Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pro-Gay Condoms and the Blasphemy of "Christian" Left

As you watch the photos of gay-pride, gay TV Shows, gay-marriage celebrations and the White House bathed in gay-rainbow have to wonder how much longer God will restrain his wrath against this nation.

I'm sorry for all the gay-news posts in this past year, but it is so IN YOUR FACE that it's hard not to pay attention.

This next story really seems to mock God.

Much false teaching and false representation of Christianity exists in America today.

One recent example is the distribution of free condoms by Chicago Theological Seminary, an affiliate of the United Church of Christ (UCC). At last week's 2015 Wild Goose Festival attendees received condom packages designed with a colored image of a rainbow flame, an LGBT variation of the UCC's logo.

Printed above the flame were instructions: "Chicago Theological Seminary, Take Two (For the second coming!)" The text blatantly suggests Jesus Christ's second coming relates to one needing two condoms for multiple partners.

In other words, a "Christian" seminary is likening the Second Coming of Christ to gay sex.

Nothing could be further from Biblical truth. But such claims are inherent to blasphemy, heresy and obvious hatred of God and His Word.

Only an apostate Christian and apostate church could celebrate or encourage gay sex or orgies.

Only an apostate Christian and apostate church could advocate being "LGBTQ friendly." Apostasy is inherently anti-God.

Apostasy promotes lies and causes individual and societal harm. Revelation 9 and 21 make quite clear the consequence of sexual depravity (all sorts of uncleanness; not only simple fornication, but adultery, incest, sodomy and all unnatural lusts) at the time of Christ's return: death.

Genuine Christians couldn't promote harmful activities; it goes against their nature. The outworking of the gospel and salvation is healing, restoration and renewal in all areas of life; a desire to cultivate life-giving behavior and positively contribute to the flourishing of society.

Jesus Christ's return is infinitely more important and incomparable to a joke printed on condom package. Genuine Christians, who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, joyfully and anxiously await His return. But Christians are instructed to warn others (Ezek. 33), knowing His return is no laughing matter.


This is so sad.  Certainly we are in the DAYS OF NOAH that Jesus spoke about when he described the complacency and apathy of the world before He returns.

So once again we followers of Christ are conflicted between the depravity that surrounds us and the realization that Christ could come at any moment.



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