Monday, January 2, 2017

Iran Collects Cash, Gold

A big story from last year was Team Obama lifting sanctions on Iran, who also happens to be the world's largest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism.  And what came on the heels of that news was jumbo jets loaded with foreign cash being flown to the regime...brought to them courtesy of the red, white and blue.

So while the USA says we are in a war on terror...we most certainly have indirectly become one of the largest sponsors of Islamic terror giving Iran access to billions of cash.

Score one for Team Obama and his 8 year tour of "Blame America".

WASHINGTON—In the three years since a preliminary nuclear deal was struck with Iran, Tehran has received more than $10 billion in sanctions relief from around the world in the form of cash and gold, according to current and former U.S. officials.

The large shipments of gold and cash, from oil funds unfrozen in numerous countries, represent the kind of financial relief that made Iran’s leaders eager to complete the international nuclear accord. Some of the cash and gold went to Iran while the U.S. and other world powers negotiated with Tehran on a final nuclear deal. More shipments took place after final deal went into effect last January.

This tallying of the sanctions relief to date includes payments previously announced and others that haven’t been. In one previously unreported payment, the U.S. authorized Iran to receive $1.4 billion in sanctions relief between when the final deal was struck in July 2015 and when it took effect, according to the U.S. officials.

Some U.S. lawmakers and Middle East allies contend that the shipments of cash and gold, a highly liquid form of money, can be used to fund Iran’s allies in the region, including the Assad regime in Syria, the Lebanese militia Hezbollah and the Houthi political movement in Yemen.

“Forking over cash and gold to the world’s leading state sponsor of terror is incredibly dangerous,” said Rep. Ed Royce (R., Calif.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, who sponsored a House-passed bill to ban such payments.

Iran denies that it sponsors terrorism. It has complained that the sanctions-relief funds it is owed are coming too slowly. A spokesman for the Iranian government didn’t respond to a request for comment.

In exchange for mothballing its nuclear program, Tehran has been entitled to nearly $115 billion in sanctions relief over the past three years. It has struggled to access much of its money through more traditional financial channels, such as transfers through foreign banks that once were off limits.

The U.S. Treasury Department has long scrutinized large cash payments because of concerns they could be used by criminal gangs, narcotics traffickers or terrorist organizations. International sanctions, however, have long restricted Iran’s access to global financial and banking systems, making other forms of payments necessary.


As I watch these Satanically inspired nations collect gold to plot against Christians, Jews and Israel....I was reminded of a serious warning give by the prophet Zephaniah which clearly has yet to be fulfilled.

Zephaniah 1:18
Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them on the day of the Lord’s wrath.” In the fire of his jealousy the whole earth will be consumed, for he will make a sudden end of all who live on the earth.


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