Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How to Prepare for the Coming Cashless Society

The Bible is clear that one day, during The Great Tribulation, that every man, woman and child will need to take a mark-sign-chip-tattoo in order to buy or sell anything.  That means that you won't be able to walk into a store with a $20 bill and purchase.  So, by default, we know that means that the new system will need to do away with cash.

So as we approach these days we should EXPECT to see signs and chatter that the current financial system wants to convert to a cashless system.

With that as a backdrop, I get all kinds of emails from all sorts of people and companies looking to sell something or offer up an opinion, advice, sales tip, etc...

Today, I happened to run across this email from a company that is in the business of selling financial newsletters.

I have NO IDEA if it's good, bad, accurate or true....but I offer it up as a sign that even secular companies are seeing a cashless system approach.

The document is titled SURVIVING THE FEDS WAR ON CASH

The document is a PDF so I can't cut and paste anything from it onto this instead will give you the link and you can read the first couple pages for yourself.


Remember, of the $trillions of US Dollars that are sitting on bank and Fed balance sheets, less than $2 trillion dollars are actually running around the world in $1, $5, $10, $20 and $100 dollar bills. The rest only exists in cyber space.  So when a calamity happens (and it will) the people of planet earth will run to the banks to draw out their money only to find that it isn't available.

We have seen this happen in Cyprus and Greece and are currently watching it happen in Venezuela.  The cash problem is so severe in Venezuela that they can't afford to print the money its depositors are requesting so other nations are flying in planeloads of cash in attempt to delay the total meltdown.

When the calamity happens to America, the banks will close their doors and cash machines will limit daily withdrawals to $60 and people will be standing in long lines to try and get some.

The government will soon realize that there is no way they can possibly print all the money requested so will have to ultimately make the use of cash illegal.  From that day forward ONLY electronic credit or debit cards will be allowed.  They will claim that this move is for the good of society.  They will also claim that the government will save $billions per year in printing and transportation costs...because moving paper money around in armored cars is expensive.  Also they will claim that it will help reduce crime by taking away the tender that drug dealers, prostitutes and black market people use to do illegal lots of folks will cheer!

I believe we will be gone in the rapture before this happens....but when you start seeing articles like this it makes you think that Gabriel is warming up his trumpet lips.

Are you ready and excited to meet your creator?


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