Saturday, April 8, 2017

Terrorist Attack in Sweden

A man rammed his truck into a bunch of innocent people walking down the streets of Stockholm yesterday.

The Swedes are saying it was a terrorist attack....but they won't say what motivated the terrorist. Could it have been an angry Buddhist who felt he was in the wrong reincarnated body?  Or maybe an really mad Lutheran who wanted to make a statement about women in the clergy?  Or maybe just an angry man who was mad that his wife cheated on him and wanted to take it out on Sweden?

We here at W&W are going to step out on really shaky ground and suggest that it was a man who worshiped Allah and believes Muhammad was the final prophet and that the whole world should bow to him or be destroyed.  These folks are commonly referred to as Muslims....oops....Muslim extremists.

Police on Saturday said they had arrested a man from Uzbekistan suspected of plowing a truck into a department store in the Swedish capital, killing four people and injuring 15.
Authorities confirmed that the 39-year-old suspect was known to security services and described him as a "marginal character." They would not confirm his status in Sweden.
Speaking at a press conference, the head of Sweden's National police, Dan Eliason, said security officials had found an object in the truck that "could be a bomb or an incendiary object."
The suspect was detained Friday and matched an image put out by police showing a man in a green jacket, hoodie and white shoes, according to a televised police statement.
Eliason also said that police could not rule out that several people were involved in the attack.
The incident sent shock waves through the country. Sweden's crown princess Victoria held back tears as she left flowers for the victims at the site of the attack on Saturday.
"Sweden shall come out stronger from this, and we get through this together," she told the press and mourners gathered near the department store.
Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said on Saturday that his country was in sorrow and said Monday would be a day of mourning in Sweden. But he said Sweden would continue to be an open society.
Speaking on state television at the scene of the attack, he said: "Sweden has shown its best side during this attack. To help each other, support each other, and open our homes to other humans. We want to have an open society in Sweden. We shall continue with that."
Yes!!  Silly Sweden wants to have an open society....meaning they will continue to let thousands of male, Allah-followers between the ages of 18 and 30 come as fast as they want into their open society!  Even if that means totally doing away with the country of Sweden....they will do it!

You gotta hand it to those stubborn liberal socialists.  They can be confronted with DAILY EVIDENCE that Islam causes serious problems wherever it takes root....but they will just plug their ears, close their eyes and keep on dreaming that ALL people are 'basically good' and they all want the same things.


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