Monday, March 27, 2017

Famous Singer Tried to "Pray Her Gay Away" at Jesus Camp

Katy Perry is in the news telling people how she tried hard to "pray her gay away" while she was at Jesus camps.

For my readers who have NO CLUE who Katy Perry is....she is an icon and role model to MILLIONS of girls age 6-26 all across this country.  One of her most famous hits that almost every girl in America could sing for you is, "I kissed a Girl...and I liked it."

Katy Perry revealed on Saturday night that she’s done more than just kiss girls.

The pop star was honored at the Human Rights Campaign Gala in Los Angeles where she revealed she explored her sexuality as a teenager.

“How was I going to reconcile that with a gospel singing girl raised in youth groups that were pro-conversion camps?” Perry, 32, shared while accepting the National Equality Award, according to E! News.

“What I did know was I was curious and even then I knew sexuality wasn’t as black and white as this dress,” she said. “And honestly, I haven’t always gotten it right but in 2008 when that song came out I knew that I started a conversation and a lot of the world seemed curious enough to sing along, too.”

Because of her religious upbringing — both of her parents are pastors — she spent much time praying “the gay away in my Jesus camps.”

Her perspective on sexuality shifted after she made the leap from Gospel music to the mainstream. “I found my gift and my gift introduced me to people outside my bubble and my bubble started to burst,” Perry said. “These people were nothing like I had been taught to fear. They were the most free, strong, kind and inclusive people I have ever met.”



I have read that a large percentage of girls are now having sex with each other while at college. Many claim it's because they are "just experimenting" or "having fun while I can".  Others claim it's because the college boys/men are too busy playing Nintendo and have no interest in dancing, drinking, dating and making out with they would just rather just do all those things with their girlfriends!

Either way, I am CONVINCED that the perversion manifesting in our female population is yet another sign as to the LATENESS OF THE HOUR.

Romans 1:26
Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.

PS....yet another FEMALE TEACHER was arrested for having sex with her male students.  This is almost happening on a weekly basis in America....where 50 years ago it would have NEVER happened.



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