Monday, September 18, 2017

World to End on September 23rd

Do we think Jesus could come back at any moment and snatch His bride away from this fallen world?


Do we believe what the Bible tells us that NO MAN knows the day or the hour when Christ will return?


Do we believe there have been all sorts of false teachers over the past 2000 years that have pin pointed a day and and hour when Jesus will return, or the Day of the Lord will commence?


Do we think all this talk of crazy cataclysmic events set to happen on September 23 (this coming Saturday) has any merit from the Bible, from Bible codes or from ancient inscriptions on the Egyptian pyramids?


If I were you I would NOT CANCEL your plans for next Sunday.

A rogue planet is approaching Earth, and it's going to start a sequence of events that leads to the apocalypse. Or is it a rogue brown dwarf star, surrounded by planets? Either way, it's coming on Sept. 23 — that is, it's coming on Sept. 23 if you believe the latest Doomsday prediction, which is absurd enough to have been debunked by both scientists and men of the cloth.

According to a man named David Meade and a viral YouTube video, though, that's the date you need to look out for. Because that's when something will happen that has never happened before — a scene straight out of the Book of Revelation. If you don't have time to read through the Bible on your own, the video does it for you, describing how a woman "clothed with the sun" appears in the sky, crowned by nine stars, and then gives birth to a boy that "will rule all the nations with an iron scepter."

Oh, but don't forget the many-headed dragon threatening to eat her child and sweeping stars out of the sky — that's part of the story too. It's all a bit muddled, but the point is that when this scene appears in the sky, that's a sign that the Rapture is coming.

And just to give this prediction the aura of plausibility, those promoting it aren't saying that an actual woman will appear in the sky. Instead, they're trafficking in sky symbols. The woman is Virgo, with the constellation Leo plus a couple of planets "crowning" her. The baby in her womb is Jupiter, which Meade claims will leave Virgo's womb area after the length of a human pregnancy. And the dragon, of course, is Satan and his minions on Earth. The video has a very colorful depiction of what the rapture will actually look like, with the faithful suddenly leaving everyone else — and their clothes — behind (including, ahem, a woman named Eve).

The specific event that this series of signs foretells, Meade says, is the arrival of the mysterious planet Nibiru, supposedly a member of the solar system flung into an orbit over three millennia long and therefore unnoticed by astronomers. Nibiru is the mechanism that brings about the end of the world, which will happen over the several weeks following Sept. 23 — or it would be, if it existed.

Just to be clear, Nibiru doesn't exist, either as a rogue planet or a brown dwarf. NASA astronomer David Morrison explained this in a video that unfortunately received far fewer views (only about 12,000, compared with more than 2 million) than the doomsday video. "It would be bright. It would be easily visible to the naked eye. If it were up there, you could see it. All of us could see it," Morrison said in the video.

Besides its visibility, an object of such great mass approaching Earth would have messed up orbits all around the solar system, including that of the Earth itself. The orbits have stayed just as regular as they were when Isaac Newton, the father of modern science, witnessed them and studied those very same orbits in the 17th century. You might have even seen a very obvious signal that the Earth and its moon are orbiting as projected, undisturbed by the approach of a massive, dangerous object — the recent solar eclipse, which, incidentally, is also a part of the doomsday theory.


It's just bizarre to watch the headlines coming across Google News on any given day.  Quakes, hurricanes, nuclear wars, solar eclipse, planets in alignment, Armageddon, etc....  It seems like even the secular world is clued into the idea that something big could happen.  Even they know that the world can't continue on this current trajectory for much longer.  At some point the rubber band has to snap.

This probably explains why this dude's YouTube video about the world ending on September 23 has been viewed millions of times.

And no doubt, when September 24 comes and everyone points back at this "Christian numerologist" and his failed prediction.....Christ, the Bible and the rapture will be dragged through the mud of ridicule once again.


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