Thursday, April 28, 2016

1/2 of European Men Descended From 1 Man

Have you ever run into non-believers who ridicule the idea that all people were descended from Adam and Eve?

What's funny is we tend to get on the defense when confronted with this question....but in reality we should always turn it around into a question to them.  "So do you believe Mother Earth created a whole bunch of breeding pairs of human men and women at the same time?  How did she do that?"...and then make sure you put a confused look on your face.  If he doesn't answer right away then give a follow up comment, "Wow! really have a lot of faith in Mother is your faith part of a certain religion?"

But science continues to catch up with what the Bible has been saying all along.  Adam and Eve started it all.  A few thousand years after they were created there was a global flood that destroyed all but 8 people...Noah and this three sons and they each had a wife.  The world was REPOPULATED from those 4 couples.

"But Dennis, I don't believe that part of the Bible.  I just like the parts about how God loves everyone just as they are and he doesn't care about our behavior and we are all going to heaven...except for Hitler, Bin Laden and Pol Pot....because the rest of us are pretty good people."

Half of Western European men are descended from one Bronze Age ‘king’ who sired a dynasty of elite nobles which spread throughout Europe, a new study has shown.

The monarch, who lived around 4,000 years ago, is likely to have been one of the earliest chieftains to take power in the continent.

He was part of a new order which emerged in Europe following the Stone Age, sweeping away the previous egalitarian Neolithic period and replacing it with hierarchical societies which were ruled by a powerful elite.

It is likely his power stemmed from advances in technology such as metal working and wheeled transport which enabled organised warfare for the first time.

Although it is not known who he was, or where he lived, scientists say he must have existed because of genetic variation in today’s European populations.


So if half of all the men in Western Europe were descended from one man....its quite easy to see how the entire world was repopulated by four men and their four wives.

Also please remember that Noah was 600 years old when the flood came and he lived for another 350 years after that!  The dude and his wife could have had an awful lot of kids because they were "pure" genetically since they were so many generations closer to the perfect DNA of Adam and Eve.

The article goes on to say this;

The team used the data to build a tree of the 1200 Y chromosomes. It shows how they are all related to one another. As expected, they all descend from a single man who lived approximately 190,000 years ago.

The most intriguing and novel finding was that some parts of the tree were more like a bush than a tree, with many branches originating at the same point.

The earliest explosive increases of male numbers occurred 50,000–55,000 years ago, across Asia and Europe, and 15,000 years ago in the Americas.

Of course this would deviate from what the Bible I would direct you to ANSWERS IN GENESIS website to start looking for scientific answers as to how flawed their circular reasoning is when they come up with dates like this....and then you can decide for yourselves whether you believe that human men were running around earth 190,000 years ago...and then decide where you believe the Bible gets the story wrong.


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