Monday, July 24, 2017

Polyamorous Marriage. Here it Comes!!

Many of us warned that gay marriage legalization/normalization would open up Pandora's box.  Once you deviate from one man and one woman....there is NO END to what will come.

Turns out we were right.

A so-called "throuple" in Colombia have been hailed as having the first legal union between three men in the world. So will we see three-way marriages in the future?

"Victor tells the bad jokes," says Manuel.

"Very bad," agrees his partner Alejandro.

"I tell the smart ones," says Manuel.

Manuel José Bermúdez Andrade, Víctor Hugo Prada and Alejandro Rodríguez are all in a relationship together. They used to be four but their boyfriend Alex Esnéider Zabala died in 2014.
"The decision to marry was there before Alex died, the four of us wanted to get married," says Víctor.
"Alex's cancer changed our plans. But I never gave up."

When Alex died, the remaining three, who live in the Colombian city of Medellín, say they had to fight to be seen as his partners and get access to his pension.

It made them all the more determined to get legal recognition of their relationship.

They are now planning their long-awaited wedding ceremony after a supportive lawyer signed a special legal document last month.

"A document that tells us we are a family, and live together as three under the same roof, sharing a bed, a table, everything a family does," explains Víctor.

Legal marriage may still seem a distant prospect but cases like that in Colombia are giving hope to others in three-way relationships.

"It's really encouraging," says DeAnna Rivas, a married mother of two from Florida.
The 28-year-old suggested to her husband, Manny, that they start experimenting with another woman in 2014.

"I grew up having crushes on both men and women," she says. "But by the time I got married to Manny I had been with him for five years and our relationship was based on me and him."

But after the birth of their second child, DeAnna was struggling with depression and felt she could not get enough emotional support from her husband alone.

"I was so unhappy I couldn't express my feelings to him. I had another part of me that was missing.
"When we met Melissa it just felt right."

DeAnna, an art teacher, now lives with both Manny and 20-year-old Melissa James; they share incomes, childcare and household duties, and a bed.

"It's the majority of men's fantasies to have two women," says Manny, a boat salesman.

"At the same time when we first started it was kind of daunting.

"I was a little fearful as far as bringing someone else into our relationship - I thought maybe she'd want to take my wife.

"But we gave it a shot and it worked out a lot better than I expected."

Some gay rights advocates also oppose it, saying it makes a mockery of their fight for equality and undermines past assurances that same-sex marriage would not be a "slippery slope".


What???  Some gay rights advocate OPPOSE IT???  How can they be so bigoted, intolerant and polyphobic??

So now that the gay folks have gotten their way, they are going to stand in the way of other people expressing their love in the way they see fit??  I thought their mantra was "love is love"?

Soon enough there will be 2 men and 2 women who ALL want to get married and share their finances, their beds and their children....and they will demand that the government endorse their 'marriage'....and they will demand that the rest of us celebrate and accept their "family".

There simply can be no further doubt that THIS GENERATION is witnessing the collapse of our foundations.

Luke 6
But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete.”

Hat tip to Guy B.


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