Thursday, July 14, 2016

Trump Says GOP is Most Pro-Israel of All Time

No doubt the Bible says that the nations will be blessed who bless the Jews and Israel.  In the same way the nations who curse Israel will be cursed.

Is it possible that mass shootings, legalizing gay marriage, letting men use girl's locker rooms, Muslim terrorists in America, that have all happened since Obama took indicative of a nation that is in the process of being cursed?

How about the massive flooding, fires, tornadoes that have swept America since Obama came in?

What if Donald Trump, with all his warts, ego and comb-over haircut....what if HE was the man to bring America back into the groove where we are actually blessing Israel?

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has referred to the new Republican Party platform, set to be adopted at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next week, as the “most pro-Israel of all time!”

Trump made this statement on Thursday via his Twitter account. He has additionally announced that he will make his choice of running mate known on Friday. Former Speaker of the House of Representative Newt Gingrich and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are among the candidates to run as Trump’s VP.

The new platform, which has been approved by representatives of the Republican Party, has been amended to take out the party’s support of a two-state solution. A mention of Palestine has also been taken out, according to CNN, which managed to get hold of a copy of the platform’s draft. In addition, the new platform mentions an undivided Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The Republican National Convention, in which Trump is set to officially become the party’s nominee for president, will start on Monday,  in Cleveland, Ohio. The platform is also expected to be adopted and become official Republican Party policy at the convention.

According to recent polls, Trump is closing in on Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, with Clinton’s advantage in national polls going down to just 3 percent. However, Trump’s situation is  far from ideal: Two thirds of American youth still see him as a racist.,7340,L-4828377,00.html

"But Dennis, Jesus would never have anything to do with Donald Trump...cuz he is an narcissistic ego-maniac...and MY Jesus is a sandal wearing, Prius driving, hippie who approves of gay marriage and lives in Boulder, CO and definitely voted for legalizing pot."


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