Monday, May 15, 2017

The Collapse of America is Sealed

When you have 15 minutes...this is a pretty interesting video that just hit YouTube a few days ago.

In it you will see:

--Donald Trump in a cameo appearance in a 1980's sitcom complaining that "everyone always blames me for everything."

--If the collapse happens, Trump will get blamed even though he really has nothing to do with it.

--Senator Ron Paul explaining how $20 trillion in debt with NO PLANS on cutting spending EVER...will ultimately lead to our collapse.

--Ex-President Reagan economist, David Stockman saying that an epic collapse is coming in the fall of 2017 with the stock market falling by 40% or more.

--When US Gov't runs out of cash later this summer, there will have to be a massive fight in Congress about raising the debt ceiling.

--"Panic in the financial markets will result, because the market is not expecting this and it is not priced into the market."

--"Red Ponzi in China is about to explode."

--"Insiders are selling their stocks like there is no tomorrow.  Record inside selling is happening now."

--"This is the greatest 'suckers rally' we have ever seen as retail investors just keep buying stocks without a care in the world."

--In 2017 the interest on US Gov't debt will exceed $1/2 Trillion dollars for the first time ever.

--When this happens in America, the pain it will cause people will literally be off the charts.


We have NO IDEA if this is going to happen in 2017.  We know it's going to happen in America....but we have NO IDEA when....but we will not be surprised if it happens sometime soon because the Wall Street Journal just published an article showing investor's concern about financial markets is the lowest it's been in 25 years.

Typically when people think there is only clear sailing as far as the eye can see....that's exactly when the bottom drops out.


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