Monday, August 24, 2015

DOW on Massive Roller Coaster Ride Today

If you have turned the news on at all today, certainly you have seen the pundits and talking heads scrambling to get a hold of some explanation of WHY the stock market (DOW Industrial average) fell 1000 points right away this morning, then started to recover almost 700 points and was only down 300 at one point and then (as of writing) it took a sharp turn down again to DOWN 700.

Most of you know we are constantly looking for headlines with the word EVER and NEVER in it's not surprising that we found one trying to explain the market gyrations today.

The Dow Just Made the Largest Roundtrip Rollercoaster EVER

The U.S. stock market just took the largest roundtrip ever.    Specifically, in the first 3 hours and 40 minutes of trading today, the Dow posted the largest intraday swing in history:

This came right on the heels of the largest weekly increase in volatility in history.

See the chart that shows largest daily market swings in history;

What adds to the humor is that the headline already had the word EVER capitalized!!  I didn't have to do it myself for was already done!


Friends, by now all of us know that the god America worships is not the God of the Bible...but instead is the god of material goods, money and wealth....sometimes known as the god called Mammon.  Today we can see that this god is teetering.  The better-off people of America desperately want to believe that this god can sustain them and support them through all their American dreams and American retirement plans that include lots of golf, sun and romance novel reading by the pool.

Now in the few minutes it took to write the blog posting the DOW is down only 400 so literally moved 300 points in about 10 minutes.

What will Mammon do tomorrow?  Will she rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes and confusion to save us all??  Or will she crash and burn....putting us all into a strange depression where no one has jobs and the government starts defaulting on it's loans and the poor people on food stamps start rioting and stealing from grocery stores as unrest spreads across the nation like a vicious cancer?

We can know from reading the Bible that things are going to get bad....I just hope and pray that Jesus comes for us before they get too painful here in America....because I'm a wimp and have probably grown soft and lazy like most Americans.


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