Monday, October 10, 2016

Is Pulling Off Someone's Hajib Really a Hate Crime?

Back when I was a Freshman at Concordia, we had to wear Cobber beanies everywhere we went as part of our Freshman orientation.  The neighboring college in the same town would try and snatch our beanies from us while we were wandering off campus.

It never dawned on me when my beanie was snatched from me that I may have been a victim of a HATE CRIME....but now it seems that maybe I was?....

LONDON: In a racially-motivated attack+ , a young woman's hijab was ripped off on a busy London street in broad daylight, prompting Scotland Yard to launch a probe into the assault.

The force is treating the incident in north London as a racially motivated assault+ on the victim in her 20s, who was described as "shocked and distressed" by the incident.

"This was a shocking attack in broad daylight in the middle of a busy street. Racially and religiously motivated crimes+ will not be tolerated. I would appeal to anyone who witnessed this attack to contact police," said Detective Constable Ben Cousin of the Metropolitan Police's Haringey Community Safety Unit.

The woman was walking with another female friend on the evening of September 28 when the attack took place.

Oh no!  People are getting burned alive, butchered, heads cut off and raped in front of their families by Muslim Extremists.....but let's all stop what we are doing and put the entire police force on the case of hajib being snatched off a woman!!  What a shocking hate crime!!  And to think it happened in BROAD DAYLIGHT is even more reprehensible!!

Lord Help us....


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