Friday, February 17, 2017

Alien Invasion Could Be a False Flag Event

Remember friends, the articles I post are not all things that I necessarily agree with.  Many come from secular, liberal or even atheist sites. But they interest me because of what the Bible says the lost world will be thinking and doing during the very Last we continue to watch and wait.

Case in point, this next article is talking about a UFO expert who thinks the governments of the world may soon fake an alien invasion to achieve totalitarian control over humanity.

Wow....that sounds terrifying.

As our world become ever more strange by the day, numerous UFO experts are warning about what might be the most bizarre event in human history: A “cosmic false flag” where, they claim, desperate governments of the world stage a massive fake alien invasion to finally complete their goal of ensuring total human obedience under a never-ending “the aliens are coming” false hysteria. It may sound crazy to the uninitiated, but listen to the experts below before making up your mind, and check out the Washington Post’s coverage of some of the technology that can help make this happen (link below).

Such an event, the experts say, could be pulled off by a combination of advanced human-made exotic aircraft, advanced holographic technology and a complicit global media already practiced in the art of engineering elaborate fake news (CNN, Washington Post, etc.) to propagandize gullible viewers. Truth be told, most humans believe whatever they’re told to believe, even it’s based on no supportable evidence whatsoever (case in point: the global climate change hoax).

(Note from Adams: Based on what I’ve seen from humanity so far, people don’t even need holograms to fall for a false flag. Most people will literally hallucinate whatever images the mainstream media is trying to put into their heads, literally fabricating false visual memories to fit the narrative they’ve been exposed to in the controlled media.)

One of the best known researchers who speaks publicly about a “cosmic false flag” event is Dr. Stephen Greer of Sirius Disclosure, an organization dedicated to unveiling the truth about real extraterrestrials as well as organized human hoaxes intended to trick the masses.

According to Dr. Greer, many (but not all) of the so-called “UFO” events being witnessed around the world involve craft that are manufactured by humans. He furthermore asserts that the “military industrial complex” consists of a power structure far beyond the reach of even the U.S. President, and that such interests are planning a “cosmic false flag” event to trick humanity into thinking an alien invasion is taking place.

According to Dr. Greer, if people across the planet become too awakened and start to challenge the status quo power structure, an “alien invasion” will be staged through the deployment of convincing “alien” aircraft that have actually been developed, tested and perfected by secretive weapons companies like Northrup, Grumman and Boeing. With the help of the fakestream media — CNN, NYT, WashPost and other presstitutes — any narrative can then be pushed as “fact.”

Now that a mass global awakening is accelerating by the day, the staging of this “cosmic false flag” seems imminent, warn researchers.

What???  The alien deception 'seems imminent?!"

Do you know what else is imminent??  The return of Christ to call His bride to come meet him in the clouds!  So encourage each other with that thought.

Back to the is what we do know about all this "alien" chatter taking place;
humans from around the world have forever described strange things in the skies. Also the belief, by humans, that we are being visited by intelligent life forms from another planet has gone from about 10% 50 years ago to about 90% today.  Hollywood has been responsible for much of this change in beliefs. Eastern mysticism and occult teachings seem to be prevalent around the 'alien' agenda.

The Bible clearly tells us in 2 Thessalonians that following the rapture of the church God will send a powerful delusion to the people left behind who refused to accept Christ so that THEY will believe 'the lie.'

What do you think 'the lie' from Satan might be?  Could it be something related to "aliens" and/or beings "from other planets" who have come to earth to "teach us" the truth about our place in the universe?

For SURE....deception is coming.  Pray that we will escape it.

2 Thessalonians 2:11
11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 


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