Thursday, December 1, 2016

Latest Report: Obama Won't Force Peace Plan on Israel

Just a few posts ago we wrote of a headline claiming President Carter was urging Obama to recognize Palestine as a nation before he leaves office.  Now this afternoon we see this headline;

Report: Obama won't force a peace plan before he leaves

US President Barack Obama will almost certainly not pressure Israel to advance a peace process with the Palestinians during his final weeks in office, a new report claims.

AP reported that it had obtained information from “US officials” that Obama had no intention of shaking Israel up with a new peace plan before he steps down.

According to the officials, Obama had been considering over the past year to make a final grand statement - whether in the form of a speech or through support for a UN resolution - urging a renewed peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians.

Apparently, however, the unexpected election of Donald Trump caused Obama to change his mind.

According to the report, Trump, who has hinted at closer ties with Israel and enjoys a large pro-Israel constituency, would be likely to reject any anti-Israel stance that Obama puts on the table, forcing a public confrontation against Obama’s prospective policy - and tarnishing Obama’s image as “neutral arbiter.

Of course WE have no clue what Team Obama might please continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and also keep praying for Obama and Trump that a smooth, God-honoring transition will take place, and to please continue to have mercy on America.


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