Thursday, August 18, 2016

Florida College Student Caught Chewing Off Victim's Face

We blogged about the drug FLAKKA before and how it is the worst drug to ever take over Florida.  It seems the people that take it have almost a direct run in with the demons.

This kid in Florida seemed to be a normal kid.  He seemed to be having dinner with his parents and then left the table, went out and murdered two people he didn't know and started chewing the face off a dead man.  When police showed up he growled like an animal and it took a police dog and three cops to get him off the dead man.

Deputies say they arrived at the scene of a fatal stabbing Monday in Florida to find a 19-year-old college student "grunting and growling" and biting off pieces of one of the victims' faces, the Miami New Times reports. Austin Harrouff, a student and fraternity member at Florida State University, was eating with his family at a sports bar in Tequesta when he got angry and left. He may have been upset at the slow service. While his friends and family looked for him, Harrouff allegedly confronted a couple who were sitting in their open garage, according to TCPalm. Deputies say Harrouff stabbed 59-year-old John Stevens and 53-year-old Michelle Mishcon to death. He didn't know them.

Authorities say the attack was unprovoked, CBS 12 reports. Harrouff also allegedly stabbed a neighbor who tried to help the victims. Deputies say they arrived to find Harrouff chewing on Stevens' face. It allegedly took stun guns, a police dog, and three deputies to get Harrouff—a former high school wrestler and football player—off the body. Deputies say they didn't shoot Harrouff because they were afraid of hitting Stevens. Harrouff continued to make animal noises as he was transported to the hospital. Sheriff William Snyder believes Harrouff was possibly on bath salts or flakka at the time of the attack. He says Harrouff is in poor condition and may not survive.

Do you think it's a coincidence that the top show on TV is about zombies?  Do you think its a coincidence that our youth have become lovers of zombie shows, zombie games, zombie movies and zombie toys?---OR----could it be a foreshadowing of some of the demonic activity that is going to come sweeping down on planet earth following the rapture....which I hope is really close?


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