Can You Hear Us Now?

There are just SO MANY things to post regarding the huge upset by Trump and GOP.

So for that reason, I will be brief but think you may want to read some of these articles.

Dear Liberal,

I know your grief and pain are terrible, but please accept these words in the spirit of magnanimity in which they are offered.

You do not live in a country gripped by hatred, xenophobia, racism and bigotry, and the level of rage you are directing at your fellow citizens is unbecoming. Let us stipulate that Donald Trump is an a–hole. He gave cause for many to think so. Why then did you lose to this reprehensible troglodyte?

First and foremost, you nominated a truly loathsome human being. I know you think she’s wonderful, and that all evidence to the contrary are lies driven by irrational hatred. Brevity prevents me from enumerating every nasty, criminal and incompetent misdeed she committed. Nor will I attempt to mansplain her monumental and unprecedented level of greed – her fake charity, myriad pay-to-play schemes, or the Shelob’s web of lies suspending each twitching scandal carcass. I will only point out that anyone who responds to ‘good morning, Mrs. Clinton’ from an employee sworn to give their life for hers with ‘f— you’ is not fit to govern.

No doubt you have your own long list of reasons why The Donald is also unfit, and many may be perfectly valid, but they don’t make Crooked Hillary straight, or give you the right to urinate on the rest of us from what you delude yourself into believing is the moral high ground. The majority of your party chose Hillary freely, whereas those of us who have doubts about Trump can at least console ourselves with knowing we tried desperately to nominate someone else.

My entire adult life I have watched you excuse away every sleazy and disgusting thing done by the Clintons. Take a deep breath. You don’t have to do that anymore.

Secondly, you lost because you governed the nation as if you owned it, and everyone in it. Did you think that you could lie to people, and take away their health insurance, either to give it to someone else, or to swirl it down the rat hole of bureaucratic incompetence, and there would be no price to pay?

Did you think you could scream ‘racist’ at every dissenter and that the 70% of the country that is still white wouldn’t be offended by your grotesque insults? Did you believe that the vicious campaign of intimidation waged by the media, the IRS, and every other organ of your socialist empire would bear no blowback?

When large majorities objected to your policies and gave Congress to the other party to stop you, did you reconsider, or did you double down on illegal immigration through unconstitutional executive orders? Did you think no one would notice doubling the national debt, or that the entitlement state is accelerating towards national bankruptcy?

You thought you got lucky when Republicans picked Trump, and you thought that alone would be enough to win, but it wasn’t. Maybe you should stop calling everyone who disagrees with you a Nazi, if only to hold in reserve such labels for when you truly believe them.

Third, you’ve forgotten that there is a whole country out there – the size of a continent – that doesn’t live on the coast; that doesn’t read the New York Times, listen to NPR, or go to Starbucks to sip mocha cream lattes. They’re part of this country too, and have a purpose other than providing a blue wall to protect the power of your bi-coastal elitism. In case you haven’t noticed for lack of ever visiting, they’re not doing so well in the globalized economy in which you’re prospering.

They don’t work at Google, or Facebook, or Apple. They can’t afford to eat at a fancy restaurant even if there were one where they live. They don’t have much savings, and may be deeply in debt. They break their backs to send their kids – if they can afford to have them – to obscenely overpriced colleges and universities, where your ideological soulmates indoctrinate them to hate the nation their parents love.

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Hat tip to Natalie P.


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