Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Arizona Elects Bisexual Democrat Woman as Senator

We should be so proud!  We now have elected Muslims, gays, transgenders and bisexuals as our representatives!  Next up we need to make sure some Satanists, polygamists, pedophiles and zoophiles get to represent us! 
What exactly is a bisexual?  And how exactly does a bisexual child get bullied as a child?  Was she having sexual relations with boys and girls as a child and got discovered and then bullied?  Are they claiming that they are BORN as bisexual?  It’s all very confusing and very troubling.  As this nation destroys the biblical foundations that it was built upon, don’t be surprised if it collapses in a heap one day.
While Ms. Sinema frequently voted with conservatives in the House, her background also stands in contrast to many other members of Congress. She endured poverty and was homeless as a child, before becoming a social worker and obtaining a law degree. Ms. Sinema is also openly bisexual, and has spoken about facing bullying as a child because of her sexuality.
Ms. Sinema, 42, won the race by about 1.7 percentage points amid increasing partisan tension. (Her lead could grow even larger as remaining votes are counted.) Some prominent Republicans, including Mr. Trump, claimed without offering proof that voting officials were engaged in fraudulent strategies to bolster Ms. Sinema, as the authorities struggled to count ballots following a surge in turnout.


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