Monday, November 23, 2015

The "Science of Monogamy and Casual Sex"

U.S. society is in the midst of a massive societal collapse.


Because the family, as God created it, is evaporating.

God created men to lead the family, women to help and support their husbands and one man and one woman were told to stay together until death parted them.  He also told them to be fruitful and multiply.

Godly men leading Godly women, raising Godly children was the prescription that God gave in His owner's manual.

Today we find an article in Fox News that follows the lies of evolution to try and explain why women aren't having many kids anymore, why men enjoy extra-marital sex and why women are now joining them in their extra-marital pursuits.

The science of monogamy and casual sex

These attitudes toward monogamy are not all that new. All animal species have distinct differences in mate selection, with females being choosier and males a little more indiscriminate. These behaviors take root, experts suspect, in the fact that the reproductive process is a substantial investment of time and metabolic energy for females. This makes females a limited commodity, leaving males to battle it out to mate with a female in her prime. This head-to-head competition is still keenly observed in animal populations and affected early man too— at least that is one theory, suggesting that this was the origin of macho competition. However, in order to advance and cultivate civilization, humans used their oversized brains to devise a way to live a more peaceful existence, giving rise to pairing off, living as a group (families), evolving language, and sharing food.

Regardless of the mate selection process, only about a dozen species engage in monogamy, staying together to raise their offspring. That devotion is generally limited to the short term: When offspring leave the nest, these partnerships usually dissolve. There are a few animal species that continue partnerships beyond child-rearing, and even among those that do, those relationships include philandering.

Historically, among humans, anthropologists cite that only 1 in 6 societies enforce monogamy as a rule. Most scientists view human monogamy, in all its forms, as a societal structure rather than a natural state. When taking this into consideration, it is easy to see why there is a cultural shift happening in America. In the past, women had a lot to lose with the break-up of marriage and family. Many women were dependent upon their husbands for income, and marriage was an opportunity to climb the social ladder for many women and their families. This social structure alone made it a high-cost venture for a woman to engage in extramarital affairs or call it quits on a cheating husband.

A shift in gender norms

Today, however, marriage is less about status and economic stability or even having children. Women are no longer dependent upon men for a foothold in society or financial support, and more women are opting not to have children, or are at least delaying children and marriage until later in life. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 47.6 percent of American women ages 15 to 44 were without children in 2014, up from 46.5 percent in 2012. The biggest factor behind these numbers were avoiding the hassles of juggling career and family. Of women surveyed aged 40 to 50, those that held professional positions were more likely to be childless.

Women are opting out of having children, climbing the corporate ladder, and, according to a number of recent reports, engaging in extramarital affairs too. When Ashley Madison was exposed, reports showed that 22 percent of the sites “cheaters” were men and 14 percent were women. According to Psychology Today, a 2011 study found only a marginal gender gap among cheaters, with 23 percent of men and 19 percent of women reporting extramarital affairs.

Among both men and women, instances of casual sex are up about 15 percent, according to research out of the University of Portland, but the number of partners and frequency of sex remains steady. As women have gained equal footing with men in society, the need to “pair off” for life is less of a necessity. Sex and relationships are now easily separated from climbing the social ladder and financial gains.


Oh-ish.  Is that really what scientists think marriage and sex are all about...."climbing the social ladder and financial gains"?

What a flipping mess!  Men humping other men claiming they are 'born that way'.  Men humping all the women they can possibly hump and claiming they too are 'born that way', scientists insisting that humans are simply animals and animals aren't monogamous, women 'opting out' of having children so they can 'climb the corporate ladder' and 'get equal footing with men', which allows them to also engage in all the casual sex they may desire.

Friends, can you smell an epic EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT coming for all of us disgusting, sin-filled, selfish, ladder climbing, happiness-seeking, self absorbed, over-medicated idiots who refuse to bow to, or even acknowledge their Creator??

Here is a newsflash...GOD thought up the idea of sexual intercourse.  He even created the using parts to function together and then He blessed the entire process and told a husband and wife to have lots of sex and lots of children!  BUT....he limited the gift of sexual intercourse to be used in the confines of marriage.  He did this for the good of society, for the good of our kids and for the good of our marriage.

But of course, we "modern folks" think we know better!  Yep!!  We think we know better what is good for us than even our Creator!!

This won't end well for modern man. Engaging in full-on rebellion against the Creator is not a good idea.

All of this really shouldn't surprise us....but it is still sad to watch.

Hat tip to Jared F.


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