Monday, September 26, 2016

America Needs to Continue Being the World's Police Force

Have you ever wondered why America always seems to be the nation that ends up being the police force of the entire world?  How come other nations don't pick up the baton of responsibility and start bringing ISIS, BOKO HARAM, Putin, China and other despots to justice?

Today we found a good article in the Wall Street Journal that was written by a guy from Denmark who is the former Secretary General of NATO....and he explains why ONLY America can serve this role....and what will happen if we fail to take this responsibility.

Barely had I been seated before Vladimir Putin told me that NATO—the organization that I then headed—no longer had any purpose and should be disbanded. “After the end of the Cold War, we dissolved the Warsaw Pact,” he said. “Similarly, you should dissolve NATO. That is a relic from the Cold War.”

During my visit to Moscow in December 2009, I sensed that President Putin was challenging the world order that the U.S. created so successfully after World War II. Beginning in 2014, he invaded Ukraine and launched a military action in Syria.

From my former positions as prime minister of Denmark and secretary-general of NATO, I know how important American leadership is. We desperately need a U.S. president who is able and willing to lead the free world and counter autocrats like President Putin. A president who will lead from the front, not from behind.

The world needs such a policeman if freedom and prosperity are to prevail against the forces of oppression, and the only capable, reliable and desirable candidate for the position is the United States. The presidential elections thus come at a pivotal point in history.

The Middle East is torn by war. In North Africa, Libya has collapsed and become a breeding ground for terrorists. In Eastern Europe, a resurgent Russia has brutally attacked and grabbed land by force from Ukraine. China is flexing its muscles against its neighbors—and the rogue state of North Korea is threatening a nuclear attack.

In this world of interconnections, it has become a cliché to talk about the “global village.“ But right now, the village is burning, and the neighbors are fighting in the light of the flames. Just as we need a policeman to restore order; we need a firefighter to put out the flames of conflict, and a kind of mayor, smart and sensible, to lead the rebuilding.

Only America can play all these roles, because of all world powers, America alone has the credibility to shape sustainable solutions to these challenges. Russia is obsessed with rebuilding the empire the Soviet Union lost. China is still primarily a regional actor. Europe is weak, divided and leaderless. The old powers of Britain and France are simply too small and exhausted to play the global role they once did.

This is not simply about means. It is also about morality. Just as only America has the material greatness to stop the slide into chaos, only America has the moral greatness to do it—not for the sake of power, but for the sake of peace.

Yet the U.S. will only be able to shape the solutions the world needs if its leaders act with conviction. When America retrenches and retreats—if the world even thinks that American restraint reflects a lack of willingness to engage in preventing and resolving conflicts—it leaves a vacuum that will be filled by crooked autocrats across the world.

The Obama administration’s reluctance to lead the world has had serious consequences, and none is graver than the behavior of Mr. Putin. While Europe and the U.S. slept, he launched a ruthless military operation in support of the Assad regime in Syria and tried to present Russia as a global power challenging the U.S. in importance. In Europe, he is trying to carve out a sphere of influence and establish Russia as a regional power capable of diminishing American influence.

These are only a few examples of what is now at stake as autocrats, terrorists and rogue states challenge America’s leadership of the international rules-based order—which was created after World War II and which secured for the world an unprecedented period of peace, progress and prosperity.

Think about it.  For the last 6000 years of human history, if a nation wanted more territory, more gold, more women or more of anything they didn't have....they went to war with someone else who had what they wanted and if they were victorious, they took the booty!  "To the victor goes the spoils!!"

But  America has been a nation that goes to war not because we want wealth or gold but because we believe that justice needs serving.  We see ISIS burning people alive and filming it for their followers to enjoy and we say, "Someone has to stop them!"  So we send big bombs, big planes, big guns and big men back over into the desert to see if we can do something about this.

When America goes bankrupt and collapses (we hope this is caused by the rapture of the church) the world will be left with no one to serve as police.  Chaos will be the outcome.  Putin may really feel he can march into Ukraine unimpeded.  China may feel capable of taking over the entire South China Sea as they realize no one is going to stop them.  North Korea may feel free to threaten anyone they want with nuclear weapons because there is no one around to challenge them.  ISIS might start walking around in broad daylight burning and raping all they please....because there are no drones circling overhead to deliver a Stinger Missile into their heads.

Of course this situation will make it possible for the Antichrist to show up and say, "Hey everyone! I'm here to give you a new idea!  I'm here to restore order!  I'm here to give you the peace that the world so desperately needs!

America has been an awesome country!  A country ordained by God and blessed by God.  A country that was made so powerful so quickly so He could use us to incubate Israel, stop Hitler from killing all the Jews, deliver justice to Muslim terrorists and keep Putin from marching across Europe because he fears America.

A generation ago, most Americans would have understood that our blessings came from the God of Israel.  Today most Americans scoff at that suggestion.  So how much longer will the God of Israel continue to bless this nation and use us to bless the world?


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