Thursday, December 10, 2015

Massive Percentage of Muslims Desire Shariah Law

What are the facts surrounding Islam?  Can a devout Muslim really serve effectively as the President of the USA?  Should we, as a nation, allow hundreds of thousands of Muslims into our nation knowing full well that many or most of them have desires for a different government than the one we currently have?

The following article shows this chart from Pew Research....and I hope our leaders are understanding what it is saying.


Friends, that's a whole lot of Muslims that desire that Political Islam rule their nations!

Let's pretend that there was a religion called Luciferan.  There were millions of them all over the world and they bowed to a god names Lucifer. They also publicly announced that they believed that Jews descended from apes and pigs, they believed that anyone who didn't bow to lucifer should be killed, they hated Christians and were willing to blow themselves up trying to spread the kingdom of Lucifer all over the world.

Would we automatically let millions of Luciferans into America?

Think about it....

But while you are thinking about that also remember that Jesus told us to love and pray for our PLEASE remember the words of our Master when and if we get the chance to interact with Muslims.  They are lost and on their way to hell if they don't accept Christ and YOU could be the one that wins them over with love.  Remember, THOUSANDS of Muslims every single day are tossing their Korans into the toilet and accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior!  There has NEVER been such a time for Muslims to come to Christ.


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