Friday, July 20, 2018

Trump Causes Leftist Heads to Explode. This May Help Explain Why

Here is a great article to find some talking points as you defend yourself for being a Trump supporter.  Please remember that you don't have to defend everything that Donald Trump says or does to still consider yourself a Trump supporter.

Simply put, Trump is not a globalist.  He wants America to be an independent, powerful nation who continues to be THE world power.

History somehow isn’t moving toward its predetermined end, and this has driven Western liberals completely mad. The theatrical overreaction to Donald Trump’s joint press conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki is just the latest proof. Before the Trump-Putin summit, pundits warned that Trump might recognise Crimea as Russian territory. He did nothing of the sort. But he did give Putin the benefit of the doubt when the Russian leader, in a carefully chosen phrase, said the ‘Russian state’ had not interfered in the 2016 election.

Trump’s equivocation—‘My people came to me, Dan Coates came to me and some others, they said they think it’s Russia. I have President Putin. He just said it’s not Russia. I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be’—touched off a media furor. Trump, the mucho macho press corps declared, was weak. He was ‘submissive,’ said Sen. Cory Booker. The New York Times ran an animated short depicting the Russian and American leaders as homosexual lovers—evidently a little gay baiting is virtuous as long as it’s in a good cause.

This neurotic, sexualised imagery would almost be enough to make a Freudian of anyone. And then there was John Brennan, the former CIA director, whose fervour was such that an older form of medical quackery would have diagnosed it in grossly misogynistic terms as an ailment of the female reproductive system. ‘Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors,”’ he thundered, or rather, tweeted. ‘It was nothing short of treasonous.’

Donald Trump is not a liberal crusader. He does not think in terms of the advance of liberalism. On the contrary, he has consistently campaigned against economic globalisation and the cultural (or multicultural) left—those are his enemies, and to the extent he is fighting ideological battles, they are not for liberal internationalism, but against cultural and economic anti-nationalism. Putin and Russia are not responsible for any of the rip-offs (as he sees them) that incense Trump, terrible trade deals and selfish Nato allies. So Trump thinks he can cut a deal with Putin, and he’s eager to do so in order to turn his attention to the things that really matter to him politically, the things that got him elected. If the American electorate wanted an anti-Russian Republican, after all, they would have elected Mitt Romney. Instead they wanted an anti-liberal one, and they—not Putin—elected Donald Trump.

The "We are the world" crowd simply can't accept the fact that America was elevated to be a world power because of our exceptionalism.  It makes their heads explode!  "Look at what we did to the American indians!!" is their major battle cry to point out our imperfections. 

And the idea that God has elevated America because we are (were) a nation filled with God-fearing people so that we could incubate Israel as they return to the Promised Land to usher in the return of Christ....if you said all that to a leftist, he would believe in his heart and mind that you should be put in a strait-jacket so you don't hurt yourself or cause harm to anyone else.

One of my leftist relatives has been silent to me concerning the news and current events ever since Trump won the election.  But he simply couldn't remain silent as he lit into me for supporting Trump, who he believes, needs to be impeached and then maybe given the death penalty for his treason of tearing down America using our enemies.

Here are some of his comments to me.

You’re delusional. 40% of Republicans still believe Obama is not an American citizen. You’re actually trying to tell me that it doesn’t have anything to do with race?  Give me a break dude. 

And those crack pot claims about Clinton or Obama made up by some dipshit from Alabama put on some blog isn’t the same as an ex British intelligent officer finding out stuff. And the facts (yeah, facts) about the Trump family’s involvement with Russian oligarchs and known mafia members over the last 10 to 15 years isn’t just made up in some dude’s mom’s basement. 

Again with the emails - your party had like 10 plus Governmental inquiries into them & Clinton over a year span and found nothing!!!!  It’s a smoke screen man - to keep attention off of the stuff he’s doing. The FBI dudes your party are lambasting are freaking life long Republicans. It was Comey who lost the election for Hillary - bribing them back up a week before the election. And what a funny joke by Trump - Russia began hacking that very same day. Fact. 

I go by facts and science and history and experience. 

I hope this is the beginning of the end for the Republican Party. In my opinion, it needs to die. It’s tethered itself to a petty, whiny, idiotic narcissist with a gigantic insecurity complex. He sides with Erdogan, Duterte, Jung un, and Putin. He’s fighting with Europe and the rest of North America.  We have a negative immigration flow to a country that he wants to build a wall around. His environmental policies are gonna be the death of us all - catering to big oil, gas and coal companies. 

I really don’t have a freakin’ clue how you or anyone else supports this idiot. It’s mind boggling to me. And we had lie 78 straight months of job growth before he took office. Look where the last Republican President took us economically. Tax cut will add trillions to debt. 

He’s preaching nothing but hate. Trying to divide us inside the country and separate us from the rest of the free world. “Fake News.”  What a fkn joke. Sick of reading tweets from a stupid person while he’s sitting on the toilet after watching Fox and Friends. He watches like 5 hours of tv a day. I’m frankly shocked you continue to support him. Whatever man. I’m done. I’m not gonna continue to argue things.  I have only relied on one news source since he was elected and haven’t watched TV in a year. I may quit that source. It’s too awful. Hate and anger and impulse and gut calls and exclusion and fear and paranoia.  If that’s the type of president and government you want, good luck. I’m out. 

Can you see how Civil Wars get started?  They happen when two people raised in the same conditions and circumstances end up seeing things in totally opposite ways.  There becomes no room for compromise because both sides can't figure out how the other side has become so delusional and idiotic.

So the next time America drops into a great recession or depression and the Antifa and Black Lives Matter idiots join the College Democrats to start shutting down highways to display their anger that their food stamps, Section 8 housing and college loans are being cut, and then go on to loot and destroy the neighborhood...the chaos and violence could spread like wild fire.


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