Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New York Times Discusses Aliens From Space

As we have blogged about numerous times over these past 8+ years....mankind has been quickly accepting of the idea that lots of intelligent life forms has successfully evolved all over the universe.

It makes sense if you believe that life can form out of rocks, water and pond scum.

We believe that this belief is part of a huge deception which Satan and his minions have been cooking up for quite some time now.

Today, we find that the New York Times has an article discussing how irrational a person would have to be to deny that life evolved elsewhere.

LAST month astronomers from the Kepler spacecraft team announced the discovery of 1,284 new planets, all orbiting stars outside our solar system. The total number of such “exoplanets” confirmed via Kepler and other methods now stands at more than 3,000.

This represents a revolution in planetary knowledge. A decade or so ago the discovery of even a single new exoplanet was big news. Not anymore. Improvements in astronomical observation technology have moved us from retail to wholesale planet discovery. We now know, for example, that every star in the sky likely hosts at least one planet.

But planets are only the beginning of the story. What everyone wants to know is whether any of these worlds has aliens living on it. Does our newfound knowledge of planets bring us any closer to answering that question?

A little bit, actually, yes. In a paper published in the May issue of the journal Astrobiology, the astronomer Woodruff Sullivan and I show that while we do not know if any advanced extraterrestrial civilizations currently exist in our galaxy, we now have enough information to conclude that they almost certainly existed at some point in cosmic history.

Among scientists, the probability of the existence of an alien society with which we might make contact is discussed in terms of something called the Drake equation. In 1961, the National Academy of Sciences asked the astronomer Frank Drake to host a scientific meeting on the possibilities of “interstellar communication.” Since the odds of contact with alien life depended on how many advanced extraterrestrial civilizations existed in the galaxy, Drake identified seven factors on which that number would depend, and incorporated them into an equation.

The first factor was the number of stars born each year. The second was the fraction of stars that had planets. After that came the number of planets per star that traveled in orbits in the right locations for life to form (assuming life requires liquid water). The next factor was the fraction of such planets where life actually got started. Then came factors for the fraction of life-bearing planets on which intelligence and advanced civilizations (meaning radio signal-emitting) evolved. The final factor was the average lifetime of a technological civilization.

Drake’s equation was not like Einstein’s E=mc2. It was not a statement of a universal law. It was a mechanism for fostering organized discussion, a way of understanding what we needed to know to answer the question about alien civilizations. In 1961, only the first factor — the number of stars born each year — was understood. And that level of ignorance remained until very recently.

That’s why discussions of extraterrestrial civilizations, no matter how learned, have historically boiled down to mere expressions of hope or pessimism. What, for example, is the fraction of planets that form life? Optimists might marshal sophisticated molecular biological models to argue for a large fraction. Pessimists then cite their own scientific data to argue for a fraction closer to 0. But with only one example of a life-bearing planet (ours), it’s hard to know who is right.

Or consider the average lifetime of a civilization. Humans have been using radio technology for only about 100 years. How much longer will our civilization last? A thousand more years? A hundred thousand more? Ten million more? If the average lifetime for a civilization is short, the galaxy is likely to be unpopulated most of the time. Once again, however, with only one example to draw from, it’s back to a battle between pessimists and optimists.

In other words, given what we now know about the number and orbital positions of the galaxy’s planets, the degree of pessimism required to doubt the existence, at some point in time, of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization borders on the irrational.

In science an important step forward can be finding a question that can be answered with the data at hand. Our paper did just this. As for the big question — whether any other civilizations currently exist — we may have to wait a long while for relevant data. But we should not underestimate how far we have come in a short time.

Here;  http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/12/opinion/sunday/yes-there-have-been-aliens.html?WT.mc_id=2016-KWP-AUD_DEV&WT.mc_ev=click&ad-keywords=AUDDEVREMARK&kwp_0=168169&kwp_4=687658&kwp_1=350076&_r=0

Hey friends, the Bible clearly tells us that there is other intelligent life out in the universe...the angels would be a prime example.

So what have these angels been doing over the eons?

Well we know that some are given to followers of Christ as ministering spirits...but we also know that 1/3 of the created angelic host rebelled against God and are led by Lucifer, aka Satan.  We also know that Satan is vastly intelligent.

So what is fallen mankind going to say when (if?) fallen angels show up on earth one day and tell us,
"We come in peace!  We are here to stop you from destroying each other with hatred and weapons!  We planted your life forms here eons ago and have been monitoring your development very closely ever since!  We know of Jesus.  He is one of us!  But you have the whole story wrong about his virgin birth to Mary, his death on a cross for you so-called sins and his claimed resurrection.  In fact, he should be coming here soon and you can all meet him for yourselves!"

Jesus warned us not to be deceived!  Paul warned us about angels giving another doctrine of demons that doesn't line up with the Gospel we all know!  Paul warned us to TEST THE SPIRITS before we run and believe anything they say!

1 Timothy 4:1 
The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.


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