Friday, June 23, 2017

Muslim Screams "Allah!" While Stabbing Office in Michigan

I saw CBS News this morning and they said, "Officials in Michigan are declaring the stabbing of a police officer in Flint, Michigan as a terrorist attack."

So why didn't they take the extra 3 seconds to say, "Muslim terrorist attacker who screamed "Allahu akbar!" while stabbing officer"?

Probably because the media is in FULL DEFENSE MODE in defending Muslim extremists.

They want us to believe that a terrorist is a terrorist.  Some could be white extremists, some could be Lutherans, some could be Catholics....but terrorism is a blight that is spread equally around ALL religions, races and creeds.

Oh shut up already!!

We all know there aren't any Lutheran terrorists stabbing officers while yelling "Jesus is better!"

I do need to tell you that NOT ALL media left out the "Allahu akbar!" reference.  NBC actually did report it right away.

CNN originally said "terrorist".  Next when folks complained they said, "Arabic words."  But yet they refused to report what the FBI said from the very beginning....HE SCREAMED ALLAHU AKBAR!"

If it was already known that the suspect had shouted “Allahu Akbar,” then why did CNN pretend otherwise?

Take a look at its tweet below:
Preliminary indications are Michigan airport suspect said something in Arabic before stabbing officer, officials say

You can’t fix crazy, folks. And you usually can’t fix fake news.

Dovetailing back to the attack Wednesday, Ftouhi said something to the effect of “you have killed people in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and we are all going to die” as he was being arrested, according to a statement by FBI special agent David P. Gelios issued during a presser that afternoon.

Gelios added that the Canadian Muslim had been motivated to commit the attack out of a “hatred of the United States.”

In other words, Ftouhi is a radical Islamic terrorist — and that, incidentally, is exactly what CNN tried to hide. As a purveyor of politically correct fake news, the network has always cared more about presenting narratives (false narratives, to be exact) than telling the truth.

And that, of course, is why even the president of the United States recognizes CNN as nothing more than “very fake news.”



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