Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Life On Other Planets is Very Likely and Very Common

The headlines pointing to extraterrestrial life seem to be coming out like popping popcorn these days.


It’s one of the most compelling questions humanity has tried to answer: Is there life beyond Earth? Scientists are closer than ever to answering that question, thanks to a host of technological advances and each new spacecraft that launches—and sometimes even thanks to evidence falling right onto our laps.

Evidence like two meteorites that crashed into Earth in 1998. Nestled within those space rocks were tiny bright blue salt crystals, and inside of those crystals were tiny pockets of extraterrestrial water filled with organic compounds, the building blocks of life, according to new research published on Wednesday.

“I think it’s likely” that there is other life within our solar system, first author on that work, Queenie Chan, a planetary scientist at Open University in the U.K., told Newsweek. And even better, she says, we’re doing the science that might finally find it. “That’s why we like searching missions, isn’t it?”

Chan says that all told, she thinks it’s likely there’s life tucked away somewhere else in the solar system waiting to be found. And if you expand the scope beyond our solar system, the odds of life existing get even better. “It’s easier to say that, the universe is so big,” she said.

Whether in our own neighborhood or beyond, scientists are looking for the same criteria. They may be rare, but they should be out there somewhere. “You have to have the right conditions,” Chan said. “A lot of boxes have to be ticked to make that feasible.”


Yes, of course, if you believe that life on earth just spontaneously errupted and all life was created by no one...then logic would tell you that the same conditions HAVE to exist elsewhere in the universe.

However, that's not how the story goes.  God/Jesus/Holy Spirit created it all!  And humans were created in HIS image.

Of course we know there are other intelligent beings out there because the Bible says so!!  He also created all kinds of angelic beings that we call ANGELS.  They are very much alive!

So as man looks at all the UFO's and claims they MUST be coming from far away galaxies....they most certainly may be looking at fallen angels planning a massive deception for those humans on earth who DENY the God of the Bible.


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