Monday, September 21, 2015

Do Liberals Who Support Iran Deal Have any Clue?

Do you remember a segment Jay Leno used to do called, "Jay-walking"?  He would hit a college campus or just the sidewalks of Los Angeles and ask people some pretty obvious questions.  We viewers were always pretty amazed at the ignorance of the folks he would talk to.  Whenever I would see a segment of it I would always think to myself, "Wow!  And those people get to vote."

The video I will post below show a reporter going into a liberal area of Manhattan where Obama support is at or near 100% and asking people if they support his Iran deal.  The reporter then inserts erroneous details about The Deal and asks the folks if they agree with those details.  They say they do....but when they find out those details aren't part of the actual deal...they aren't sure they can support it anymore.

Watch it here;

You can't help but notice the liberal at the end who says, "I just want everyone to be friends."

I suppose he also wants everyone to have a flying unicorn as a personal pet.

Poor, deluded, liberals.  Once they deny in their hearts that Jesus/God was the Creator of all things, their minds just get turned to mush and their thinking becomes futile and foolish.  Romans Chapter 1.


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