Thursday, May 11, 2017

Woman with Schizophrenia Draws her Terrifying Hallucinations

I'm not one of those people who believes there is a demon under every bush and behind every situation....but I do think there are definitely a lot more than people think.

I have heard "Christians" say that when Jesus was casting out demons, he was really just healing people from schizophrenia or epilepsy....but that since the ignorant people of the time didn't know what those diseases were, they called everything a "demon".


So these folks don't believe that Jesus, the Creator of the Universe, could actually tell the difference between sickness and demonic possession?

Wow!  Those "Christians" must have a really small and really weak god they have fabricated.

So today we find an article about schizophrenia and we see some photos that a woman who suffers from it has drawn.

 Instead of letting her hallucinations take over her life, an 18-year-old with schizophrenia has found an original way to cope.

The Los Angeles native, whose name is Kate, draws her hallucinations and shares them on her Instagram account.

Here's one of the scarier ones:

"I have depression, and get suicidal thoughts," Kate told BuzzFeed News. "I used to compulsively self-harm (not intentionally; sometimes I can feel bugs crawling on my arms) and now I have scars. I barely go to school two days a week because I'm afraid to leave the house, and I hate myself."

She said that sometimes she feels cold and distant like she's looking at the world through a pane of glass.

"Explaining what I go through can be awkward, so I decided to just draw," she said.

In addition to drawing, Kate is treating her schizophrenia with therapy. She may return to medical treatment some day, but in the meantime, she said her art has been extremely helpful

"It took me a long time to acknowledge these feelings and address them. That's what I'm trying to connect my art with, because I know that so many people feel the same as me," she told BuzzFeed.

So what the heck would CAUSE a young, depressed woman to draw a photo titled "The Messiah" and have a demonic looking character with an upside down CROSS on it's forehead?

Could it be that this young woman is actually possessed by demons?

Could it be that these demons have put terrifying images into this young girl's head?

Could it be that accepting Christ could drive these demons out of this poor young woman?

Could it be that there isn't a psychiatrist in the world that would dare tell her the truth that she has a demonic influence....and all the health care in the world will never change that?


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