Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Liberals are Getting Even More Delusional

As we continue to watch the liberals rant and rave because they are not getting their way, their ranting is becoming more angry, violent and delusional. 

This is ironic because they were the party that was telling everyone else to be more tolerant of different worldviews...but of course they are the ones who are totally intolerant of anyone who has a worldview that disagrees with theirs.

WASHINGTON – The scale of protests one week into a presidential administration is unlike anything in American history, but the rabid demonstrations also often appear unprecedented in their anger.
And in their disconnect from reality.

For instance, through his spokesman, former President Obama claimed his 2011 executive order was different than President Trump’s recent immigration order because “the president (Obama) fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion.”

However, the text of Trump’s executive order calling for a temporary ban on immigration from seven countries does not include the word “religion.” Or “faith.” Or “Muslim.” Or “Islam.”

In fact, the list of seven countries named in Trump’s order came from a bipartisan bill Obama himself signed into law, restricting visa waivers for people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen.

Obama’s criticism of Trump’s order simply is not accurate because he is objecting to something that demonstrably did not happen: categorizing immigrants by religion or faith.

And yet that claim is the basis for virtually all the leftist protests against the order.
In parallel with the left’s disconnect from the facts, its protests have become increasingly surreal. In some cases, menacing and threatening.

A stunning case in point was the rant delivered by a Black Lives Matter speaker at an anti-Trump rally in Seattle over the weekend.

A woman who described herself as a preschool teacher declared, “We need to start killing people.”
“First off, we need to start killing the White House,” she added. “The White House must die. The White House, your f—ing White House, your f—ing presidents, they must go! F— the White House.”

And, “F— white supremacy, f— the U.S. empire, f— your imperialist ass lives. That s— gotta go.”
While that may be an extreme example, anti-Trump protests often have become bitter, hostile and, in some cases, delusional.

Writing in Townhall, former clinical psychologist turned conservative writer Timothy Daughtry called it the “Left’s War on Reality.”


The Bible says that after the rapture of the church takes place that God will send delusion on the people left behind(those who have rejected Christ's salvation)so that they will believe 'the lie'.

2 Thess. 2
They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie

We don't know exactly what the lie is that they will believe, but as we survey the protests, lies, vagina-hats at women's marches, the profanity, the nudity, the refusal of Women's March organizers to allow pro-life women to march with them, the rage shown by would appear that many of these folks may be those who 'refused to love the truth' of Jesus Christ. 

Because God foreshadows many of the prophetic promises that will come to pass, it makes us wonder if the delusion that we are witnessing by those who reject the Gospel is one more sign of the nearness of Christ's return for his bride?


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